I shared some water-wise beauty tips with Cape Talk. Missed it? Here’s the podcast

I popped into Cape Talk’s studio’s the other day to chat with kiff chick Pippa Hudson about water-saving beauty tips. If you didn’t catch it you’ll find the pod cast over here. I really enjoyed chatting to Pippa. She’s a brilliant ‘people’s person’ and makes you feel like you’re chatting with a friend as opposed to being interviewed.

You’ll also get to enjoy my portrait in possibly the most unflattering lighting I’ve ever experienced outside an H&M changing room. And we all know how I feel about those. H&M’s lighting gives you cellulite… on your face! Their bras should be tagged as ‘High Risk’ because you’re more likely to want to hang yourself with it as opposed to try it on.

But ja. For the record, it’s actually not a terrible shot, I’m just a tad dramatic, but it was definitely the best of a very bad bunch. Fortunately I had the good sense to snatch the producer’s cell phone (whaddup Amy, you lekker ding!), hold it high above her head and delete them one by one while shrieking ‘What the fuck is wrong with you? You call that a good shot?! I used to think I was pretty!’*

But ja, getting back to water-saving, I’m totally thrilled as to how well my Day Zero beauty post is doing (8 0000 views and counting!) and reckon that if more people adopt a water-conscious routine right now – as opposed to when the taps turn off – we might be able to prevent that from happening.

Later today I’ll be filming a segment about it for Expresso and I’m not sure when it’s going to air but will keep you posted.

Lastly, if you ever end up at Cape Talk be sure to grab a flat white from the coffee bar upstairs, Gugulethu Coffee. It was flippin’ fabulous and the owner, Bongani Rasemi, is suuuch a nice guy. He used to work as a barista for Vida e Cafe but has since opened up his own little bar with plans to expand. If you love a seriously good fix of caffeine as well as supporting local up-and-comers then it’s a must!

Now tell me, which changing rooms, do you reckon, has the worst lighting in South Africa? Or am I spot on with H&M? Also, does anyone know if H&M is pulling out the country permanently? I know they temporarily closed their stores after the whole monkey fiasco but I’ve since heard rumours they’ll be packing up for good. Is this why they’re having such blow out sales at the moment? I hope not. Their lighting might be kak but I do love their little dresses.

Love, love


*Isn’t it lovely that I’m so easy-to-work-with and totally not diva-like in the least?

6 thoughts on “I shared some water-wise beauty tips with Cape Talk. Missed it? Here’s the podcast

  1. Thanks so much Leigh, we loved having you in studio! And appreciate the love for Bongani and his fantastic coffee 🙂
    PS Dry shampoo sold out everywhere but I’m going to keep trying!

    1. Thank YOU! And I’m always happy to come back if you ever need more beauty tips. I’m known for being a #budgetbabe so if you want the low down on how to look mooi without breaking the bank, I’m your chica. As far as dry shampoo goes I see it’s on Clicks website (Batiste) so if you’re desp and can’t find it in a store near you then online is the way to go. Sending love!

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