Are you ready to play with Urban Decay’s limited edition UD XX Vice Ltd Reloaded palette?

A while back I attended an Urban Decay lunch where I got to sit next to Sophie Lilley (suuuuch a lekker chick), the Assistant VP of Global Business Development for Urban Decay. She was rocking a vibrant green shadow on her lids called Zodiac from the brand’s super glittery Moon Dust line and was saying that her top tip for getting it to stay all day and minimise fall-out was to, wait for it, spritz Urban Decay’s setting spray DIRECTLY INTO THE PAN and then apply it to your lids!

Another interesting things I learned from her? Heroine, Urban Decay’s navy blue lippie shade sold out the fastest in South Africa. Who’d have thought?!

Anyway, I was lucky enough to leave the launch with a limited edition Urban Decay UD XX Vice Ltd Reloaded palette (R1000, Urban Decay in Sandton City).

Hello you pretty thing!
Hello you pretty thing!

A collection of 20 of the brand’s beautifully pigmented, ultra blendable shadows, it includes three new shades, five vintage ones, five exclusives from past palettes and seven of their bestselling singles.

Oh hello, you pretty thing!
See that bronze shade called Smog? I wear that almost every day.

Usually, when it comes to shadow, I kind of stick with two looks – a bronzey one in summer and a taupey one in winter when I’m pale. Both of these are created using my beloved Urban Decay Naked palette and you can check them out over here. Still, being in possession of this colourful new collection inspired me to play around a bit and I thought I’d show off my favourite looks, the first being a spring-y violet eye the hinges off of Asphyxia, the almost ultra violet shimmer shade. I used it to cover my entire lid, put Freakshow (the dark purple shade in the crease) and then lit up my brow bone with a dash of Hotpants, the baby pink shade.

Pretty ne?
Apologies for not cleaning up my brows. I’ve been super pressed for time.


Freakshow, Asphyxia and Hot Pants.
Freakshow, Asphyxia and Hot Pants.

My other favourite look is a darker one that’s perfect for a big night out and super easy to create. I simply put Misdemeanor, a shimmery teal, all over my lid, swept Moonflower (such a gorgeous natural, blend-it-all-up shade!) in the crease and then used a dash of Shallow, a silvery taupe colour on my brow bone and in the inner corner of my eye.

Love this!
Love this!


Midemeanor, Moonflower and Goldmine.
Midemeanor, Moonflower and Goldmine.

I then decided to spice things up further by sweeping a bit of Goldmine across my lash line and was impressed with how well the gold shade showed up like a boss on top of the darker one.

Ta da!

If you’re looking for a palette that contains a great mix of standard as well as stand out shades, know that UD XX Vice Ltd Reloaded is a regte treasure trove.

Love, love


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