Review: HASK Argan Oil from Morocco Repairing deep conditioner and shine oil

For those of you don’t know, HASK is an American hair care brand that’s now exclusive to Clicks. Their big angle is the use of natural exotic oils from zexy far-flung places. Think ‘repairing’ Argan oil from Morocco, ‘moisturising’ Macadamia oil from Australia and ‘nourishing’ Monoi oil (a blend of coconut and gardenia petals – yum!) from Polynesia. There’s also a ‘smoothing’ Keratin Protein line but they don’t mention where that’s from so it’s safe to assume its from a shit hole destination like North Korea. (Kidding!)

Anyway, I got to try a few goodies from the Argan oil range and really, really liked them. It’s focus is to ‘strengthen and restore’ making it appropriate for just about anyone.

Hask's Argan oil range
Hask’s Repairing Argan oil range

Anyway, of the Argan goodies I tried, I adored the Intense Deep Conditioning hair treatment mask (R49,95). It did a great job of hydrating my fine, colour-treated hair without making it feel heavy or greasy. I got a good three uses out of the packet and loved that it, along with all the other Argan products, had a yummy sweet orange oil scent.

Another gem is the Shine Hair Oil. At R49,95 for a tube that’ll last you forever it’s a serious beauty score. Like most hair serums, it’s 90% silicone with a dash of oil – but in all fairness, this one contains more argan oil than many of it’s competitors. I enjoyed smoothing a drop on my wet lengths to ensure a sleek-looking blow out and yep, there it was again, that refreshing, pretty citrusy scent!

Next time I spot HASK goodies in store, I’m going to give all the other ranges a sniff and probably toss a Monoi oil item into my basket. I’ve read online that it smells like mango coconut. Errrmiigoddd!

Seriously though, the packaging is just too pretty.
Seriously though, the packaging is just too pretty.

Other HASK pluses? They don’t test on our furry friends and free of sulphates, parabens* and pthalates.

Have you tried and any HASK goodies yourself? Chat to me in the comments section down below.

Love, love


*For the record, I don’t really have an issue with parabens but know many of you do. So there you go.

13 thoughts on “Review: HASK Argan Oil from Morocco Repairing deep conditioner and shine oil

  1. Want! Yayness! Am terrified my current Keraste (is that what its called?) will run out because I’ll break the bank replacing it.
    Yay for this post! Yay for nice smelly stuff for treated hair that doesn’t cost the world. And definitely VERY happy to hear that they don’t test on animals, in fact this very reason is probably why I am a minimalist when it comes to using products as I don’t want to support testing (and am possibly also a little lazy 😉 )
    Anyhoo, will definitely be buying this, thanks Leighbee x

  2. Hi there. So I did a red ombré look with my hair in Jan and only kept it for a week, it did change the texture of my hair drastically so I cut most of it out in Feb; wanting it to grow back to it’s healthy state again however it’s still seems to be rough. I have naturally straight hair the texture of it is just so depressing now. Just wondering does the product leave your hair soft without making it limp?

    1. Hi Letisha! I have very fine hair and liked that it didn’t leave it feeling weighed down. Still, if your hair’s visibly damaged I’d use a protein-rich treatment and apply it to the ends only so (not your roots). One of the best you can buy is Joico K-Pak Deep Penetrating reconstructor which is about R350 but you can consider it an investment. You wear your hair every single day ;-P

      1. Eeep thank you so much! I’d definitely want to try it 😀 Where can I get that product from?

  3. I’ve started using this product a week ago after having a brazilian treatment. i find it makes my hair very oily even though i use very little and i also use the conditioner – any advise?

    1. Which product is making your hair oily? I have oil-prone hair that I wash every day and find using the sham and con works just fine. Are you putting the shine oil on your roots? If you’re doing that then you’re definitely going to end up with oily-feeling hair.

  4. Hi Lovely Leigh 🙂

    I would like to kindly ask, how does the above mentioned Joico product compare to olaplex no3, if at all?

    I have been colouring my hair a lot, because its getting white at the roots and driving me mad!!! I’m too young to be dealing with this! Anyway, since dyeing is now a part of my life, (I do it nearly every month to cover up the white bits-my hair is naturally black) my hair has become dry, stiff, brittle, and very straight. It isn’t shiny anymore and lost its natural curl 😥 I actually cry myself to sleep at night, I feel so depressed about my hair. Plus even attempting to style it is a nightmare unto itself 😥

    Where is the Joico product sold, please? I was going to buy the olaplex, but I think its not sold online or any salon near me. And I’m sad about that. However, the Joico sounds just as promising because you mentioned its for damage? Does it really work Leigh?

    Thanks for your time Love. XO ❤

    1. Hi hun! I haven’t tried Olaplex. Just L’Oreal Smartbond which is similar and I thought it was great. But in all fairness I don’t have super damanged hair. I’m not sure which Joico product you’re referring to. The post you’ve commented on is all about Hask products. I reckon its best you show your hair to a proper hairdresser who can look at it and recommend something within your budget. If it’s as bad as you say you might need an in salon treatment or a series of them and the hair expert would know what’s best. Good luck!

      1. Hi leigh.

        You mentioned the ‘Joico KPak’ in one of the previous comments to this post, I think its the reply to letisha. Please see above.

        Although, thanks for mentioning the loreal product too- I’m gonna see if I can buy that.

        (The problem is I can only use products that I can go buy at clicks, or online. I don’t have a lot of choice at my disposal, and it makes things difficult for me…)

        I’m also considering changing my hair dye first (to something more natural), and will see if that works before I try a damage treatment.

        Thanks for replying leigh. Xo

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