Fragrances reviews: Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Nectarine Blossom, Hollister Wave, Carolina Herrera 212 VIP Wild Party and Britney Spears Private Show

Elizabeth Arden Green Tea has been one of my go to summer scents since the dawn of time. I love its green, zingy freshness that kind of acts like an instant pick-me-up. Over the years they’ve whipped out a crazy long list of flankers and some have been great (holla to Green Tea Summer!) and some have been revolting (Spiced Green Tea? Worst online blind buy ever!) However, the latest addition, Green Tea Nectarine Blossom EDT (R425 for 100ml) is a serious gem.

Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Nectarine Blossom EDT
Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Nectarine Blossom EDT

A mix of peach, bergamot, green tea, nectarine, nectarine blossom and musk, it smells like the original green tea but spiked with sparkling peach. In a way, it kind of reminds me a little bit of peach ice tea, but not in a cloying, overly sweet way at all. If anything, it’s citrusy and uplifting. Just the kind of thing to spritz on and go on a hot summer’s day and I love, love, love it. The only downer is that the staying power isn’t great, but at under R500 for a 100ml bottle I’m happy to reapply it throughout the day and enjoy it’s lovely soft peach top notes again and again.

Moving on, American leisurewear brand Hollister is all about the laid back, California lifestyle and its new female fragrance, Wave For Her EDT (R495 for 30ml, R695 for 50ml and R795 for 100ml), is a nice extension as it’s a breezy, casual summer scent for a younger women, be she a SoCal surfer girl or not.

Hollister Wave
Hollister Wave EDT

The rounded bottle immediately makes me think of Chanel Chance and Hugo Boss Woman but it features a ‘curve’ and feels nice and heavy in your hand. As for the juice, it’s a super-light, ozonic fruity floral with notes that include star fruit, blackberry sorbet, quince, orchid, hibiscus, California poppy, solar notes, creamy sandalwood and ‘crystal amber’.

On me, I pick up fruit, but can’t tell what’s what, lots and lots of hibiscus and, even though it’s not officially listed, a super sheer musk. In fact, this fragrance reminds me a lot of The Body Shop’s White Musk mingled with a splash of Cream Soda. (Yes, really! And the latter comes through quite strongly the longer you wear it.) If you’re a younger woman looking for an everyday fragrance that’s got a sporty, ozonic-feel to it but with a dash of sweetness – kind of like Lacoste’s Touch of Pink – then Wave could fit the bill.

Next up, Carolina Herrera has launched yet another variant of her super popular 212 collection – 212 VIP Wild Party EDP (R1 345 for 80ml).

Carolina Herrera 212 VIP Wild Party EDP
Carolina Herrera 212 VIP Wild Party EDP

An ‘homage to the dancing and nightlife of New York City’ it’s clear Ms Herrera doesn’t have any old club in mind. The ornate gold pinecone-like detail of the bottle and ‘drapey’ gold pattern on the box make me think of the kind of snazzy party the great Gatsby would’ve thrown.

As for the fragrance, it’s a tropical ‘yellow’ floral with grapefruit and pineapple top notes; a floral heart full of orange blossom, orchid and rose sitting on that signature 212 base of musk and wood. On me, the grapefruit is barely perceptible but the pineapple is sweet, sticky and juicy and comes through loud and clear. I then pick up something creamy and white – possibly the orchid and orange blossom… no rose… and much later you’re left with a sweet musk. You could probably wear it in the day, but I consider it more of a night-time fragrance for a younger woman.

To date, 212 Sexy is still my favourite of those I’ve sniffed (did you know there are over 20 variants?!) but if you appreciate ‘yellow’/sunny florals like Arden’s 5th avenue or Dior’s J’Adore with the addition of fruit then Wild Party could be right up your street.

Lastly, Ms Britney Spears has launched yet another fragrance, her TWENTIETH (OMG!), called Private Show EDP (R465 for 30ml, R565 for 50ml and R665 for 100ml). A gourmand fruity floral that celebrates her love of iced coffee (yep, really) and her love of performing for a crowd, this newbie will appeal to anyone who likes warm, sweet scents like Black Opium, another coffee-licious fragrance.

Britney Spears Private Show EDP
Britney Spears Private Show EDP

Notes-wise, you’re looking at clementine, nectarine and coffee with whipped cream, dulce de leche (condensed milk), white flowers, amber and musk. For me, the dominating notes are coffee, cream and the dulce de leche which, to my nose, manifests as toffee. A tooth ache for anyone who doesn’t like sweet fragrances but a sugary dream come true for those who do. Much like Thierry Mugler’s Angel, this fragrance is divisive with the friends I’ve had sniff it either hate it with a passion or love it to bits.

See anything you’d like to try yourself? All these fragrances are in store now and one of them might be a new favourite.

Love, love


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