Ackermans lingerie now goes all the way up to a G cup and I’ve got SEVEN R500 vouchers to giveaway

If you’re a larger cup size you’ll know the kakness that is trying to find a beautiful-looking bra. (I’m a 32D and almost always end up wearing a 34C as the former is so tricky to find.) Fortunately, as the years have gone by more and more brands are waking up to the fact that there are women out there looking for larger cups but don’t want straps that look like seat belts or a hideous beige maternity-style monster while paying the earth for it and Ackermans is one of them.

The chain’s recently expanded (ha ha!) their lingerie line up with increased cup sizes, all the way up to a G cup and nope, there’s not a horror ‘granny’ bra in sight. They’re also currently running a special on two-pack bras giving you R30 off up until 15 February.

Pretty pretty!
How mooi is that chocolate push-up?

The news gets better! I’ve got Ackermans seven vouchers (they’re sent directly to your phone) worth R500 to give away so you can snap up a new bra (or two – they’re so reasonably priced) yourself. Entering is easy. Simply leave a comment telling me about the worst bra you’ve ever owned and perhaps my random number generator will take pity on you. (I once had a strapless that broke in a spectacular fashion and had to be held together at a wedding with SUPER GLUE. Gluing it together while wearing it was possibly a Very Stupid Idea too ‘cos when I finally took the bastard off he took a whole bunch of skin with him! You’ll be glad to have not heard the scream. I still think it finds my friends in the dark of night to haunt them in their dreams…)

How pretty is the black, lacy dude on the left? I quite like the rooi one in the middle too. Also, isn't it nice to see gorgeous lingerie models that look like real people?
I quite like thatΒ rooi one in the middle too. It’s part of a two-pack so you can also own it in black.

Anyhoo… There’s another way to enter too! Hit me up on twitter saying ‘Hey @lipglossgirl! I’d love to win an #Ackermans lingerie voucher!’ and include the link to this post.

This competition closes at 5pm on Tuesday the 14th (if you win isn’t that a nice V-Day surprise?!) and is open to South African residents only.

Good luck girls!


68 thoughts on “Ackermans lingerie now goes all the way up to a G cup and I’ve got SEVEN R500 vouchers to giveaway

  1. Wearing a strapless bra to a night out… maybe not such a good idea! Was dancing and before I knew it the bra was around my waist!

  2. A black strapless bra that looked great on the shop’s rack, not so great on mine. It had such a weird shape when I put it on, sort of pointy, a la Madonna. And it kept slipping down.

  3. I was wearing a pretty black boob tube dress and we had Christmas dinner then danced a lot (this was the first night my whole family in Durban were meeting my future husband)… minute someone twirledme around and there went my bra and dress on the one side only, weird much ? (and I have big boobs) I was soooo embarrassed 😩

  4. Oooh yoou will not believe how crap life is , my bra is so small and uncomfortable right and all those other shit, and causes discomfort !! Iall my bras is sure make and I’m like supa medium and im gatvol of this, I’ve tried everything , I’m had so many bad times with bras I evens thought of donating them in hopes that someone ill be blessed with proper bra and won’t have to struggle with all is life problem #blessme #atleastwithone #startallover

  5. Haha so many hideous stories, so little time.
    I am a 38DD and I NEVER get my bra size right so I usually end up wearing 40D…which might I add looks down right horrible, but hey you have to wear a bra. So because I can hardly find my size when I do it’s a miracle. One year at a church event (picnic at the beach) I wore white mini dress and decided to go braless because I did not have a nude or white bra. And while taking a few selfies with my girls (thank goodness we were not close to the crowd) we decided to do a “jump in the air” picture…and true as bob my boob pops out. I scarried get the sucker back in my dress but now when we look at the picture we have a helluva good laugh (because all you see is absolute horror on my face and my hands struggling to contain my breast)…needless to say I never went braless again!!!

  6. I had a bra that eventually gave up, but it was my favorite. The clips broke off due to rust. I used staples staples to hold it together for quiet a few outings lol.
    Absolutely love it.

    1. I’ve got a current strapless that I love but it’s also giving up on life. Hoping to God I find another good one before its staple time πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  7. Maid of Honour at my cousin’s wedding and a strapless bra just couldn’t hold all the glory of my 40D’s, it seemed fitting to find itself supporting my waist, instead. I ended up having to wrap my boobs with pantyhose! #BigBoobGirlProblems but the berk LOVES them πŸ™‚ (o)-(o)

  8. I wanted a la senza so bad that when they went on sale I rushed to go buy one..they didn’t have my size so i bought one size bigger cup thinking it would be fine as the waiste size is smaller untill the next day i was wearing it and my co worker (luckily a woman) pointed out that see can see my whole nipple as i have a gap between the bra and my boob ( had a low v cut t-shirt on) . Super embarrassing! never wore that bra again..

  9. I haven’t had a bad bra situation in a while, but here’s a story… when I was in primary school, I had to be fitted for my first bra. I remember a few months later sitting in class wearing this torture device (guys, please get professionally fitted rather than letting some lady use a measuring tape… they almost never get it right!) and some guy turned around and was like “what is poking out of your dress” and proceeded to try look pull the damn thing out. It turned out the underwire in my bra had pushed out of the centre gore of my bra, and was doing a great stand up impression for the whole class. Mortifying.

  10. So far, this has been the best news of my day! Fighting with banks, and sars, and home affairs and accountants to start the morning, only to be told that there are FINALLY beautiful bras available from a store that doesnt charge a fortune in MY CUP SIZE!!!!!!! No more boob line, no more, flowing over thy cuppeth, no more too tight back clips, no more not running because no bras to hold my bae’s. This to me is like a bra-volution and I am taking up arms (and bras). Thank you so much for this info, not only would I LOVE to win but just knowing that this is now here is HUGE!

    You’re a star!

  11. I was a very late bloomer , so I got myself a padded bra
    and I wore this really nice stappy top . And while I was thinking I’m all big an all the extra padding fell out on the side . Which wasn’t to bad till I looked down at my chest and saw a hollow bra . It was terrible as the top was low cut and then the thin padding and nothing between the padding and my bee stings . There was a gap ! This is what happens when you keep yourself to big for your boots ! Teenage problems haha

  12. One of those ‘sturdy’ beige motherly monstrosities betrayed my trust and stabbed me when the underwire decided it had had enough πŸ’”πŸ˜”

  13. I also like the Middle model’s Red Bra but I prefer to stay with Wonderbra. I know they are a little expensive but they are comfortable.

  14. Bought some sexy lingerie that was very low cut in the cleavage area. Wore it to work so I could surprise my other half when I got home and well let’s just say when I bent over the girls came out to play!

  15. I’m sure you can imagine that a 32E is an absolute nightmare when it comes to bras because you CANNOT find the size in any stores! So my option has been squash into a 32DD which you can only find in some stores and they cost the earth. Now as you would all know trying to stuff the girls into a space that is just too small always ends badly…I attended a function where I had to wear white and the girls decided to play peekaboo. Not fun having somebody tell you that your nipples have come out to play!

  16. You know that part of Bad Moms, when she was getting ready for a date and all she had was her “good maternity” bra? I feel like all my bras are like that. I have such shit luck with finding a good fit, that when I do find a good bra, I basically wear it until it backstabs me in the heart. Really keen to try the pretty ones from Ackermans

  17. Couple of bras have caused me pain when the underwire pops through and digs into your armpit for the rest of the day. I’ve also dressed in the dark and worn a black bra under a sheer shirt, ugh.

  18. So i stick to one specific brand which happens to be those granny looking bra’s lmao only way for me to avoid damn under wires. Which is all good for me but you try explaining to your bf (now husband) how to untie one of those suckers lmao So YAY to ackermans need to check out their new range soon .

  19. One of my favourite bras I felt something scratching me on my ribs and my favourite bra underwire was poking out so all I was I got some taped it back into place till I got home.

    So terrible but what can you do if you at work you just have to use what you can till its home time πŸ˜‰

  20. putting on weight and been in denial has led me to squeeze into my smaller bras which causes the worst look of popping boobs, lumpy tight fit around the back (and this all in a T-short)😠. time to buy bigger or get rid of the excess!!

  21. I worked for an events company a while back and took clients to view a venue they were considering for their year end function. In the one area of the venue they had some cool black lights set up with neon painted furniture. I spent 10 minutes talking to them in there before I looked down and realized my white, lacy bra was glowing through my very flimsy blouse! Mortified!

  22. Found what I thought was a great sports bra in a 38E . In the shop it was great, entry of support and all. Went to a Zumba class where it held up real well. Then on tried a weight class where warm up is jumping jacks. Well next time I by a bra all I can say is that maybe I’ll do jumping Jack’s in the fitting room to make sure that I don’t suffer the same embarrassment as I did in gym. Bra strap snapped and boob popped out right there in the class. Thank goodness for inner support gym vests to cover it all up. I quickly skidadled out of that class.

  23. I am so sorry about the glue taking off your skin. I can empathize and feel your pain.

    About 3 years ago the wire of my underwire bra wore through the bra’s seam, cut and pierced me in the most sensitive of places and left a scar to remember. Quite embarassingly, it turned out that I wore the incorrect size. So I got myself measured and received the best advice from an expert on bra size measurement, cup fit and how it should sit on the shoulder, waist and back. I think as women, many of us take for granted how important the correct fit is, whether its for comfort, posture etc, there’s a perfect fit out there waiting to be discovered.

    1. Shame hun! So glad your story had a happy ending. Ja, many women wear the wrong bra size and I’m one of them. Finding a 32D is usually mission impossible.

  24. I have big boobs and recently tried on a beautiful was my size but when I put it on omw it did not look good at all my boobs were over flowing from the top and sides. What a disaster now I’m to scared to even try on bralettes as gorgeous as they are and as badly as I want one.

  25. My nickname in High School was ‘Disprins on a surfboard’ πŸ˜‚ And with very good reason! So I decided to try the Wonderbra and it was a fricken disaster! The bra made my boobs look all pointy, you know like the pointy cone bra’s Madonna wore in the 80’s? To this day I can’t look at a Wonderbra without thinking of Madonna πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  26. I was 13 and my sister in law h
    Gave me my first bra. That Sunday morning I went into my parents room to ask mom to fasten the back as I was going to Sunday School. My father made the comment” good grief, is she already wearing a bra?” I was so embarrassed that I locked myself in my room for the rest of the day.

    1. Congrats hun! You’ve won yourself a R500 Ackermans voucher. Please mail me your cell number ( so I can pass it on to the PR. They send the voucher directly to your phone. Congrats again and enjoy!

  27. When I was a teenager my mom decided I needed “support” and proceeded to buy the ugliest, beige-eat cross your heart contraption I’d ever seen. I wore it once and never again. I literally could not breathe! I had perky B’s back then, now I’m a D and need the support but still won’t wear the beigeness. SO need the pretty!

  28. My Wedding Day Disaster whilst walking down the aisle the bra strap snapped and then next one too, sob sob brand new bra….so stressful and embarrassing, a day when I was the centre of attention. All eyes on me, nevertheless I walked with dignity and pride and hoped the my bra would stay in place and not snap at the back too. But disaster struck as I looked lovingly into the eyes of my sweetheart my bra unhooked. I had to take my vows, remained composed whilst I had a bra on the loose …lol. unforgettable moment of my most memorable day. Well problem solved prior to reception …My sister wore the same size bra as me and I she gave me her bra to use it was a bright yellow but nevertheless it keep my blobs intact. Whilst she danced the night away bra less.

    1. Congrats hun! You’ve won yourself a R500 Ackermans voucher. Please mail me your cell number ( so I can pass it on to the PR. They send the voucher directly to your phone. Congrats again and enjoy!

  29. I don’t have a particularly bad bra story but I picked up abit of weight which obv resulted in a bigger bra size but i was so oblivious that I continued to where my same size which was obviously too small and caused me some pain. i went to jt one and got resized and bought 3 new bra’s however these are now my only bra’s I can wear so I need to do some serious bra shopping so that atleast I can have 7 bra’s, one for each day of the week including a strapless. bra’s are so expensive though 😦

  30. I was still nursing my 4-month-old when I started doing yoga again. Let’s just say that the smushing of my breasts against the mat caused a big mess, since I accidentally forgot to put my breast pads in my sports bra

  31. Also I was enjoying a Zumba class, and I felt a breeze on my upper left side…I looked down and whadaya know…My left twin had jumped out of my sports bra to join the party! Haha! I did an impromptu spin/grapevine, popped her back in and kept on jamming… would really love this voucher Leigh

  32. omg I had to endure torture for quite some time because I couldn’t afford those really good bras. I owned those wire bras that poke you from the inside

  33. Worst bra I’ve ever worn was BRAND NEW and wore it to my sisters wedding. The wedding was an out of town wedding as well so not the type of place where you can just pop to the shops on Saturday evening for a replacement. Needless to say about two hours in it the clasp completely broke. Had to try tie it together and was so uncomfortable I eventually had to go without πŸ˜€

  34. I am totally always struggling to find the right bra size – they never seem to offer enough support. So I only have a few that really do the job, the rest just doesn’t quite hold em up. So one morning, all the trusty supportive bras were in the laundry so I put on a bra and a crop top over as I sometimes do for extra support. I forgot later the day I had a doctors appointment and when the (luckily) female doctor did an examination she couldn’t understand why I was wearing two bras. I didn’t know how to explain myself and she just wouldn’t let the subject go. Cringe!!! Will make sure I keep a trusty bra for these occasions in future…

  35. In my younger days, before all these fancy strapless bra’s were around, you were able to get clear straps and beaded straps that you would hook onto your bra and these served as straps.. it was very fashionable and pretty too.. but rather embarrassing when you’re at a party and this strap decides its held up its part of the bargain for too long, and snaps.. scattering beads all over the place.. and besides the fact that you can’t fix it.. everyone knew as they were tripping and stepping all over the beads. Needless to say, that was the last time I wore a beaded strapless bra πŸ™‚

  36. A sock somehow popped out my bra on the dance floor at wedding, oh the horror!!! never stuffed my bra again πŸ™‚

    1. Congrats hun! You’ve won yourself a R500 Ackermans voucher. Please mail me your cell number ( so I can pass it on to the PR. They send the voucher directly to your phone. Congrats again and enjoy!

  37. My worst bra was about 5/6 years ago when I arrived in Chicago and realized I forgot to pack bras. WTF. I didn’t know about Victoria’s Secret or where to get proper bras but I needed something stat and ended up at a place called “TJ MAXX”. Fast forward to a $4 bra that dug into my shoulders, was loose around my fat rolls, and gave me permanent spillage. I actually wore it to run the next day securing it with a sport bra over. Let’s just say my run ended up with both boobs entirely out of said bra. OMG! It was so bad.

  38. I bought a bra & and the wires came out & poked me😠 oh yes! One day i bought those bra that dont have any any staps & guess what? I was so loose that when i was dancing at a pary it fell at the bottom of my tummy trying to pull it up omg was such an embrarassmentπŸ˜­πŸ™ˆ @stylepretty2 is my twitter handle

  39. I love your blog Leigh! You always give such good advice about products!

    I have not had a major bra problem in years. But when I was a teenager I was quite a bit bigger than I am now and I was determined to wear the pretty JT One bras from Woolworths but they only came in C cup and I was definitely a D cup at the time. So the only way to get ones that even held my boobs was to buy a much bigger back band. Well cut to one day in school with a blue bra riding up above my shoulder blades over a white school uniform shirt and my boobs badly unsupported. I learnt to always buy the right size after that!

  40. OMG can’t wait to try on those big sized bras. I had given up to find bigger sized bras that are reasonably priced. I had to go through some unforgettable trauma wearing a very tight bra attending a whole day seminar. The pain I felt was so unbearable as the bra kept rolling on the sides of my back and press on my skin. It felt like the bra wanted to cut though my skin and being the one doing the presentation there was no chance for me to pull down the bra nor adjust the bra. I had to keep presenting, let the show roll with a smile. By the time I get home after the longest day of my life, I took the longest hot bath to ease my back from the bra pain. Can’t wait to have a professional bra fitting at Ackermans. Big up for catering woman of fuller fingers with more variety, style and absolute class.

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