Review: Filorga Time-Zero multi-correction wrinkles serum

Filorga’s just launched Time-Zero multi-correction wrinkles serum (R1 090, selected Edgars and Red Square) that aims to blitz every kind of wrinkle you can imagine. From the deep set kind (like the naso-labial ones on either side of your mouth) to contraction wrinkles from expressions, surface wrinkles (often caused by dryness and age in general) as well as ‘fatigue wrinkles’ but I have no clue what those are.

Welcome to the shelves, dude.
Welcome to the shelves, dude.

In a bid to blitz all the above, the serum relies on multiple actives inspired by aesthetic treatments like fillers, mesotherapy, Botox and peels, but it’s important to note you can’t ever get the results you’d get from a needle in a potion. Still, that’s not so say Filorga’s anti-ageing mix isn’t beneficial. For starters, you’re looking at two different types of mega-hydrating hyaluronic acid to plump your skin via various depths plus glucaronic acid that’s able to help your body generate it’s own natural hyaluronic acid content. This is what’s going to help klap your deep wrinkles while ticking Filorga’s ‘well it’s kinda, almost, maybe a bit like a filler’ box.

Next up, it aims to tackle contraction wrinkles via two peptides that have a Botox-like action that relax the muscles in your face. You really do get creams that can pull this off, delivering very visible results. Just Google FreezeFrame and you’ll be astounded. Thing is, their actives are super strong and you apply them to targeted areas. The fact that Filorga isn’t asking you to spot treat immediately tells me that the effects won’t be as powerful as FreezeFrame (if it were, you’d look like you’d had a stroke!) but that doesn’t mean they’re not there. Possibly after multiple applications or a single use (it’s never really made clear) you’d see a subtle relaxing of your face overall. I’ve used it three days in a row now and haven’t noticed an immediate effect or a delayed one but it’s not to say its not there and just not especially perceptive to subtlety.

Swirly whirly!
Swirly whirly!

As far as super fine surface wrinkles go, Filorga wants to ‘peel’ them away using exfoliating ingredients like gluconalactone, polyhydroxyacide and soothing antioxidant sea fennel. The former two ingredients are interesting as they’ve been proven to exfoliate similarly to AHAs, but as their molecules are bigger, they don’t penetrate as deeply so they cause less irritation. Also, they won’t make your skin more sensitive to light, so you don’t have to worry about only applying this serum before bed.

Lastly, in regards to the ‘mesotherapy’ aspect (mesotherapy involves injecting microdroplets of an active, often vitamins, into your skin), Filorga covers that via including their classic NCTF complex – a blend of antioxidant vitamins, minerals, amino acids and co-enzymes – in their serum’s mix. This is what, they reckons, is going to help address any ‘tiredness wrinkles’.

As far as texture goes, Filorga’s Time-Zero is a winner in that it feels like almost weightless on your skin – like a watery gel. In fact, if you’re very oily-skinned, you could get away by using this as a moisturiser, but I think most skin types will want to use it underneath something and, the fact that its so weightless, means it’ll play nicely with whatever you choose to layer it with.

This absorbs in a flash and feels like you're wearing nothing.
This absorbs in a flash and feels like you’re wearing nothing.

Other plus points? First up, yay for air tight packaging! Secondly, I liked that Filorga didn’t addle their formula with a slick of silicones. While I don’t haaaate silicone, I do hate the idea that many brands think women expect their ‘serum’ to feel ‘silky’ or ‘velvety’ or any particular way for it to be ‘a serum’. In fact, ‘serum’ isn’t even a thing. It’s just a word brands generally use to describe a skin product that can be layered with your moisturiser. The idea that, because anything is labelled a ‘serum’ means it’s more ‘potent’ is rubbish. You have no idea how many (usually drug store) ‘serums’ cross my desk that have nothing more in them than silicone and the teensiest dash of an active like vitamin E. In fact, many of them have had less actives in them than a blerrie Nivea Q-10 body lotion.

Okay, rant over! In short, if you’re looking for a wonderously light serum you can use day or night underneath your regular moisturiser to help plump, very gently exfoliate and possibly relax your skin while supplying it with a mix of antioxidant vitamins then Filorga’s newbie is most definitely an option.

Love, love


the mesotherapy-inspired aspect is what aims to blitz those ‘fatigue wrinkles’. If you didn’t know, mesotherapy involves injecting a microburst of actives under your skin and

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