Review: Bioderma Hydrabio H2O micellar water and Perfecteur SPF 30

If you’re a Bioderma micellar water fan (i.e. almost every girl on the planet) and have a drier skin type you’re going to love the fact that the brand’s just launched a more hydrating version of their bestselling cleanser, Bioderma Hydrabio H2O (R199,95).

Hello new friend!
Hello new friend!

I’ve tried loads of micellar waters in the past ‘cos I love that they let me take my make-up off in one fell swoop and then not have to worry about removing the cleanser itself. After you’ve swept a micellar water across your skin you’re done and can merrily black out on your pillow or get jiggy with any lotions or potions you’re using at night.

Of all the micellars I’ve tried, Bioderma’s has always been my favourite. (In fact, every woman in my family is a Bioderma micellar water junky.) I like that it’s fragrance-free, works like a boss (waterproof eye liner? Dude, you’ve just been owned!) and, last but not least, it makes me feel fancy and French. Is my last reason for loving Bioderma more than the rest totally vapid and possibly a bit stupid? Maybe. But I don’t care. C’est ce que c’est! 

Anyhoo, as I’m a combo-skinned girl, I thought I’d like new Hydrabio H2O but wouldn’t make the switch ‘cos I thought it might leave a residue on my skin, something dry-skinned peeps might like, but I wouldn’t. But, as it turns out, Hydrabio’s formula is more hydrating thanks to the addition of glycerin, castor oil and niacinimide, BUT YOU CAN’T FEEL IT! Like, for me, there is literally no sensory perception of this newbie being heavier, thicker or leaving any kind of visible or tactile trace of it every having touched your skin. In fact, if you blind swipe the back of your hand using each variant, you’re never going to know which was which.

So, now that I know they both feel the same way and work just as well as the other, I’m totally swapping out from Sensibio H2O to Hydrabio’s because hey, more beneficial skin-lovin’ ingredients for your buck is always a good thing, right? The new formula also contains an apple extract-based complex that, Bioderma reckons, can help encourage the production of more aquaporins, the microscopic ducts in your skin cells that allow for the flow of water between them.

Anyway, I should mention that the Hydrabio H20 is part of a bigger range that includes a mask, serum and various moisturisers for drier skin types and one of them is Perfecteur SPF 30 Smoothing Moisturising Care Radiance Booster for sensitive dehydrated skin (R299,95).

Could they make this guy's name, like, any longer?
Could they make this guy’s name, like, any longer?

If you’ve got a drier skin type and are looking for a great ‘every day’ moisturiser with a high SPF then its going to impress. It feels nice and comfortable on your skin and has a slight pearlescence to it that instantly brightens.

Dotted on the left, rubbed in on the right.
Dotted on the left, rubbed in on the right.

Like I said, I’m oily-combo, so this is too heavy for me to use regularly but I just can’t bring myself to give it a good home with a drier skinned friend as I love using it like a pampering sunscreen when I run. I like that it protects my face from the winter chill and makes my complexion a little more glowy.

Love, love


5 thoughts on “Review: Bioderma Hydrabio H2O micellar water and Perfecteur SPF 30

  1. So, does this make your foundation patchy at all? It seems like an only child type product, doesn’t play well with others. If I use a serum under this, or anything over it(besides just foundation) it clings and goes patchy, and does a whole lot of weird stuff.

    1. Hi hun! I used it with concealer and powder so didn’t layer it with anything. From what you’re describing it sounds like its ‘pilling’, when it comes off in little bolletjies on your skin. If this is the case, then yep, it sounds like an ‘only child’. Ag nee! But what a great descriptor 🙂 🙂

      1. Ag nee! Okay, then it’s def an ‘all by myself-er’. Vietnam was amazing and I’m struggling to get back into the groove here. Really just want to go back to the east and bum around some more ;-P

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