New goodies in Clicks; St Tropez, L’Action Paris, Sanctuary Spa and Dirty Works’ Coconut collection

Clicks has a whole host of exciting new beauty goodies that are either new on shelf or just about to drop. They sent me a box of them the other day and, having played around with the lot, thought I’d tell you about my favourites.

First up, I’m very excited that fab self-tan brand St Tropez is now available at Clicks. I recently reviewed their self-tanning mousse and it was definitely one of the nicest ones I’ve used. Think natural, believable-looking colour and almost no horrible developing self-tan smell.

St Tropez Bronzing Mousse 240ml, R280,99.

Then there are a few totally new lines you need to know about, the first being L’Action Paris, an international French skin care range that’s mostly made up of nifty little roll-on treatments. Think a tea tree oil, scar reduction oil, eye bag de-puffers, redness relief gel and so on. I was given their Lightening Gel (R59,99) that’s formulated with licorice to help minimise the appearance of pigmentation. Apparently, if I use it twice a day, I’ll be able to see results within three weeks.

L’Action Paris Lightening Gel serum, R59,99.

Otherwise, if you’ve spent time in London and like to lurk around Boots like I do, you’ll be familiar with Sanctuary Spa. While Sanctuary is a famous spa in Covent Garden, they have their own line of spa-inspired skin and body care goodies. I got to try this little gem and thought it was lovely:

Sanctuary Spa Covent Garden 30 Day Youth Revolution Gylcolic Peel-off Mask and Serum System, R399.

After painting the peel on my face with the brush (fun!), it dried like egg white and I got to peel it off my face (more fun!) As it contains glycolic acid, it exfoliates your skin and worked well in removing a bit of dry skin I had on the side of my nose, the result of a super intense spot treatment. Afterwards, you’re to apply the niacinimide-enriched anti-wrinkle serum which felt nice and fresh and didn’t sting my ‘new’ skin in the least.

Another range exclusive to Clicks that you’re probably already familiar with is Dirty Works. They’ve now extended the line to include a new Coconut collection. While I despise coconut body lotions that haven’t been ‘broken up’ by a shot of lime or pineapple, I love ANY coconut bath products. (I know, I know, I’m a picky cow… people struggle with me…) This way, you can get your coconutty fix, but don’t have to run around smelling like surfboard wax all day.  Yayness!

Dirty Works Coconut Caress body wash, R29,99.

Next time you’re in Clicks, go take a look and let me know your thoughts.

Love, love


3 thoughts on “New goodies in Clicks; St Tropez, L’Action Paris, Sanctuary Spa and Dirty Works’ Coconut collection

    1. I know, right? As much as I appreciate top quality ‘local is lekker’ goodies, I really do love how SA’s suddenly getting this major influx of exciting foreign brands.

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