Elizabeth Arden Rose Aurora spring colour collection

Elizabeth Arden have just launched a gorgeous new limited edition colour collection for spring called Rose Aurora*.

Elizabeth Arden Rose Aurora Pure Finish Bronzer powder (R280) and liquid eye liner (R180).

Apparently Ms. Arden herself designed an original Rose Aurora collection and this new one was inspired by it. (I searched the net to try find a shot of the first collection but didn’t have any luck; whatever piccies the modern designers used as inpsirasie must be tucked away in the vaults.) The new one, however, is all about romantic-looking rose printed cartons and gorgeous rose-gold packaging.


Overseas, the collection consists of six items including a lip colour but SA is only getting the Pure Finish Bronze powder (R260) and liquid eye liner (R180) pictured up above.

For me, the bronzing powder is the ‘star’ product because it’s packaging is just too pretty. Even better? The powder itself lives up to the luxurious promise suggested by its compact in that it’s fabulous quality. Just a few sweeps with a large powder brush and you’re able to add a subtle, healthy-looking glow.

This shade is called Soft Radiance. (The other that’s available, Deep Radiance, is slightly darker.)

I like that despite being ‘sparkly’ it doesn’t look unnatural or ‘glittery’. It merely adds a soft, pretty ‘glow’ that’s perfect for spring. It’s also infused with natural antioxidants like green and white tea.

The felt-tipped liner’s a little less glam-looking in that despite its rosey carton, the tube itself isn’t decorated or embellished in the least. Still, it’s fab formula and easy-to-use precise applicator totally make up for it.

En guarde!

I liked that it was highly pigmented and once it was on it didn’t smear or smudge. In fact, it dried in a way that, at first, made me think it was one of those peel-off formulas that only come off with high temperature water but this wasn’t the case. Just a few sweeps of a wet wipe was all it took to take to it off.

Moi wearing no blush, just the bronzer on my cheeks and temples.

Love, love


*An aurora, just so you know, is a natural display of lights in the sky, kind of like the milky way or Northern Lights. Oh! And then there’s Disney’s Princess Aurora AKA Sleeping Beauty.

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  1. I was just as fascinated by the liner, because it was on my hand for hours without budging (even after hand-washing). But your suspicions are right, if you rinse it with warm water (even with no cleanser) it does come off in solid crumbles instead of liquefying – so no raccoon eyes!

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