New Pepsodent Close Up White Now and Green Tea toothpaste reviews

While the oral care brand Pepsodent is new to SA, it’s been going strong in the US for at least a zillion years. (Okay, so that’s totally an exaggeration but it’s like one of those iconic brands that’s been around forever.)

As I’m pretty blinkered when it comes to buying toothpaste (I tend to blindly reach for the brand I grew up with) it was rather fun to try a whole whackload of Pepsodent products. Of all the new goodies I tried, I was most impressed/intrigued by this guy:

Pepsodent Close Up White Now toothpaste, R16,99

It’s a spearmint-flavoured whitening toothpaste, but doesn’t work by lifting stains, as such. Instead, it creates a Smurfy blue foam that coats your teeth in a veil of pigment that neutralizes the colour ‘yellow’ to help create the illusion of brighter, whiter-looking teeth. And it works too. My teeth really did look instantly ‘brighter’ after brushing but I’m not sure how long this lasted for. I kind of grinned at myself in the mirror, did the whole finger pistol ‘radness! Looking good biets!’ manouver and then ran off into my day. Still, if you’re a vain cow like me and want to do whatever li’l things you can to optimise your hotness, this is a goodie.

The other Pepsodent toothpaste I liked using?

Pepsodent Green Tea toothpaste, R8,99

Its ingredients include green tea extract that contains high levels of fluoride and polyphenols as well as chrysanthemum which has properties that can assist in treating gingivitis and bad breath. What I really like, however, is that despite being a ‘green’/’herbal’ toothpaste, it’s got a fresh, minty taste. (I don’t know about you but all the other ‘herbal’ toothpastes I’d dallied with in the past have tasted like a paste made from the grass clippings that come out of the back of someone’s lawn mower…)

Pepsodent and Close Up toothpaste and tooth brushes are currently on the shelves in your local supermarket and very competitively priced. (A 50ml Pepsodent Cavity Fighter toothpaste is R4,99!)

Love, love


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