L’Oreal Lumi Magique foundation review

Do any of you girls remember L’Oreal Translucide? That was my ‘go to’ foundation in college. I loved that stuff so much that I used to buy it off eBay years after they discontinued it. When my last bottle arrived and its contents where an ashy-coloured sludge I knew it was time to give up the ghost, but DAMN I missed it. This is why I’m thrilled that L’Oreal are launching another skin illuminating foundation; L’Oreal Lumi Magique:

L’Oreal Lumi Magique foundation, R189,95

Aside from offering up to 12 hours of light to medium weight coverage, Lumi Magique has an SPF of 18. The real awesomeness, however, lies in the fact that it’s infused with a zillion light-reflecting particles to help lend a healthy-looking glow to your skin, regardless of how many Jagermeisters you threw down the night before.

I was given Lumi Magique in Golden Beige to play with. I like that it evens out my skin tone and adds a bit of colour. If, however, you want to hide imperfections like an old acne mark of iets, you’re still going to have to reach for your concealer. I see this as a plus, just so you know. It’s generally best to use the ‘lightest’ foundation you can get away with in regards to coverage and then add more only to the places you really need it.

See the sublte shimmer? On your face it makes your cheekbones pop!

Glow-wise, I adore that L’Oreal’s shimmer is beautifully blended throughout the foundation and there a no teensy ‘glittery’ particles that you can actually discern on your face. This way, it’s not going to draw attention to things like large pores.

I also like the pump bottle packaging. No air can get in and degrade the efficacy of the sunscreen and it’s easy to squirt out just the right amount.

The only negative? It’s not as good at controlling oil as Translucide was. I find it can get quite ‘glowy’ (and not in a good way) on my forehead if I don’t give it the odd blitz of MAC Blot Powder. I think this could be due to the new inclusion of sunscreen. (If have a quick look around, you’ll see many oil-controlling moisturisers aimed at young people don’t include sunscreen as it makes the formula a lot heavier. Still, you CAN find a good non-greasy moisturiser with an SPF, you just have to shop around. Personally, I consider Neutrogena’s Oil-free Moisture SPF 15 a real gem.)

Anyway, because of the oil-issue, this doesn’t trump my darling (dead) Translucide, but it’s nice ‘drug store second’ to the other insanely expensive light-reflecting foundations in my make-up bag. (Here’s looking at YOU Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk…) However, if you’ve got a slightly drier skin type than mine, this could be your liquid gold. If you do give it a bash, please let me know your thoughts.

Love, love


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