Review: New Hugo Boss HUGO Woman EDP

Remember all those minimalist fragrances that were so big back in the 90s? CkOne… Issey Miyake… DKNY… the lesser popular L’eau par Kenzo? Hugo Boss’s Hugo Woman, however, was one of the big dogs. Everyone knew someone who wore it and I just so happened to be one of those girls. I loved that it was fresh and young, but just a teensy bit masculine and these are the same reasons I’m crazy about the new version – Hugo Boss HUGO Woman Eau de Parfum.

Hugo Boss HUGO Woman EDP
Hugo Boss HUGO Woman EDP

While the original scent was a little more green, the new chica on the block is the teensiest bit more ‘warm’ with a few more berries as opposed to apples. However, it’s still the perfect ‘day time’, ‘wear it anywhere but especially the office’ scent that could make it an important part of your fragrance wardrobe. Giorgio Armani’s Acqua di Gioa eau fraiche used to be that for me but now my bottle’s running low and will be happily replaced with Hugo Woman.

According to Hugo Boss, the scent captures the essence of a self-assured and dynamic woman who’s not afraid to embrace life and go her own way, almost oblivious to the herd mentality.

Danish model Freja Beha Erichsen is the face.
Danish model Freja Beha Erichsen is the fragrance’s face. Maybe it’s just her her hair but she makes me think of Alexa Chung.

But ja, let’s get to the nitty-gritty shall we?

Notes-wise, you’re looking at a light fruity-floral with top notes that include ripe boysenberries, mandarin and grass. (Himalayan red grass, to be exact. Fancy, fancy!) The heart’s all about jasmine, black plum, iris and spicy black tea but I don’t pick up any ‘spice’ in the least. As for the base, it’s a warm and woody thanks to amber, sandalwood and a dash of cedar.

To my nose, I immediately pick up the grass and citrus and it’s wonderfully fresh and invigorating. Then the fruits comes through – berries and plum plus a drop of peach, even though it’s not listed as an ‘official’. The dry down is the most enchanting, however. That soft, slightly masculine and very ‘clean’ typical Hugo Boss smell that isn’t ‘soapy’ or ‘powdery’ in the least and so hard to pin down with words. Yum!

The only negative? Despite being an EDP, it’s staying power isn’t great. I find myself wanting to reach for it a few times throughout the day for a top up and now keep a Travalo of it in my purse. Luckily, its the kind of scent you can liberally douse yourself with as the day goes on and still never offend anyone.

Keen to give it a sniff yourself? You’ll find the new HUGO Woman EDP  in stores now going for R580 for 30 mls, R840 for 50 mls and R1 070 for 75 mls.

Now tell me, where you also a Hugo Boss girl back in the day? Are you still wearing one of the scents now? Let’s chat in the comments section below.

6 thoughts on “Review: New Hugo Boss HUGO Woman EDP

  1. Still am a Hugo Boss fan, simple everyday fragrances…I still have the original Boss Woman bottle in my collection. Since I prefer sweeter, this is going to be a great replacement

  2. Ooh. Love Hugo Boss fragrances. Orange and Deep Red are some of my favourite summer / winter scents. Must go have a sniff at this 🙂

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