Clarins Eau des Jardins expands its line to include an indulgent body cream and shower gel

I love Clarins’ treatment fragrances, particularly Eau Dynamisante. I’ve been wearing it since I was fifteen and would always make a point of dousing myself in it before I hit the beach. (It’s alcohol-free so you can, it’s not going to cause sun spots when it schmingles with the sun’s dangerous UV rays.) As a result, the moment I get just one whiff of it, I’m immediately transported back to happy sun shiny days.

Clarin’s most recent treatment fragrance, Eau des Jardins*, is also lovely; a refreshing sparkly mix of essential oils, and fragrant skin-lovin’ plant extracts. While its official notes include zesty citrus like grapefruit, lemon and orange; wild rose and wood, I mostly pick up grapefruit**, which I adore.

Clarins Eau des Jardins treatment fragrance, R450 for 100mls

The only negative about alcohol-free fragrances is that many of them lack staying power, so it makes sense to layer them to increase their longevity. This is what I do with Eau Dynamisante; I drown myself in the cologne and then apply the body lotion to my arms. Now, if you’re a Eau des Jardins fan, you can do the same thing as Clarins has just expanded the line to include an indulgent Smoothing body cream and Uplifting shower gel:

Clarins Eau des Jardins Smoothing body cream (R410 for 200ml) and Uplifting shower gel (R275 for 150ml)

The body cream’s ingredients include soothing, hydrating, radiance boosting botanical bud extracts, uplifting essential oil extracts and antioxidant collagen-encouraging vitamin E. Texture-wise, it’s a light gel-cream that absorbs in a flash which is great for summer.

The shower gel is soap-free and pH balanced yet creates a nice lather. I like that it’s fabulously fragranced so the scent lingers on your skin for a while after you’ve gotten out of the shower or bath.

If you’re a Clarins fan, particular one who loves Eau des Jardins the cologne, getting your hands on these babies is going to make your day.

Love, love


*Jardin is French for ‘garden’, just so you know.

**If you’re a semi-old bag like me, you want to wear grapefruit. Studies have shown that men who sniff women wearing grapefruit are perceived to be years younger than their actual age. Years girls, YEARS…

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