Guerlain Le Petit Robe Noire EDT review

You’ve got to give it to Guerlain; they know how to make iconic, timeless scents. Still, while there’s no doubt that Shalimar and Mitsouko are veritable masterpieces, they’re not for me. In my mind, they’re for an older, more sophisticated woman. Thus, I was very interested in sniffing the fragrance house’s newest scent, Le Petit Robe Noire, intended for a much younger audience.

Guerlain Le Petit Robe Noire EDT, R645 for 30mls

Inspired by the classic elegance of a little black dress, Le Petit Robe Noire is Parisian chic in a bottle. Still, while other Geurlain fragrances are for a fur-clad woman who saunters down Rue du Faubourg Saint Honore, the Le Petit Robe Noire skips down the Champs Elysee in stiletto pumps, blowing kisses to all the cute boys who cross her path.

Notes-wise, its got sparkly black cherry top notes mixed with red berries and almond (an homage to Laduree macaroons, perhaps?!) The heart is a rose bouquet with a bit of licorice and smoked black tea lounging on a bed of vanilla, iris and patchouli. While it sounds like it could end up being sickeningly sweet, the licorice and black tea (which is quite smokey) manage to even it out.

When I sniff Le Petit Robe Noire, however, I get licorice, powder, smoke, marshmallows (lots of them) and rose, the same kind of rose they used in Idylle, my favourite Guerlain fragrance. Something about it (the licorice probably) reminds me quite a bit of Lolita Lempicka. And while it’s certainly elegant, in my mind, it’s a bit too lighthearted to be a little black dress. In my mind, it’s more like Le Petit Mini Jupe Rose. (The Little Pink Mini.)

Oh! And it sparked a bit of a thing on twitter amongst my fellow ‘beauties’, both bloggers and eds, in that they all felt that something about it made them think of a Coca Cola float!

Le Petit Flotteur Cola

We all started reminiscing about the last time we’d had one (years back) and decided that we’d all go off to Spur and indulge in a Coke float extravaganza* (whilst wearing the new Geurlain, of course.) Hardly elegant French mademoiselle behaviour, but hey we’d all be having fun. And that’s also what this playful, surprisingly easy-to-wear perfume is all about. It’s also got great staying power.

Want to give it a sniff yourself? It’s on the shelf as I type.

Love, love


P.S. Do boxes get any prettier? And I’m being serious now; do they?!

Ooh la la!

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One thought on “Guerlain Le Petit Robe Noire EDT review

  1. I received a bottle of la petite robe noir as a gift a few months ago, (a friend brought it from France) and while I know very little about top notes, middle notes and the like, I do know this: I LOVE IT!!!! A LOT!!!! Smells pretty, but not frilly girlie. Definitely my favourite fragrance ever. EVER!

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