L’Oreal Age Perfect Intensive Re-nourish serum review

L’Oreal have a new treatment on the shelves, Age Perfect Intensive Re-nourish serum:

L’Oreal Age Perfect Intensive Re-nourish daily serum, R210

It promises to hydrate your skin and help boost its elasticity. A quick look at the ingredients list reveals the product’s got a rather high concentration of jasmine extract followed by honey and hydrolised soy protein.

Jasmin extract, honey and soy protein all have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Jasmine and honey are both good moisturisers while the former can also help regulate oil production at the same time. Also, those that are big into aromatherapy-inspired skin care reckon Jasmine can help smooth out wrinkles too. The most proven wrinkle-buster among this crowd, however, is the soy protein. Studies have shown it can help stimulate collagen production to boost skin elasticity.

While L’Oreal’s Age Perfect range is aimed at a much older woman (Diane Keaton’s the ‘face’), there’s nothing in here to stop anyone of any age from using it. As it is, you’re going to want to start using collagen-encouraging ingredients in your mid twenties as your body’s production starts slowing down at around 25. (Totes depressing, I know, I know…)

I used it day and night for a couple of days this week and like that it smells delish (like flowers and honey) and sinks into my face in a flash so I can apply my moisturiser without having to wait too long.

Texture-wise, it’s a watery-type of serum; not silky-textured due to a zillion silicones. This is good news for oily-skinned peeps like me ‘cos most serums that go heavy on the silicone turn me into an oil slick.

In all, if you’re looking to add a few more anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatories and collagen-encouragers into your daily skin care routine, this is a safe bet.

Love, love


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