‘Die Mooiness o’ Rooiness’ starring YSL Rouge, Lancome Rouge and L’Oreal Rouge Caresse

Inspired by the Nina Jarebrink fashion show I attended earlier this year, I decided to make red lips and nails my ‘go to’ look this winter.

Love my oorbelle? They’re Nina Jarebrink, daaahling. Same goes for my ring…

I’ve got red nails down thanks to Yardley’s Stayfast nail polish in Romantic Ruby (although in the piccie I’m actually wearing a coral shade) but have been on the look out for fabulous red lip colours.

So far, the nicest red lipstick I’ve tried is Lancome’s Rouge in Love lipstick in Rouge Saint Honore, R250:

Saint Honore is the shade I’m wearing in the piccie up top.

I’m also adoring (possibly even more so) YSL’s new Rouge Pur Couture Vernis a Levres lip colour lip colour in Rouge Filtre, R365.

YSL Rouge Pur Couture Rouge a Levres

 I love that they go on like a gloss:

Two slicks of YSL Rouge pur Couture

…and wear off to leave a long-lasting stain:


Last but not least, I’m also super impressed with L’Oreal’s new Rouge Caresse lipstick, R129,95. L’Oreal sent me two shades to play with so I made a swatch: 

Lovely Rose on the left and Rebel Red on the right.

I’m now CRAZY about Rebel Red. It’s a gorgeous sheer rooi that’s so easy to apply you could almost slick it on without a mirror.

L’Oreal Rouge Caresse Rebel Red on the lips. (It looks a little pink in this shot, but trust me, it’s red.)

I love that it’s luxuriously ‘melty’ yet won’t slide off your lips within minutes and am so taken with Rebel Red that I’m now dying for the rest of the collection to land in store (any day now) so I can snap up their fuschia, magenta and deeper scarlet shades.   

Now tell me, what’s your favourite red lippie? Aaand go…

X x x

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2 thoughts on “‘Die Mooiness o’ Rooiness’ starring YSL Rouge, Lancome Rouge and L’Oreal Rouge Caresse

  1. Have you tried Rimmel Lipsticks by Kate? I just ordered a whole bunch of them online. They look delish and have had rave reviews. I must say though that it was the little “Kate” on the casing that sold me…

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