Making ‘good choices’ with O magazine and Dentyne

So I was sent the June issue of O magazine the other day.

And it was all yellow…

I usually don’t buy it myself so it was nice to take a look inside. It’s got some v pretty-looking beauty pages and includes the most delish-sounding recipe for a ‘party popcorn’ mix that makes use of all sorts of yummies like Worcestershire sauce, chilli powder, garlic powder and honey. Sooo going to be trying that soon.

The mag also came with two packs of Dentyne gum; Xtra Care Gentle Mint and Strawberry . You’ll see they’ve had a bit of a redesign:

The old pack…

…the NEW pack.

(The press release didn’t say anything about cinnamon-flavoured Dentyne Fire getting a makeover and that’s my favourite gum on God’s green earth so if they’ve discontinued that there’s going to be tears…)

Anyway, O and Dentyne have hooked up to create a Good Choices campaign. This includes the launch of an app that allows you to create your own ‘Good Choices board’ to create and ‘tangible inspiration to help you achieve your dreams’. If you create a really good one, you could also win a cool R100 000. 

I tried to create a board yesterday but my lap top wasn’t playing the game. Still, I doubt their stock photo file had shots of the things I really really want… like Dean from Supernatural tied to a radiator in my basement… Or a swimming pool filled with Steers’ (discontinued!) lime milkshake… 

Anyway, if you’re the Pinterest-type, pop on over here and check it out.

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4 thoughts on “Making ‘good choices’ with O magazine and Dentyne

  1. Dentyne Cinnamon used to be my favourite too!!! Would eat 1 stick every morning after breakfast.

    Well, I developed an allergy to it which lead to my mouth swelling on one side and the texture of my inner cheek changing, it was terrible and would happen randomly during the day, not after the gum, so I thought I had cancer or some shit, and went to dr n specialist, anyways thank god I found out what it was thanks to an internet search, which had previously brought up tomato allergy, then I read about other people being allergic to diff brands of cinnamon gum. Once I stopped eating it, it all went back to normal, but I had the problem for almost 3 months.

    So be careful about not eating it too often 🙂

    1. Jissus! Okay, will deffo be careful. When I was v run down a few years back I developed all sorts of weird food allergies I never had before and they’ve since gone away. Also, my reaction wasn’t just boring old spasti colon but straaange stuff… things like blurred vision, heart palpitations etc. But ja, in essence I know just how miserable ingesting something that doesn’t agree with you can be. Sterkte cooks! X x x

  2. tried the website out (cos we all could do with an extra R100k pocket money, eh?)… and it doesn’t work on my computer either… something to do with my browser doesn’t support Canvas (and I don’t speak techie)…

    I find it really odd that a company would create a fantastic concept like this and not consider the technical aspects required…

    what a shame 🙁

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