Nina Jarebrink’s Fall/Winter collection 2012 oozes old Hollywood glamour

Last week I was invited to a rather exclusive little event; a dinner and fashion show featuring Nina Jarebrink’s glamorous new fall/winter collection at the 15 on Orange Hotel.

I read an interview with Nina that said she can't get through life without cocktails and lipgloss. Could she be my Swedish soul mate?

Now, for those of you who don’t know who she is, let me fill you in: Nina’s a big deal Swedish designer who’s popular with edgy celebs like Jessie J and Lady Gaga. Aside from her main label, she’s also got a ready to wear collection that, surprisingly, won’t break the bank. In fact, her prices are pretty much on par with local designer brands like Marion and Lindie.

But getting back to the event… the guest list was a cosy little mix of local fashionistas, celebs and the odd bloggery chick likemoi. Espresso’s Liezel van der Westhuizen looked glam in a royal blue mini dress while actress Lee-Anne Summers, who also happened to be one of the model’s in the show, rocked the shizz out of a toit black Nina Jarebrink jersey dress.

And yes, for the last time, her incredible hair is real...

Oh! And here’s me schmingling with Pop Ya Collar’s ‘La Muse’ Sam Walker. 

Dig you chica, you're kiff.

I also enjoyed catching up with Glamour’s fashion editor, Bronwyn Day. Bron and I went to junior school together and, aside from a brief dabble in lumo scrunchies, she’s always had a fabulous sense of style. This particular night she was rocking a pair of gorgeous stone-bedazzled earrings that she found in Brazil.

Don't you hate how she gets to say that? 'Oh, Brazil, darling...' as opposed to 'I picked them up in Mr. Price

Glamour’s editor, Pnina Fenster was also there and hung out with Nitsa Comminos-Rose, Nina’s local distributor.

See that scarf Pnina's wearing? It's a Nina Jarebrink and was included in our goodie bag!

Food-wise, we were treated to a delish six-course gourmet meal from Savour, the hotel’s restaurant, paired with more champers and wine than I could drink. Of everything I tasted, I was most impressed with the goronzola-stuffed baked fig starter. It came with springbok bresoala, a balsamic reduction and hazelnut biscotti. Sjoe!

Totally worth getting too fat to fit into Nina's zexy velvet jodhpurs...

After dinner, the lights dimmed and the fashion show began and that’s when I fell head over heels in love with Nina Jarebrink’s ridiculously gorgeous clothes. It was like she was inside my mind in regards to how I want to dress this winter. Check it out:

Oh so glam...

The bottle-green velvet jodhpurs I never knew I HAD to have.

And you thought grey was boring...

Nina’s winter collection was inspired by Ava Gardner as Kitty Collins in the 1946 film The Killers.

Jessica Rabbit would be proud...

The look’s all about velvet, billowy chiffon and metallic-shot jersey. Colour-wise, it’s a mix of black, cream, bottle-green and grey and as far as accessories go its ‘gold, gold, gold. Always gold, never silver!’ Team all this with shiny Rapunzel-esque curls and vixen-like red lips and you’ve got a look that oozes ‘old Hollywood glamour’.   

Oh! And the awesomeness didn’t stop there… guests walked away with one of the most indulgent, spoilicious not so little goodie bags I’ve seen in ages. Ready to DIE with jealous?


Aside from the scarf (in the background), we also received a pair of Nina Jarebrink earrings and a ring, evil Lindt bolletjies, KMS Free Shape hair products (will be sure to review my favourites later), a leather-bound Ordning & Reda notebook and a MAC lippie and eye shadow. Nice…

A big, big thanks to Jill from Zebra Square and Nitsa for putting the bash together. You’ve introduced me to one of my new favourite designers and set me up on a quest to find the perfect ‘vintage vixen’ red lippie.

Want to get your hand’s on Nina’s winter collection? It’ll be in Habits in Cape Town as well as selected boutiques in Jozi as of July onwards. For a full list of stockists, get in touch with

Love, love


4 thoughts on “Nina Jarebrink’s Fall/Winter collection 2012 oozes old Hollywood glamour

  1. Oh gosh. Such beautiful things. Love the black dress. I’m in Durban tho. Will there be any boutiques up here that will stock it? xxZan

    1. As far as I know it’s only CT and Jozi. Still, it wouldn’t hurt to ask Diana. Also, you can shop online at as they deliver worldwide. I’m just not sure whether it would be more expensive or not. X x x

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