Coming up roses: Bulgari Rose Goldea, Repetto Eau Florale and Chloe Fleur de Parfum (reviews)

Spring has sprung and summer’s on its way so now’s the ideal time to invest in a pretty new scent and, if the new crop that’s launched is anything to go by, rose is this season’s note du jour. So, are you ready to dive into my reviews of three ultra feminine rose-focused new fragrances?

Let’s start with Bulgari Rose Goldea (R830 for 25ml, R1 660 for 50ml and R2 280 for 90ml). A while back I featured the original Goldea, a glamorous floriental the brand describes as a ‘golden symphony of musk’. Well, their perfumers have now fallen in love with a new precious metal and that’s rose gold – the symbol of eternal love – and the result is Rose Goldea, a celebration of rose and musk inspired by femininity, beauty and seduction of the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra.

Gorgeous, right?
Gorgeous, right?

Again, the bottle is a luxuriously heavy-feeling thing of beauty that you’re going to want to display. It’s the same shape as the Goldea bottle, but made using rose gold-coloured metal and petal pink cap.

As far as the notes are concerned, you’re looking at pomegranate, Damascena rose and jasmine absolutes, sensual white musk, white incense and sandalwood. To my nose, however, I get an opening of freshly cut roses, musk that’s as sheer as a whisper of guaze and later a soft, creamy sandalwood. In a way, it reminds me a lot of Bulgari’s Rose Essentielle but without the powder and patchouli. In a way, I kind of feel like this makes Rose Goldea a fresher, more sophisticated take on Rose Essentielle and the end result is a beautiful day time summer scent for an elegant woman, be she in her 20s, 40s or beyond.

Next up, we’ve got Repetto Eau Florale EDT (R1 095 for 80ml). Eau Florale actually launched a while back but for some reason I stuck it in my September drawer thinking it was a spring time release as it’s perfect for exactly that. A fresh, easy-to-wear floral, Repetto’s new juice is another delicate summer’s day scent that would suit a woman of any age, but is skewed towards someone younger, I think. Its notes are a cheerful mix of rose, grapefruit and plum blossom mingled with violet, cedar, patchouli and amber.

Pretty pretty!
Pretty pretty!

While I can pick up the grapefruit the moment I spritz it on, this fades fast and then I’m left with a soft, dewy rose that makes me think of a pale pink one with dew on its petals. It’s almost the only note I can pick up, save for a touch of sweetness thanks to the patchouli and plum blossom.

Lastly, let’s talk about Chloe Fleur de Parfum EDP (R975 for 30ml, R1 425 for 50ml and R1 725 for 50ml). If you’re a Chloe fan you’ll know this brand has had a love affair with roses for years and this forms the centre of the bouquet that is new Fleur de Parfum, a fragrance that intends to capture the scent of flowers at the height of their bloom. Still, it’s not heady or overtly lush in the least. In fact, it’s wondrously fresh and sparkly-smelling thanks to a bright, citrusy verbena top note. This opening is my favourite part of the scent and I wish it would stick around for longer. (I’ve always been a big sucker for citrus which is why I gravitate towards fragrances like Arden’s Green Tea and L’Occitane Citrus Verbena.)

That ribbon is tied onto each bottle by hand.
That ribbon is tied onto each bottle by hand.

Once that settles, you’re left with a soft, powdery rose and almond cherry blossom on a milky bed of rice. The effect is calming, comforting and very classy. It’s the kind of fragrance that isn’t going to leave a trail – people would have to hug you to smell it – and, while it’s intended for a younger woman, I see it working best on a very elegant woman with a youthful soul. I have no clue if that makes sense or not, but sniffing the new Chloe makes me think of eternally elegant women like Princess Diana.

To sum it up, the Rose Goldea woman is wearing diamonds and has an element of seduction going on thanks to the musk. She’s like Joan Smalls in a jumpsuit (classic but with a hint of sensuality). Repetto Eau Floral is Reese Witherspoon in a pretty sundress and Chloe Fleur de Parfum is a Cate Blanchett in an effortlessly chic white blazer.

If you like rose-focused scents, go sniff them all and let me know which is your favourite.

Love, love


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