Red Bull launch three new limited edition Red, Blue and Silver editions

Red Bull have launched three new limited edition flavours; Red (Cranberry), Blue (Blueberry) and Silver (Lime).

Red Bull limited edition Red, Blue and Silver.

Their brand activation company, Chaos Theory, dropped off few cans at my office the other day and brought along a trio of freaky friends…

Freak, Freakier and Freakiest.

These peeps had no faces, ya’ll. NO FACES! Something about them freaked the livin’ shizz out of me but the folks in our reception totally loved it. While they (the freaky trio) danced around and did crazy poses with the cans the security staff and receptionists in the Naspers building were in total hysterics.

As for the new Red Bulls, they’re pretty darn good. I really like the blueberry-flavoured version and think the cranberry variant’s quite nice too; to me it just tastes like sweet red berries. Lime, I can give or take, however. To me, it would be more of a ‘mixer’ as opposed to something I’d reach for and drink sommer alone.

Thanks to these babies I was very popular in the office, handing out free Red Bull in a deadline stricken environment is an easy way to make new friends and influence people…

Have you tried the new Red Bulls? If so, let me know which was your favourite. I’m definitely a blueberry girl all the way.

Love, love


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