White Glo Night & Day toothpaste

Yesterday, I received a little pakkie of White Glo Night and Day toothpaste. (Thanks Ingrid!)

A few years back, I had my teeth professionally bleached to a lovely fridge-like white which has since waned somewhat. That’s why I’ll occasionally boost them back to brightness with a course of Crest Whitestrips. These work like a bomb, but are hard to get hold of. (Currently, I buy them for an exorbitant amount on eBay. I’ll win or buy them for less than five dollars, but the evil shippers, capitalizing on my desp need for uber-white gnashers, charge me up to fifteen to ship them in a plain ole’ envelope that only costs them a buck to buy and mail. Grrr…)

Anyhoo, getting back to White Glo… I’m excited to try something that’s locally available (you can pick it up at Clicks) and doesn’t cost the earth – just R79,99.

White Glo Day & Night toothpaste

The kit consists of a specially designed toothbrush and two toothpastes – one for the day that claims to whiten, shine and polish and another for the evening. This night-time toothpaste contains green tea extract and promises to ‘freshen & revitalize your mouth to help reduce morning breath’.

The ‘Day’ toothpaste, a white, creamy, pleasant-tasting paste, lists its ‘active ingredient’ as Sodium Monoflourophosate. (This is really just a fancy way of saying flouride, the shizz they put in the water in the States). Flouride can’t whiten your teeth, but it does help to strengthen them and prevent cavities. What can help whiten you up however, is the product’s calcium carbonate and silica content. Both of these are ‘abrasives’ that can help buff away mild to moderate stains. It also makes use of something called pentasodium triphospate, a chemical that helps to loosen up and lift stains from things like red wine and too many evil cigs.

The ‘Night’ toothpaste is a yummy, blue gel that actually does have a bit of a green tea taste to it. It contains very similar ingredients to the day one, (including the silica and pentasodium triphospate), but lacks the calcium carbonate. Thus, if you wanted to fast track your whitening journey, I’d use just the ‘Day’ paste both morning and night.

In fact, if you really want to lighten up, products containing peroxides are your best bet. (White Glo has a nice kit called White Glo Express Whitening System, R179,99). This Day & Night kit, however, is great in that it’s ingredients won’t irk those with sensitive teeth. (If you’ve got even slightly sensitive teeth, peroxide is not your friend and will make your situation much worse). That’s why it’s nice to have alternatives like these White Glo toothpastes. They’ll bring you up a few shades without the ouch factor.

I also LOVE the ‘special flosser toothbrush’ it comes with. It’s like a normal toothbrush, but it’s bristles feature soft, fine, hair-like tips that get into every single nook and cranny of your mouth. Something about it reminds me of when you take your car into the car wash and it gets buffed with those huge fluffy rollers, making me want to say it’s like a valet for your mouth. But that would just be silly, right? ;-P

Anyway, I’m going to keep on brushing and let you know how I go.

Love, love



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