Get glam to the max with ghd’s Golden Series!

Once upon a time, a beautiful princess looked into the mirror and said: ‘Mirror, mirror on the wall… who’s the fairest of them all?’

‘Why, that Rapunzel chick, of course’, said the mirror.

‘What’?!’, shrieked the princess? ‘But this is MY freaken fairy tale… I’ve simply got to be the hottest gal in town!’

Mirror: ‘Sorry babe, but everyone knows princesses needs seriously good hair to be truly, ridiculously gorgeous…’

Incandescent with rage, the princess flipped open her laptop and googled ‘good hair days’. Lo and behold, she was led to ghd’s website! It was there that she learned about their new Gold Series, a brand new collection of uber-luxurious stylers. Each had a much sleeker look than their predecessors and plates that were smoothed and contoured to glide through your locks. They also claimed to be cooler to the touch and lighter in the hand. What sealed the deal, however, was their glamtastic golden plates!

Ta daaaaaa!

Thanks to it’s versatile mid-sized plates, the ghd Gold Classic styler, R1 999,00, is the ultimate tool for creating an array of styles, be it luscious waves or poker-straight tresses.

The ghd Gold Max styler,  R1 999,00, boasts wider plates, making it ideal for anyone with lots of locks.  

The narrow plates of ghd’s Gold Mini styler, R1 999,00, mean it’s just the thing to created intricate, precise looks or sort out a ‘fringe flick’ on the run.  

It didn’t take long for the princess to decide which one she wanted. Thus, she jumped on her unicorn, road off to her nearest ghd-approved salon and snapped it up with glee. Had she had time to go ask the mirror her question once more, it would’ve told her she was ‘a smokin’ hot biets!’… But she was too busy indulging in salmon roses and pink champagne while (several) princes gathered at her feet, vying to paint her pretty toe nails. Her colour of choice? Gold… but, of course!     

The end.

X x x

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