Happy Friday, vrouens!

Hi girls

I’m v. excited about tomorrow ‘cos I’m going to the newly revamped Dior counter at Edgars V&A to get a quickie make-over from their visiting international make-up artist, Emmanuelle. (She’s down from Dubai to help them promote their new foundations…)

I’ll then be popping into Spoilt in Green Point to indulge in their awesome spa special. Can’t wait to check the place out and will be sure to take lots of piccie for you. Could really do with some R&R after the mad week I’ve had.

I finally got a new car (woop, woop!), a cute ‘squirrel-faced’ Kia Picanto Striker! Disaster struck, however, en route to pick it up… I was literally two mins away from the dealership when some guy (who actually turned out to be a sweetheart) slammed into the back of me! Can you BELIEVE it?! I mean, WHO does that happen to? Thankfully, Kia (who’d already bought my car as a trade in) kindly offered to absorb the damage into what it’ll cost them to revamp my carretjie for sale…

Ooh, and the fun didn’t stop there… Remember how I had to go ‘deep country’ for my friend’s wedding? The event was beautiful, as was she, but the plek we had to stay in was HO-rendous! Think musty, bug-addled, zero electricity and, the next day, no water as a pipe had burst! Anyhoo, shortly afterwards, I discovered a Smartie-sized red mark on my arm and thought a spider had bitten me. But… as it turns out… I’ve got RINGWORM!!! (For those of you who don’t know, ringworm is a fungus, kinda like athlete’s foot. It does not involves wurmtjies crawling out of your skin…)

But still… OMFG!

My sister (molo teef!) has just lambasted me via SMS all the way from Mauritius, telling me I’m a dirty, mifftastic old skank. Still, I enjoyed chasing the cuter boys around the office today, threatening to rub my disease-riddled arm on their faces… (You knows I got a way with them cuties…) ;-P

Also, just to act as the cherry on top… I had a bottle of fish paste (don’t ask) explode in my favourite, black, go-anywhere hand bag, which was a gift from Estee Lauder. The mess was only discovered 24 hours later, so it had lots of time to ‘marinate’ the lining and now, no amount of Febreze can void the zexy whale-rotting-on-beach smell emitting from my beloved sak! ;-(


Anyway, I hope YOU have a fabulous fungus-free weekend filled with cocktails, sunshine and good friends.

Love, love


X x x

x x

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Editor of South African beauty blog Lipgloss is my Life.

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