Beauty bits featuring Thierry Mugler Angel, Maybelline Baby Lips Dr Rescue and Revlon PhotoReady Kajal eye pencils

Listen up Angel fans, Thierry Mugler’s recently launched a new 75ml bottle (R1 195) carefully designed by the esteemed French glass makers Verreries Bross. (Don’t feel bad – I hadn’t heard of them myself until reading the press release.)


I’m quite proud of how gorgeous this piccie turned out.

It’s supposed to reflect the star, but sees it projecting into the future which explains why it kind of projects outwards like a very pretty iceberg.

Too much of the pretty!

Too much of the pretty!

Like all Angel bottles, its gorgeous and can be refilled an unlimited amount of times from The Source, a perfume fountain you’ll find at selected Mugler-stocking stores. Aside from being eco-friendly, it’s also economical in that you only pay for the price of the perfume and not the bottle.

Typing this up made me get up and slather on a little Angel body lotion and I’ve got to say – this scent is really growing on me as I get older. To me it smells like warm, fruity rum n’ raisin chocolate infused with nuts and I love its audacity. You can’t wear Angel and not make (nor leave) an impression.

Maybelline hit the big time with Baby Lips in that girls love ‘em and they’ve been churning out new variants ever since, the latest being Maybelline Baby Lips Dr Rescue Intensive Care lip balm (R35).

Maybelline Baby Lips Dr Rescue

From left to right you’ve got Berry Soft, Too Cool and Coral Crave.

This particular formula’s infused with cooling menthol and eucalyptus oil to give it a slightly medicinal feel while Shea butter, honey and natural waxes help to hydrate and retain your lips’ moisture.

To me, each balm ‘feels’ exactly like a Labello, smells and tingles like Zam-Buk and tastes like nothing. The non-tinted colour is exactly that while the Berry Soft, Coral Crave and Soothing Sorbet all leave a subtle hint of colour. Soothing Sorbet, a cherry-berry colour makes the most impact which is why it would be my favourite if I liked very minty balms.

Cherry Berry

Maybelline Baby Lips Dr Rescue in Soothing Sorbet.

I totally don’t but know a million of you do and have no doubt these babies are going to fly off the shelves like Woolworths’ Apricot and White Chocolate hot cross buns. (And I use that as an example as I’m yet to see any in store. OMG! Help!)

Last but not least, Revlon have launched PhotoReady Kajal eye pencils (R130), a line of matte liners that promise all day wear and feature a built-in smudger so you can smoke things up a little. Matte Coal and Matte Charcoal are your standard darlings, then there’s Matte Marine, a trendy turquoise hue and Matte Lemon, a terrifying yellow that I can’t imagine looking good on anyone. But that might well be because I’ve recently turned 34 and am sliding into the tar pit of Oldsville as speak. I’m sure Kendall and Kylie will rock the shizz out of it a pop-up vodka bar next week and every girl will rush their local Clicks to geel up their lids Jenner-style. Who knows.

I was given Matte Black and Matte BLAH to play with.

I was given Matte Black and Matte Marine to play with.

But ja, getting back to safe, old person (and possibly classic) black – this pencil’s a serious goodie in that it strokes on like gel, smudges like a make-up artist’s dream and once it’s set it sits.

Very, very nice.

Very, very nice.

So, you see anything you like?

Love, love


Almost ready

Morning girls!

I’m drowning in Monday admin right now but do have a post for you. Please check back round 10am, it should be live then.

Here’s to another kick ass week that flies by to Friday once more,

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Reviews: MAC x Julia Petit, Revlon’s new nail colours and INOAR DayMoist CLR

Ever heard of Julia Petit? Me neither but apparently she’s a big deal Brazilian beauty blogger with an army of followers and MAC have collaborated with her to create an exclusive collection that’s currently in selected stores.

That's Julia herself, not a model.

That’s Julia herself, not a model.

The line up includes three shadow duos, a liquid liner, three lipsticks, a lipglass and blush (in colours inspired by the colours of a bold, inner city Sao Paulo) as well as two skin perfectors in the form of lustre drops and a transparent finishing powder.


Love that lily pad! 

I was given one of the lippies in a shade called Petite Red and I love, love, love it!

MAC Julia Petit lipstick in Petit Red, R220.

MAC Julia Petit lipstick in Petit Red, R220.

It’s the perfect blue-toned ‘suits just about everyone’ cherry-berry lip colour. As it’s super pigmented you only need a sweep and a half to get full impact and the colour has a lovely satin finish that sits tight but doesn’t dry out your lips in the least. (I’ll be sure to update this with an ‘on face’ shot soon but I’m now about to run out the door sans make-up to an Arden launch as we’re to do our faces up using their own new products once we get there.)

I’m not sure which stores are currently stocking so calls your local before you make the trip to avoid disappointment and keep an eye on the brand’s shoppable site as I’m told it’ll be appearing there shortly.

Revlon have extended their core nail polish offering to include three new shades – Coy, Sophisticated and Provocative.


From left to right: Coy, Sophisticated and Provocative, R99,99 each.

I’m usually not a fan of coral/orange nails but I’ve really enjoyed wearing Provocative.

Sexy, right?

I’m wearing this Revlon’s ColorStay Gel Envy Diamond top coat which isn’t fast drying (boo) but does serve up a lekker shine.  

It’s kind of like a nice weekend break from my beloved fuchsia and a good in road to the full on red that I’ll pretty much live and die in come winter.

Moving on to hair, new INOAR Absolut DayMoist* CLR shampoo and conditioner (prices TBA, selected salons) have been specially formulated for dry or chemically treated hair.


I have no clue why it’s called DayMoist. But I’m assuming you can live on the edge and use it at night too, you wild, crazy thing you. Ha.

I’ve recently gotten my highlights touched up after a long period of letting it be (I can totally get away with this is my hair’s pretty blonde to begin with) I’m now a good candidate. In fact, I always start using a more hydrating shampoo after getting any chemical treatment as my hair’s super fine and really does need the extra TLC or it turns into seriously unbrushable cotton wool that just breaks off sommer if you don’t be super careful when it comes to detangling. This is why I’m so obsessed with my beloved Tangle Teezer and always have some kind of detangling spray-con on hand.

Anyway, getting back to INOAR… their new Absolut DayMoist CLR duo is lovely stuff in that it hydrates without weighing down my hair. After use, it’s noticeably easier to brush while wet and leaves my hair with a sweet creamy scent that reminds me of a bath bomb that LUSH makes, but I can’t put my finger on which one. Oh! And for all the argan oil fanatics out there – both products contains a bit of that too, but not very much.

Love, love


Morgan Taylor celebrates its new Cinderella collection with a fun movie night

Disney’s Cinderella is about to hit the SA movie circuit and nail polish brand Morgan Taylor got in on the action with a limited edition collection fit for a fairytale princess.

Pretty, pretty!

Pretty, pretty!



I’m quite the fan of Watch your Step, Sister! and Ella of a Girl.

To celebrate the launch, the always fun Sparkle girls (who import and distribute the brand) held a glitter-infused movie night that saw everyone getting a sexy li’l Morgan Taylor mani (to help ensnare that Bishop’s Court castle-owning prince, of course) while sipping on bubbly before being one of the first to watch the film.

Clockwise: Radio's Tammy B went full Monty with a tiara; sparkly champers; mani station a-go-go and Debbie from Sparkle's Party at the Palace mani with Disney palace statement nail. (OMG!)

Clockwise: Radio’s Tammy B who went full Monty with a tiara; sparkly champers; mani station a-go-go and Debbie from Sparkle’s If the Slipper Fits mani with a Disney palace statement nail. (OMG!)

About that bubbly… each glass was rimmed with blerrie glitter that attached itself quite magically to my long-wearing lipgloss which resulted in convos like this.

Beauty: ‘Gosh that’s quite a look you’re going for, hey?’
Me: (Oblivious to my disco ball situation while judgy-staring at Beauty’s own). ‘Really? Well you sure as hell got into the spirit of things yourself.’
Beauty: ‘Right*’.
Me: ‘Right*’.

*Translation: ‘Piss off, you biets‘.

This went on for a while and it’s actually quite embarrassing as to how long it took for us to click.  But ja. Crazy bitch-fest sparkle mouths aside, let’s talk about nails!

Prior to the event I was given a few colours from the collection.

Blah on the left nad lbah on the right,

I really liked Ella of a Girl on the left and Watch your Step, Sister! on the right.

While I wanted a Cinderella mani on the night, the shades proved super popular so I ended up picking a bright pink shade called Pink Flame-ingo. In the cold light of day it’s a bit more neon than I realised but I really, really like it. It’s possibly my last-ditch attempt to hold on to the tail end of summer.

Can we, like, get a pina colada over here, please?

Can we, like, get a pina colada over here, please?

As for the movie, it wasn’t ‘Maleficent amazing’, but I really enjoyed it. Cate Blanchett stole the show as the most glamorous evil step mother on the planet.

Cinderella's actually worth seeing for Cate's wardrobe alone. This isn't even one of her best looks.

Cinderella’s actually worth seeing for Cate’s wardrobe alone. This isn’t even one of her best looks.

We were also charmed to bits by the Prince Charming’s perfect Colgate smile and enormous package which was always on display thanks to a wardrobe that seemed to solely consist of supertoit white jeggings.

Told ya!

Bibbety bobbety BOOYAH!

So, to wrap things up – if you want to get your mitts on the new Morgan Taylor Cinderella collection, get thee to a stockist like Sorbet. Keen to see Cinderella? It hits cinema’s nationwide on Thursday the 2nd of April.

Love, love


Beauty reviews: Avon Bright Start foundation, NailCandi’s mini LED lamp and Neutrogena Visibly Even daily moisturiser

Remember those tinted moisturisers Clarins used to make? (Maybe they still do, I haven’t checked recently.) I remember how they used to be a lot more colour than moisturiser, almost more like a super sheer foundation, and that, in a nutshell, is new Avon Bright Start fresh look foundation SPF 15 (R109,90).


Avon Bright Start Fresh Look foundation SPF 15

Each of the hydrating ‘super foods’ and collagen-infused seven shades is so sheer and gel-like that you could easily apply them to your skin with just your fingers, but a few sweeps of a sponge will do the job best.


Super sheer, right?

I like that, even though they’re moisturising, they don’t send my oily T-panel to crazy town and do a great job of giving my skin a healthy-looking glow. It’s perfect for clear skin days when you don’t want to wear a lot of make-up but don’t want to look like a flesh-eating zombie either.

Next up, NailCandi have launched the cutest little USB-powered mini 3W LED lamp (R119,99).

How much do we love the super cute packaging?

How much do we love the super cute packaging?

You can only cure one nail at a time but it’s perfect for touch ups and traveling. I used it the other day with their gel top coat, Candi Coat Nail Art & Manicure Sealer (R79,99) and all it took was 60 seconds to dry completely and it wore like iron for a week until I took it off.


NailCandi Candi Coat Nail Art & Manicure Sealer

Please note that I had to remove it to apply something else for a piccie. My mani could’ve gone on forever if I’d wanted it to. It’s a pretty impressive, super shiny top coat at a good price and gets a big lipglossy thumbs up.

Last but not least, I was sent a ‘reminder’ drop of Neutrogena’s Visibly Even Daily Moisturiser SPF 30 (R139,95) which was much appreciated as I’m often asked about inexpensive yet good high SPF sunscreens that aren’t going to turn your face into an oil slick and this is one of them. I mean, sure, it’s pitched as a treatment moisturiser, but there’s nothing stopping you from applying it with the sole intent of using it to protect your face when you step out into the sunshine.

 Neutrogena's Visibly Even Daily Moisturiser SPF 30

Neutrogena’s Visibly Even Daily Moisturiser SPF 30

Sun protection aside, Visibly Even’s end goal is to help improve the look of pigmentation via antioxidant soy extract that can help inhibit melanin production. Just remember, in the same way you need several anti-aging ingredients to effectively delay the effects of time, you should take a multi-pronged approach to dark spot-busting so, if that’s your aim, add a good retinol serum to your routine as well as anything that uses proven brighteners like vitamin C or kojic acid in a high concentration and consider chatting to your dermatologist about hydroquinone (still the gold standard) and laser treatments.

Love, love


Review: New Hugo Boss HUGO Woman EDP

Remember all those minimalist fragrances that were so big back in the 90s? CkOne… Issey Miyake… DKNY… the lesser popular L’eau par Kenzo? Hugo Boss’s Hugo Woman, however, was one of the big dogs. Everyone knew someone who wore it and I just so happened to be one of those girls. I loved that it was fresh and young, but just a teensy bit masculine and these are the same reasons I’m crazy about the new version – Hugo Boss HUGO Woman Eau de Parfum.

Hugo Boss HUGO Woman EDP

Hugo Boss HUGO Woman EDP

While the original scent was a little more green, the new chica on the block is the teensiest bit more ‘warm’ with a few more berries as opposed to apples. However, it’s still the perfect ‘day time’, ‘wear it anywhere but especially the office’ scent that could make it an important part of your fragrance wardrobe. Giorgio Armani’s Acqua di Gioa eau fraiche used to be that for me but now my bottle’s running low and will be happily replaced with Hugo Woman.

According to Hugo Boss, the scent captures the essence of a self-assured and dynamic woman who’s not afraid to embrace life and go her own way, almost oblivious to the herd mentality.

Danish model Freja Beha Erichsen is the face.

Danish model Freja Beha Erichsen is the fragrance’s face. Maybe it’s just her her hair but she makes me think of Alexa Chung.

But ja, let’s get to the nitty-gritty shall we?

Notes-wise, you’re looking at a light fruity-floral with top notes that include ripe boysenberries, mandarin and grass. (Himalayan red grass, to be exact. Fancy, fancy!) The heart’s all about jasmine, black plum, iris and spicy black tea but I don’t pick up any ‘spice’ in the least. As for the base, it’s a warm and woody thanks to amber, sandalwood and a dash of cedar.

To my nose, I immediately pick up the grass and citrus and it’s wonderfully fresh and invigorating. Then the fruits comes through – berries and plum plus a drop of peach, even though it’s not listed as an ‘official’. The dry down is the most enchanting, however. That soft, slightly masculine and very ‘clean’ typical Hugo Boss smell that isn’t ‘soapy’ or ‘powdery’ in the least and so hard to pin down with words. Yum!

The only negative? Despite being an EDP, it’s staying power isn’t great. I find myself wanting to reach for it a few times throughout the day for a top up and now keep a Travalo of it in my purse. Luckily, its the kind of scent you can liberally douse yourself with as the day goes on and still never offend anyone.

Keen to give it a sniff yourself? You’ll find the new HUGO Woman EDP  in stores now going for R580 for 30 mls, R840 for 50 mls and R1 070 for 75 mls.

Now tell me, where you also a Hugo Boss girl back in the day? Are you still wearing one of the scents now? Let’s chat in the comments section below.

Review: Clarins Super Restorative Total Eye concentrate

Good news for Clarins fans. The French brand have just launched a new eye cream called Super Restorative Total Eye concentrate (R825).


I love that they put this in a pump bottle as opposed to a jar. Yay for hygiene!

The Super Restorative line is aimed at ‘older’ women but, like all the other products in that collection, there’s nothing stopping anyone younger from using this particular item…

Clarins' press packs are becoming a bit more photo oppy.

…or Clarins’ upcoming collaboration with Ray-Ban, for that matter. (Kidding!)

Claims-wise, Clarins reckon their new cream’s going to help smooth wrinkles thanks to organic Harungana leaf extract; lighten up dark circles with brightening Albizia extract; reduce puffiness with caffeine and create an instantly smoother look due to its silicone and wax content. The floral-scented formula also makes use of illuminating ‘golden pearls’ to help brighten things up, but note that these are incredibly subtle and you’re still going to want to reach for an illuminating pen like Clarin’s Instant Light Brush On Perfector.

I haven’t used this long enough to put any wrinkle-busting claims to the test and rely on Botox to do the heavy lifting in that area. I also don’t know enough about Harungana leaves to comment and can find out almost nothing about it online aside form the fact that it’s got good antibacterial properties. Still, I can tell you it seemingly did a nice job of reducing morning puffiness.

Another plus? Being a combination skin-type, I appreciated that this formulation was nice and light. Lines that target a more mature skin often produce thick, creamy formula’s to create the impression that they’re ‘rich and indulgent’ or will hydrate better than a well-formulated hyaluronic acid-infused liquid. Unfortunately, these are what ultimately end up contributing to puffiness, so a thumbs up to Clarins for bucking the trend.

Interestingly, while it doesn’t get top billing when Clarins lists this product’s actives, the natural extract that’s in the greatest concentration is parsley extract. According to those big into more Ayurvedic skin care, it’s a great source of anitoxidant vitamin C, which we all know is a good collagen-booster and skin brightener.

Oh! One last thing! Clarins has put a little hair hydrating D-Panthenol in the mix and encourages you to sweep it over your lashes to help keep them in top nick. Quite the nice touch!

Love, love