Nutriwomen Anti-aging Skin Therapy Cream review

I was given a tub of Nutriwomen Anti-aging Skin Therapy Cream the other day. Having given it a little test drive, I thought I’d share my thoughts…

Nutriwomen Anti-aging Skin Therapy

Ingredients-wise, it’s jam-packed with a whopping 12 natural antioxidants (think rooibos, green tea, ginseng, ginko, raspberry and grapefruit seed extract, vitamin C, etc, etc) According to American ‘cosmetics cop’ Paula Begoun, taking a cocktail of anti-oxidants is much better than just one as different antioxidants have different strengths and weaknesses, so when it comes to skin care, the more the better.

It also makes use of another interesting natural ingredient called red clover. This is great for older women, particularly those going through menopause, as it contains isoflavones, plant-based chemicals that can mimic the effect of estrogen in the body. It’s also long been used to help heal skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema.

As far as turning back time goes, the cream contains a combination of two peptides called Matrixyl 3000. A relatively new skin care ingredient, Matrixyl 3000 is supposed to stimulate collagen production much like retinol, but be a lot less harsh on your skin. Thus, if you’re looking for the effects of a retinol-based product, but are worried about the skin irritation that can come with it (think redness and peeling), this could be your baby. (I say ‘could’ as there aren’t enough independent studies on Matrixyl 3000 to prove this 100% just yet, but so far the results are looking promising – enough so that I’d definitely consider jumping on the Matrixyl 3000 train if I wasn’t already hooked on retinol).

Now, in regards to my personal experience with this… I’ve only used it morning and night for a week, so I can’t comment on its wrinkle-busting ability. Still, I like its light ‘gel-cream’ texture and the way it sinks into my skin with ease. Thanks to the addition of hyaluronic acid, a fabulous water-binding, skin plumping ingredient, it hydrated my face beautifully. I also appreciated the fact that it didn’t break me out or give me the ‘oilies’ while providing a great base for foundation.

In all, if you’re looking for a great daily moisturiser with promising anti-aging effects, give this guy a bash. At a very reasonable R228,00 for 50ml, it’s not going to break the bank.

Love, love


4 thoughts on “Nutriwomen Anti-aging Skin Therapy Cream review

  1. the thought that it’s ingredients are all natural is really great, in skin care especially when it comes to face choosing the best product is very hard and scary. but i think as much as possible when it comes to face it’s really best to use natural products, i’m afraid to used chemical based products..

    1. Hi there

      Just to be clear, this isn’t an ‘all natural’ or organic product – it’s definitely chemically-based and contains preservatives and parabens etc. It does, however, make use of many natural ingredients.

      If you’re looking for something 100% organic, try something like The Body Shop’s Nutriganics range. Just bare in mind that organic skin care isn’t going to be as effective at combatting wrinkles as ‘chemicals’. 😉



  2. Hi every I started using the Nutriwomen products for three years now, since my skin look much better and young no looking back

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