Review: Sorbet 365 Workout Barcelona skincare collection

If you’re familiar with Sorbet’s skincare collection you’ll know it contains a few gems. (I’m still a big fan of their Salon Skin daily skin polish powder as it’s basically a dupe for Dermalogica’s brilliant but pricy Microfoliant.) They’ve expanded further, however, with a new line called 365 Workout Barcelona.

IMG_20191110_172410_938 (3)
Every time I look at these guys I hear Freddy Mercury’s “B A R C E L O N A!” and then feel sad ‘cos half the people reading this will be too young to know what I’m on about.

Now, to be honest, I have no idea where the “Barcelona” bit comes in. I found a press release online stating “hailing from the skin galleries of Barcelona” and I have no freaking idea what that means. But I do know my actives, and having taken a look at the ingredients lists of the newbies, am happy to see they’re using proven anti-agers like glycolic acid and the hydra-bomb that is hyaluronic acid. (For those who don’t know – glycolic acid is a potent exfoliating acid and hyaluronic acid, despite being called an ‘acid’, is actually a mega-moisturising water-binder that occurs naturally in your skin. It doesn’t exfoliate at all, it just hydrates and plumps like a boss.)

So! Let’s get down to business. I felt meh about their multicleanse face wash. It did its job but wasn’t “strippy” enough for my oily skin. If, however, you’ve got dry skin and prefer a less foamy, gentler face wash, you might be friends. The skin hydrating serum (R775), however, was a hit! It’s got an ultra-light gel that sinks into your skin in a flash so you could layer it under anything and the aforementioned hyaluronic acid sits nice and high in the ingredients list. (Again, for the newbies – skincare products legally have to list their ingredients from highest to lowest concentration. So, if you pick up a product that screams “HEY GIRL, I CONTAIN RETINOL” in the ad, but you see that it’s sitting right at the bottom of the ingredients list, you just toss that shizz in the trash.)

Sorbet 365 Skin Workout Barcelona hydrating serum
Sorbet 365 Skin Workout Barcelona hydrating serum

Another goodie is Sorbet’s rejuvenating active (R895) – a medium-strength exfoliating cream containing glycolic acid with a light, non-sticky texture. It’s the kind of thing you’d use to “peel and reveal” fresher, brighter-looking skin. It’s also fab for anyone wanting to slough away very mild pigmentation (provided it’s not too serious*) or the dark mark that’s left behind by a pimple.

IMG_20191110_162506_866 (1)
Sorbet 365 Skin Workout Barcelona rejuvenating active

What’s nice about the rejuvenating active is that it also contains a dash of salicylic acid that can help exfoliate deep inside your pores as well as lactobionic acid, glycolic acid’s gentler little sister. In short, you get a nice mix and the overall effect is a chemical exfoliator that’s gentle enough to be tolerated by sensitive skin, but still effective enough to make a visible difference.

Love, love


*I know this will be the first question you’ll ask in the comments so let’s knock it out the way: If you’re dealing with more moderate to severe pigmentation, you’ll want a product that contains a greater concentration of glycolic acid. I’d recommend something like Dermaceutic Turn Over Cream (15% glycolic acid) if you don’t have sensitive skin and Dermaceutic Light Ceutic (8% glycolic acid) if you do. You’re welcome!

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