My final Skin & Body Renewal iLipo results (with before and after pictures, of course)

So, as you know, I’ve been having iLipo sessions at Skin & Body Renewal in the Cape Quarter. Don’t know what iLipo is? Go check out my first post over here. I’m sick of explaining it to people over and over who overhear a snippet of what I’m saying and then shriek ‘OMFG! You had LIPOSUCTION?!! Why on EARTH did you get LIPOSUCTION?!’ To that, I’m like ‘chick, calm the freak down!’ iLipo and lipo lipo are two totally different things, okay?

While liposuction requires surgery, iLipo isn’t surgical at all. You simply lie on a bed and get a foot rub (oh yeah!) with pads strapped to your ass for all of 20 minutes. They emit an ultrasound wave-thingy that drains the fat out of your fat cells and then you simply pee it out. Of course there’s a teensy bit more science to it than that and a zillion other reasons why, I think, it’s better than regte lipo, but if you want all that, go read my other post.

Today I’m going to be showing off my results. Remember my sad little muffin top?

Clearly a li’l too much le glam le vie for you, sweetheart…

To be perfectly honest, there was an even more unflattering shot than this one but I’m not in the business of slapping up my ‘fat pics’ on the interwebs, especially when there are so many mags and rags with social columns to do it for me.

Anyway, after just eight sessions over the duration of just twenty days, I’m thrilled to say le muff is completely gone!


For the record, I’m wearing the same jeans as those in the ‘before’ snap; my darling ‘summer jeans’. I remember how dreadful it was to wear them to my first session. I could only get into them after jumping up and down, struggled to get the zip up and then wanted to die with embarrassment when I arrived, was offered a chair and had to admit I couldn’t sit in them. Quelle horreur darlings! Horreur!

Now, while the jeans are still a bit toit around my hips (we treated my waist, not my hippetjies), I can fit my whole freaking fist in the waistband! Oh yeah! Happiness c’est moi! In total, I started out measuring 84cm around my waist and today I’m 80.5cm. That’s 3.5 cms in its moer!

If you’d like to go for iLipo but feel nervy about parting with your cash, know this; it really does work. Promise! Still, our bodies are different and some women might not ‘let go’ of their fat as easily as others. My advice, based on my experience, is to definitely opt for an Ultra session along with your treatment. It’s kind of like a vacuum that’s run over your treated area to help ‘direct’ your liquidized fat towards your lymph glands so it can drain out better. It costs R125 extra but can dramatically bump up your centimetre less so it’s so worth it. Why make the effort if you don’t go all the way?

Another way to ‘enhance’ your results is to go on Skin Renewal’s suggested ‘leptin diet’. But don’t think for a second that it’s the diet doing all the work and that iLipo’s just an expensive gimmick. You can quite merrily eat enough calories to maintain your weight and lose excess centimetres from iLipo alone. In fact, that’s pretty much what I did. I really, really wanted to give the whole leptin thing a bash but kept on getting sucked into the evil that is launch food; i.e. champers, champers, cake pop, macaroon, Lindt bolletjie, champers, champers, cake pop… you get the idea.

In short, if you want to shift a targeted amount of flab in a very short period of time, iLipo is your baby. Still, just like with ‘normal’ weight loss, the moment you start overeating again, the weight just piles back on again. This is why when I return from France (I leave on Sunday, v excited), I’ll probably have a mini muffin top once more. Now, however, I feel better knowing that should I not have the time or inclination to zap it once more with a gym/diet combo, iLipo exists.

A big thanks to Skin & Body Renewal and, of course, Dourina for being such a honey while hoovering away at my jiggly bits.

Love, love


Want to find an iLipo clinic in your area? Click here. Skin & Body Renewal is charging R375 per session. This may vary from salon to salon. On top of the i-Lipo, I also had the Ultra machine used on me; this was an extra R125.

10 thoughts on “My final Skin & Body Renewal iLipo results (with before and after pictures, of course)

  1. Hi, I don’t know the facts around it but I have heard that these kinds of treatments can kind of break down your skin a little bit. Almost like it weakens and affect the elasticity of the skin. Have heard of someone who gained stretchmarks in the areas of the body she had it done.

    1. You’re a self-proclaimed “beauty blogger” who has never used foundation.
      3.5cm is well worth R3000. Also, Leigh has a lot of readers who are earning professionals who can very easily spend that amount of money.
      Think before you speak bro, better yet, do some market research.

  2. I just read Leigh’s post on I-lipo and saw her before and after photo. I was totally unimpressed. She mentions her muffin top pre-treatment. What muffin top?? Most women would kill to have her “before” abdomen. I will definitely not be shelling out a fortune for these treatments. Show me some truly dramatic before and afters and maybe I’d be willing to shell out all that money.

    1. My “muffin top” looks exactly like her before photo – and i cry over it constantly. Her results baffled me. Just because someone is worse off than another, doesn’t mean the issues perceived by the first person aren’t real. To me, my love handles are horrible and very apparent. It isn’t my concern if someone who is 50+ pounds heavier than me sees them as insignificant because theirs are bigger. Your comment is rather ignorant.

  3. Hi! Do you know if I have this on my abs whether there will be any issues with future pregnancy (in about 1 year)?

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