Aveeno is finally available in South Africa and I’ve got a hamper worth R1000 that you could win!

Having American cousins I’ve always been aware of Aveeno, the super popular oats-infused skincare brand. It’s been going strong for over 70 years and has come a long, long way since launching its very first product – a soothing bath treatment. Now, a bottle of their Daily Moisturising Lotion is sold every 1,4 seconds in the states and they’ve racked up more beauty awards than you can shake a stick at.

I recently came across super cute mini bottles of their lotion while travelling in Thailand (it did a great job of soothing my sun-battered skin) and thought it was crazy that I could find it sitting in the 7-Eleven on a tiny little island yet we still couldn’t get it in SA but but lo and behold, it’s finally arrived. A selection of their best body products has finally hit South Africa and is sitting in Clicks as I type!

I recently attended the launch where I got to learn more about the brand’s awesome triple oat formula. (If you didn’t know, the brand’s name, ‘Aveeno’, is derived from the Latin word for oats.) If you’ve got very sensitive skin or suffer from eczema you might know that oats are a bit of a miracle worker as they’ve got naturally soothing properties. For centuries people have been benefiting from oatmeal baths to calm their skin and Aveeno took that to the next level with a super soothing triple oats formula made up of colloidal oatmeal (oats suspended in liquid), oat oil and avenanthramides (a compound found in oats with great anti-inflammatory properties).

Say hello to Aveeno!

So, let’s take a look at what’s available, shall we? First up, we’ve got Aveeno’s Daily Moisturising range consisting of a lotion (R79,95) and body yoghurt (R79,95). The fragrance-free lotion is great as it’s super light, absorbs fast and is scientifically proven to improve the condition of dry skin in just two weeks. This is the product I used in Thailand and I loved it and thought it would be my favourite item of the bunch as I assumed the body yoghurt would have a body butter-like texture and I prefer my hydrators super-light and yet – surprise, surprise – the body yoghurt’s stolen my heart! I absolutely love its creme-gel-like texture as it’s easy to spread and absorbs like a boss. The best bit, however, is its deliciously yet super subtle creamy vanilla and oats scent!

This really does smell good enough to eat.

Now, if you’ve got very dry or irritated skin and need a little more help in the soothing department you’re going to want to take a look at Aveeno’s dermatologist approved Dermexa range. It makes use of a triple whack of soothing avenanthramides as well as moisture-restoring ceramides clinically proven to improve not just dryness but redness, itchiness, roughness and peeling. The emollient body wash (R169,95) gently cleanses without stripping your skin and the emollient cream (R159,95) really impressed with its texture. Being ‘extra hydrating’ I assumed it would be heavy but it’s not. Sure, it’s not as light as the original line’s lotion, but as that’s feather-light you’ll find Dermexa has the texture of a regular body lotion proving that you don’t need to wallop dryness with cloying, sticky hydrators, just cleverly formulated ones.

If you struggle with super dry skin this is for you.

If you’re a mom, you’ll be glad to know that Aveeno’s much celebrated, paediatrician-approved and fabulously affordable baby collection (consisting of a lotion, wash and barrier cream) is here too. I was given the colloidal oatmeal (R69,95), barrier cream (R114,95) and baby hair & body wash (R69,95) to try and immediately handed it over to my expert baby product appraiser (my friend Tatum’s adorable six month old son Ethan) and it got the Li’l E two thumbs up!

Baby and paediatrician approved!

The wash, like everything in the line, is suitable for newborn babies’ skin. It did a nice job of leaving Ethan’s hair clean yet easy to comb. The lotion, which promises to moisturise for 24 hours, absorbed fast, didn’t leave a film and has a lovely clean-smelling scent that isn’t derived from perfume so it’s not going to irritate even the most sensitive of skin. As for the barrier cream, Tatum liked that it was unscented and infused with redness-soothing zinc.

Now, let’s get to the bit you’ve all been waiting for. I’ve been given a spoilicious Aveeno hamper worth R1000 to give away and entering is easy – simply hit me up in the comments section to tell me which Aveeno product you’re most wanting to try.

You can also enter via my Instagram (I’m @lipglossgirlxoxo) so be sure to stop on by!

This competition is open to South African residents only and a winner will be drawn at COB on 8 December 2017. Good luck girls!

Love, love


This competition is now closed. A big congrats to winner Zakeeya Kadwa.

114 thoughts on “Aveeno is finally available in South Africa and I’ve got a hamper worth R1000 that you could win!

    1. I desperately would like to try the daily baby care wash and lotion for my 2yr old. He has been suffering from eczema for the longest time and nothing works. We’ve tried Eucerin, epimax, Bennetts etc. It all works for 2 weeks and leaves his skin dry once more

  1. Most excited about the body yogurt !
    (sorry if this post appears twice..laptop issues, so not sure it posted. eek)

  2. I would really really luv to try the baby hair and body wash for my lil girl and also the body yoghurt for myself. These products look amazing and affordable🤗

  3. I am really interested in the baby collection because my 6 months old has very sensitive skin(And God knows I’ve try so many products) plus she suffers from eczema. The colloidal oatmeal , barrier cream and definitely the baby hair & body wash is what I have my eye on.

  4. I have never heard of this brand before but i am always wanting to try new brands, especially the ones in the natural department. I would most like to try Aveeno’s dermatologist approved Dermexa range – The emollient body wash. I think this would work well for me because i suffer with dry and irritated skin, my legs are constantly peeling and looking ghostly (and not just from not getting enough sun!). I think this could be a great range to follow, hoping hard to try it out xxx

  5. Hi, Leigh. I’m entering for my dry-skinned, psoriasis plagued boyfriend. He’s tried numerous over the counter creams and lotions and so far no luck. So I definitely have my eye on Aveeno’s dermatologist approved Dermexa range, to see if that will sooth his skin.

    Thanks for always keeping us updated on all things new in the beauty world!

  6. Aveeno Emollient body wash and the Emollient cream, aswell as the body yoghurt. All of them sounds Wonderful. 🌟🙆🌟

  7. I had heard of Aveeno and it is so exciting that we are getting more and more diverse international ranges here at home in SA. After your review I would love to try the Daily Moisturising Body Yoghurt, I am a sucker for things that smell delicious!

  8. I know of body butter and have sampled plenty from everywhere, body yoghurt? That’s new to me and I’m excited, I really really would like to try it.

  9. So happy Aveeno is finally here! Heard lots of good reviews – very keen to try the baby range for my little one

  10. Dermexa emollient cream because my skin is very sensitive it gets irritated quickly with certain clothing, soap and lotions im always scratching and picking at it its so sore and burns throughout the day I just don’t know what could be the cause now. Hoping this is my skinsaviour

  11. I’d be most interested in trying the body youghurt just because for all this time i’ve been using body butters 🙂 i think a youghurt would be a nice change to my recipe haha

  12. I would love to try Daily Moisturising Body Yoghurt and the baby range as I am a mother to be in a few weeks

  13. I have pretty dry skin, it has no skin…I am forever having to mix oils so I can stay moisturised throughout the day. I’d love to try Aveeno Daily Moisturising Lotion Yogurt, Vanilla & Oats…I have read great reviews on it.

  14. I am so blissfully happy to see that Aveeno has finally come to South Africa! I would love to try Aveeno’s dermatologist approved Dermexa range as I struggle with super dry skin.

  15. thank you for this review
    i would like the baby range for my niece, her skin is very sensitive and for myself, definitely the body yogurt!!

  16. Oh my, so happy I dont have to have Aveeno mules back from the US! Hallelujah! Im really keen to try the baby daily wash, the pump makes me happy!

  17. For my son I totally would try the baby products and for me… all the products! Lol, a mommy deserves a spoil once in a while….

  18. I would love to try the wash and cream from the Dermexa range as I have cery dry and sensitive skin and this range soubds perfect to help soothe and hydrate my skin.

  19. My 6year old nephew suffers from eczema.At times it gets really bad and he itches and bleeds and can barely sleep.The Dermexa range seems like something that could help him.

  20. I am definitely going to try the dermexa emollient cream, hopefully this helps with me eczema. Thank you for the info.

  21. I’m most excited to try the Aveeno Daily Moisturising Body Yogurt Lotion Vanilla and Oats.
    Amazing giveaway, praying I’m lucky.

  22. I would love to try out the daily Moisturising Body Yoghurt

    This is a wonderful giveaway thank you , the post was interesting and informative .❤️💜💙

  23. That’s so exciting that they focus on sensitive skin. I can’t just pick one. The body yoghurt sounds delicious and would be perfect for summer. My skin gets super dry in winter so I would also love to try the emollient wash and cream.

  24. I would really like to try fragrance free lotion and daily moisturizer because I have irritated skin and don’t know which product best suit my skin.

  25. I suffer from severe dry skin and have tried many products and even home remedies but nothing us helping. It’s so embarrassing when I have skin peeling at my nose and cheeks. Aveeno’s dermatologist approved Dermexa range would be perfect as It makes use of a triple whack of soothing avenanthramides as well as moisture-restoring ceramides clinically proven to improve not just dryness but redness, itchiness, roughness and peeling. It would be a dream to win so I can try this product and make my skin beautiful this festive season. 🙏

  26. I would like to try the emollient body wash most soaps are too harsh on my sensitive skin and usually my skin ends up dry .

  27. Body yoghurt sounds amazing, like it would feel like drifting in the clouds when touching your moisturized skin.

  28. My daughter was born with eczema 😦 she is 3 months old now and still has flair ups… I would really love to try the baby range on her sensitive skin. Thank you for the great post 🙂

  29. I’m thrilled you found an affordable range to treat sensitized skins. I’m 6 months pregnant and my eczema has flared everywhere! I’m keen to try the Aveeno Emollient body wash and the Emollient cream 😀

  30. I would love to try the dermexa lotion as I deal with eczema and dehydrated skin throughout the year

  31. I would love to try the Aveeno Dermexa as I suffer from severe eczema and dry skin. I currently pregnant at the momoent and the dry skin is worse. So I think this product will work well.

  32. My little boy suffers from eczema and has super sensitive skin. I would love to try the baby range especially the daily body and hair wash. This sounds like such an amazing product!

  33. Hi, I have been aware of Aveeno for a while and I am glad to see that its finally in SA but once again..here we go… another cheap American brand with a ridiculously high price in SA and especially for body lotion and wash. This is a cheap brand in the US so it shouldn’t be that expensive in SA even though we factor in the exchange rate and import taxes. The prices need to be re-assessed. In addition when can we expect the face care range to hit the SA shelves?

    1. I’m not sure when the face products are coming and the PR has just gone on holiday but I’ll be sure to find out in the New Year. I’ve tried their daily moisturiser and it’s a gem!

      1. Hi hun! Apologies for the slow reply. I’ve only stopped this now. Yep, a winner has been selected BUT I’ve got another super cool comp for you to enter that’s just gone live. I’m giving away a R1000 gift voucher to Clicks! Re Kenya – that holiday was ammmazing but it’s like it never happened. Deadlines are killing me so I might need to go back. If only to show those monkeys who’s boss ;-P

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