Reviews: Lush Shooting Stars soap and Buck’s Fizz body conditioner, Revlon Kiss Balm and travel size Bio-Oil

It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of Lush products. I love that they smell amazing, are cruelty-free and eco-conscious and have now taken the latter a step further with a range of ‘naked’ products that are packaging-free. A bunch of their ‘cosmetics that dare to bare’ arrived the other day and I’m most taken with the Shooting Stars soap (R65).

This poor guy’s looking weathered ‘cos he’s been living la vida loca in my shower. (I lost the first set of pics I took in a phone crash.)

It’s made with lots and lots of coconut oil so its super moisturising (to the point that I can use it to lather up my legs before shaving!) but doesn’t leave you feeling oily in the least. I also it’s uplifting, zesty lime, lemon and bergamot scent which is perfect for summer. I tend to crave warm, comforting fragrances in winter and fresher ones when it’s warm and apply this to everything I use, from the perfumes I wear to the shower gels I pick.

Another citrusy treat is the Buck’s Fizz naked body conditioner (R140). When it first arrived I thought it was a solid body butter and merrily slathered it all over my bod (it melts on contact with your skin) and walked out the house, enjoying its yummy grapefruit, orange and cognac scent but it turns out I’d got it all wrong. You’re intended to use it in the shower and rinse it off!

Buck’s Fizz smells just like a Mimosa! Also, see that pink dude in the background? That’s the naked version of Snow Fairy shower gel.

While my idiot self experienced no ill effects from not rinsing it off (it’s pretty much 90% cocoa and Shea butter mixed with natural oils like almond, coconut and melon) I’ve discovered that it still leaves your skin feeling supple and soft when used the way it’s intended.

Moving on, let’s talk about Revlon’s latest lip product, Kiss Balm (R59,95).

Pretty pretty!

Of all of the sweet-smelling, sheer tinted balms I tried, I most like Berry Burst and Sweet Cherry as they’re the most pigmented but still look super subtle. Also, each balm lends your lips a sheen but they don’t look glossy. I took them with me on a holiday to the Kenyan coast (that post is coming soon, I promise) as they’re the perfect ‘beach bag’ lippie.

Sweet Cherry on the left, Berry Burst on the right

Hoekom? Well, for three reasons. One – they’re hydrating thanks to natural oils like grape seed and raspberry seed… Two – they serve up an SPF of 20 and Three – like I said, the colour pay off from each shade (save for Tropical Coconut which is ‘clear’) is sheer but still noticeable. This is great as I don’t want to look like I’m wearing lipstick on the beach but, being a pale face, I always feel better with a touch of pink on my pout so as to not look washed out.

Now that I’m back home I find myself slicking on Sweet Cherry before heading off for a run. (I’ve gotta look good even when I’m sweating in case I run past a mooi boy!)

Last but not least, did you know that Bio Oil is now available in a cutesy li’l 25ml bottle (R39,95)?

Don’t forget your passport!

This makes it perfect for travel so it also went straight into my suitcase. The water in Kenya is super salty (to the point that when I washed my clothes in my hotel room sink they came out stiff) so it was nice to have a good hydrator on hand. It did a nice job of moisturising my arms and legs and, as a little goes a long way, I still have half a bottle left after using it every night for a week.

Love, love


5 thoughts on “Reviews: Lush Shooting Stars soap and Buck’s Fizz body conditioner, Revlon Kiss Balm and travel size Bio-Oil

  1. So keen to try the new offerings from Lush, but I need pay day to come faster – I’ve used all my cash Christmas shopping boo!
    Those Revlon balms also look great, but I worry about just how hydrating they are. I find so many of those products end up drying my lips out more.

      1. The Revlon Kiss Balms are awesome… the strawberry and apple are my favourite. Lush is really doing the things when it comes to amazeballs bath products.
        Thanks for the super cool review as usual.

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