Who wants to win a L’Oreal Age Perfect Golden Age hamper to spoil their mom this Mother’s Day?

Now that I’m a 36 year old spinster I have two sets of friends. Those who are in the same boat as me and those who have kids. While my prospects, which include dying alone in a bachelor flat after choking on a piece of meat from a cut price Checker’s ready meal, aren’t exactly thrilling, I kind of look at the ‘those who have spawned’ tribe with a sense of terror-tinged awe because being a mom is no joke.

This was brought home in technicolour when I made the mistake of asking friends if they’d been tested by motherhood lately as research for this post.

Like I said. No joke.

Anyway, watching my friends parent has given me a new appreciation of what my own mom must’ve gone through so I’ll be making a point of spoiling her properly this Mother’s Day and hope you’re doing the same for yours. You could also kick the spoilage up a notch if you win the L’Oreal Age Perfect Golden age hamper I’m giving away.

Get in it to win it!

The line is a deeply hydrating one aimed at women with mature skin who want to get their glow back. It includes a day cream, another with an SPF, a night cream, a glow re-activating essence (essentially a toner) and cleansing wipes infused with sweet almond oil to hydrate.

This guy has teeny tiny sparkles in it but don’t worry, you don’t end up with ‘glitter face’.

The day cream without the SPF has a slight rose gold tint to it for instant radiance and contains neo-calcium that, L’Oreal reckons, helps improve skin density.

Pretty in pink!

I’ve been using the wipes before bed and really like them. They’re thick and luxurious-feeling, do a good job of removing make-up and leave your face feeling clean but not stripped.

Anyway, let’s get to the entering bit, shall we? Simply hit me on twitter with a ‘Hey @lipglossgirl, I’d love to win a @LOrealParisSA Age Perfect hamper to spoil my mom this Mother’s Day’ and include the link to this post. (Lots of people forget the link and then their entry doesn’t count.)

You can also enter via the comments section below where you can tell me why your mom’s a legend.

This competition is open to South African residents only and a winner will be drawn from both twitter and the comments at 5pm on 8 May.

Good luck girls!

Love, love


This competition is now closed. Congrats to Anne Botes on her win.

49 thoughts on “Who wants to win a L’Oreal Age Perfect Golden Age hamper to spoil their mom this Mother’s Day?

  1. My mom is a legend because she is tough as nails and taught me everything I know. She is my hero, in every way!

  2. My mom is amazing!!! She is also the best cook ever!!Sadly she has just been diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. We want to make this Mother’s day extra special because we would not be who we are today if it were not for her standing strong through very difficult times!! Love you Mum!! 🙂

  3. My mom has always been there for me…She is not just my mum but my friend.She’s sacrificed fancy trips and shopping spree for my sake.I love the fact thay whenever I’m sad,whether I’m with or far away from her shecan sense that and always knows how to cheer me up.She’s a living legend and deserves the best.

  4. Hi Leigh

    I’d love to win this gorgeous hamper for my Mom who never spoils herself and puts everyone else first. She would never buy this for herself, so it would be a lovely pamper gift just for her. Thanks, Brenda

  5. I believe my mum is truly a legend no matter what the storm she still keeps her head up and a smile on her face. Growing up wasn’t easy but through it all she always say I live my life for my kids. Since day one she always puts her kids first and would do anything in her power to keep us happy. She is my mentor my friend my doctor my pillar of strength and I would love to pamper her for a change this mothers day……

  6. My mum is a Legend as she welcomed me back home after I was single again …..here’s my story, sorry it’s so long but I just had to share .
    My Mother my best friend, she work hard as a seamstress to raise three daughters , despite financial difficulties, struggles and challenges she ensured I received an education , she taught me to cook, encourage me to learn to drive, taught me good values, to always be caring, forgiving , lend a helping hand and so much more. I am a strong , independent person and when I became a widow at a young age , my mum was my pillar of strength , motivating me to live on and continue with life’s journey with my daughter. Thanks to my mom I am a proud single mommy raising a daughter and providing for all our needs without having to depend on others I am who I am thanks to a mom who gave me the gift of life and continues to be beside me as I face each new day.

  7. Having kids sounds scary as hell 😐. My mum is a legend as shes always there for everyone shes so selfless and caring.

  8. My mom is a legend because I can’t believe how she raised me into the lady I am with the little she had. Only now as a adult do I see that she sacrificed everything for my comfort and happiness.
    I salute her.

  9. My mom the Legend
    She is a amazing woman of strength and character , she raised me on her own , my dad passed on when I was little. She studied , provided a home for us , sacrificed for me to obtain a university degree , she is full of fun , positivity, inspiring and amazingly bursting with energy and can paint our home to changing a car tyre to replacing a leaking tap and more….incredibly loving. caring and independent and she introduced me to your awesome blog…how awesome is that , payback time I need to win and surprise her.

  10. She raised two children on her own whilst caring for her mother. Never stopped working. Always behaves classy in any situation. Unconditional love in action.

  11. My Mom is a legend because she is an Earth-Angel. She is my protector, my greatest motivational support, best friend in life. Selfless and sacrificing so much for her family.

  12. My moms a legend because when I was like 3, we were in a Toys R us in the UK and I needed a wee so i did one in a potty that was on display… She cleaned it up and bought it hahaha. 20 something years later she still has my back! When I had my first baby last year I was too grossed out by the dreaded first poo nappy (think black TAR) so she changed it for me. And every one after that until I left the hospital and had to start doing it myself UGH.

  13. My mom is amazing in every way! She’s helpful in countless ways, especially in the last few months since I’ve had my first child. I don’t know what I would’ve done without her tireless help and advice, always appearing at the right time to save the day! Today is her birthday and my parent’s wedding anniversary and I would love to spoil her with this incredible prize. She deserves a spoil!

  14. My mom always puts everyone else before herself – she deserves to be the one getting spoiled for a change! Also, there may have been a poop-scenario involving my sister and a plastic spoon… 😉

  15. She is a legend because she is always there, never judging, going about her business of providing for her family and making us all happy. She is fun and adventurous and simply amazing!

  16. My mom has always had my back and supported me no matter what. I was definitely a very head strong and independent child but my mother took everything in her stride with complete love and laughter. I would definitely not be the person I am today if it was not for her. I find that as I grow older I become more and more like her and thats wonderful.

  17. Eendag as ek groot is (eks ook 36 en n spinster, booyah, sisters unite!), wil ek graag soos my mamma wees.

    Ek ken letterlik nie n mens met n mooier hart as sy nie. My pa weet ook sys baie slimmer as hy, maar sy sal hom altyd laat dink die oulike idee of blink plan, was net sy eie! Skreeusnaaks.

    Sy dra almal se belange op die hart en plaas haarself altyd laaste in die ry, skeep haarself behoorlik af eintlik, solank almal anders net gelukkig en tevrede is. Meeste ander mense wat ek ken, doen dit net mooi andersom.

    Sy verdien elke bietjie bederf wat na haar kant toe kom!

  18. She has been the most amazing role model to me; she has never steered me in the wrong direction, she allowed me to make my own mistakes without so much as an “I told you so.” she afforded me the space to grow and learn for myself without ever being so far away that you weren’t able to help when I needed her. She is my mom, my mentor, my strength, my number one fan and, most of all, my best friend. She has always been a constant force in an ever-changing life.

  19. As the L’Oréal ad goes: because she is worth it! My mum is worth it and I composed a little something for her.
    How do I love my mum let me count the ways. Here are a few reasons that’s more than I can say:

    1. Reason 1: My mum happens to be my heroine. When I think of the word strength my mum comes to mind. My dad passed away when I was only 8 years old & instead of being embroiled in sorrow, my mum took on the reigns and became our pillar of strength.
    2. Reason Two: She taught me about girl power. As a single mum & widow, she defied the odds and started a business from scratch often burning the midnight oil. And this resilient woman who has a heart of gold did it with a smile.
    3. Reason 3: She has a heart of gold. Mum has helped build schools in India & in Madagascar too which is an amazing feat. She always tells me to give to others even if you dont have much for yourself, thats true generiosity.
    4. Reason 4: She is superwoman. My mum is also the selfless guardian angel to my brothers young children after his messy divorce. I can go on and on gloating about this incredible human being but I will not run out of words for sure.
    5. Reason 5: She is an angel in disguise. She is a beacon of strength in her community.when I was involved in a horrific car crash which claimed the life of someone I planned to marry, my mum scattered rose petals to cushion my fall. She motivated me to get up and put on my gumboots in this thorny path of life. She resurrected my broken heart! I survived emotionally thanks to her and even became a psychologist thanks to my mum who swears that pain strengthens the soul.
    6. Reason 6: She is my anchor. She is my safe haven and someone I would trust my soul with.
    7. Reason 7: She is ageless! Perhaps it’s her love for younger men( just saying😂)My mum turned 60 recently but if you look at her she would put a 40 something to shame. And that humble smile of hers hasn’t changed one bit. She has integrity and enthusiasm for sure as she is always learning and making a difference. My mum is a lady of gold & she is legendary❤ For all that she has done for me and my brother, I want to gift her with this magical treat! So yes, she deserves the accolade of being the best mother in the universe and I plan to pass all these valuable lessons to the future generation! Please wave that magical wand won’t you? ❤❤❤❤❤

    P.S Shared on Twitter(@anishasingh007)

  20. My mom is so deserving of this prize. She is such a selfless woman, often neglecting herself to give everything and more to her children. She has never in her life been privileged enough to afford the skincare that she needs and this prize would really mean the world to her! She deserves to be spoiled, for once in her life!

  21. I love my mom because no matter what she goes through she comes out stronger no matter how bad things turn up in her life she’s got away to pick herself up again and get through it. She brings comfort when there’s sadness, she brings joy where you feel there’s no hope. She’s always there one step away. She sacrifices everything for her children and expects nothing in exchange for the loves that she gives. She’s eternal, a angel a gift from God.

  22. My mom is a legend because she is always willing to babysit my two kids. They love spending time with Ouma and she thinks having them over is the best thing ever! Totally a win win situation for everyone as parents of toddlers also need a break! As you saw by your friends response…. There is a lot of poo and vomit involved in raising little people!

  23. My mum is a legend because she has been through so much and yet is still there for my brothers and I. She is loving, supportive and always there on the sidelines for us. She cooks me the best food when I go home and treats my fiancé like her own kid.

  24. My mom is a legend because she has overcome so many obstacles and still has a smile on her face. She has always put her kids first.

  25. My mom is totally amazing and absolutely hysterical – comes out with shocking jokes and has been known to wear a mini (I know!) – has her hair done weekly and nails at the salon all at nearly 90! Walks and exercises a lot, bakes, cleans her own flat, top bridge player and is in demand here in Pretoria 🙂

  26. My mom is the best. Endearing, compassionAte and the most loving & loyal person I know. There is no sacrifice to great or to small for her and I am blessed to have her in my life

  27. My legend… My mum….. Reeta Roopnarain
    God has blessed me so much for giving me her. As I get older I understand her so much better. She deserves every kind of kind gesture because everything she does is out of kindness and love. She gives and gives and gives. She motivates, encourages, supports and mentors children to adults. She has such an open heart and living nature that she tries to help and comfort every person in need. She deserves to be treated and pampered because she will never to do it for herself. She is selfless and wears her heart in her sleeve. She has been teaching at a poor school for 21 years now…the school doesn’t even have brick classrooms get everyday she goes to school with a massive smile on her face. The little girls and boys as well as the ones in senior primary adore her and make her feel so special. She is a fabulous independent bold and a courageous woman.
    She has lost her mum 3 months ago and has been so strong and supportive to everyone else when I know how badly She is hurting inside. She has lost the light in her eyes and i hope she gets it back in time. She deserves a spoil. She is the grandmum to my two daughters. Im so blessed for that. They will know her like how i do. They don’t know how lucky they are now but later on in life they will look back and think of this fabulous woman they know and appreciate her and love her like how she appreciates and loves life, nature and crafts 😊 my mum…my one and only. I only get to see her once in 3 months but I feel her everyday within me.

  28. hey ! my mom is truly amazing because she not only raised four kids but is still supporting us all! she would never have the time to go shopping for her own skin! she is the most helfful person you will ever meet! i would love to win this for her

  29. My mom is a legend… just because she is my mom. No on a serious note. She has won the big C battle (breast cancer) with such modesty and tenacity. She is always there when we need her. She is selfless and will give her last to anyone who asks for it. We love you MOM XXX

  30. MY MOTHER is not only my best friend, but my pillar and the most understanding, kind person I know. She puts all her time and all her energy into her family, and making sure we are happy. She has taught me to believe in myself and never give up. She loves unconditionally and is always there. She is my hero and my Superwoman. The greatest gift ever, my mum is a LEGEND

  31. My mom’s the best because she raised three strong, independent women on her own. She taught us the importance of good values, hard work and great champagne! She’s also kind, generous and a ton of fun!

  32. My mom is a legend because without her I wouldn’t be the mom that I am. She was there for me when I battled severe​ post natal depression after the birth of my daughter. She is my hero.

  33. I totally want this hamper for me. Im a new mom, im being vomited and pood on daily. My mother doesnt need age perfect products, she has 3 grown girls who pamper her at day spas with champagne and fluffy robes, she is not ageing as fast as i am at this point in our lives! Pick me:)

  34. my mom is a legend because she’s worked tirelessly as a nurse (especially) with the hours and still had time to look after my father and I. She’s been the breadwinner in my family for as long as I can remember so she knows how to hold down the fort and still makes us all happy with her time.

  35. Being a teenager when my mum fell pregnant with me at the tender age of 19. Without much of a secondary education , she was not able to earn a salary to support her child . The only option was for her to marry the father of her child with a hope of a better living . Life was no fairy tale for her , my dad has done peace work to support her family . During a tough time of their life ,where the only income was taken away , she discovered that she is pregnant again .Her hardship began when she was 24 years old and her husband walked out on her children and herself .Alone in a new city , she became a strong willed woman who had to fend for her children and herself . She enrolled for a short computer course which secured her a job as admin lady . My mum earning a salary of R1500 supported her children , there was many times that I remember when we could not afford the luxury of new clothes or shoes . She will spend her evenings, sewing clothes for my brother and I . This brave , courageous and independent woman has single handily grew up two children . My dear mum has instilled great values in us and the motto that hard work and perseverance will get us our heart’s desires. At 49 , my mum was venturing her heart’s desire of learning how to drive and on the 7th of June 2015, she became a licensed driver.She is a daily inspiration to many single mothers of today .

  36. My mom’s a legend because she works full time still at over sixty years of age, cooks homemade meals every night, and still manages to make the time to take care of herself and looks gorgeous at her age! I would love to spoil her with this gift as she spends most of the time thinking of others and I would like her to have something to make her feel special.

  37. My mom is the best because she always makes me my favourite foods when I’m sad or tired. It takes her hours ❤️ It’s the ultimate comfort.

  38. My MUM is ONE in a MILLION, She is the most loving, warm, compassionate, caring & selfless person I have ever known. She is the one woman who is the embodiment of happiness amidst all circumstances, unconditional virtuosity and generosity of spirit. She is a great mother, an irreplaceable friend and a remarkable human being. She is my mom, my mentor, my strength, my number one fan and, most of all, my best friend. She has always been a constant force in an ever-changing life. No matter the trials she faced in your own life, she always found the means to ensure my needs were met. To this day I cannot begin to imagine how she did it. Despite all her heartaches, worries and troubles, she never lost her kind nature, she never surrendered her tenderness or sacrificed her values. When my heart aches, she know exactly what to say to pick me up and bring me back to myself. Whenever I have felt like our world is caving in, and that I am falling apart, it is her strength and love that have kept me going She is my pillar of strength and my most trusted friend. . From her, I learned everything that I needed to survive in this challenging world. Mum taught me the real meaning of love (outside of emotions and beyond words) forgiveness, patience and grace. My mum deserves a spoil for her Selflessness, ongoing Love and dedication to her family & sacrifices she has made for us over the years

  39. My Mom is my ROCK!! She is an amazingly strong woman mentally, emotionally and spiritually and I am in such awe of her strength of courage, resilience and perseverance. Becoming a single Mom through tragic circumstances when my Dad died after a short battle with cancer when I was a toddler was a really devastating blow to her. She had to put aside her grief and concentrate on having to deal with the reality of being a single parent. She has made such tremendous sacrifices over the years and has always made me her No.1 priority. She is the most amazing woman, friend, sister, aunt, but more importantly MY MOM. Her unconditional love, unwavering support, absolute belief and trust in me inspires me daily to be a better person, to never give up no matter what life throws at you and has shaped me into the woman I am today. I am truly blessed and honoured to have her as MY MOM and Number 1 Woman in my life. She always puts others first without a thought for herself, she is a generous, sympathetic and kind-hearted woman. I sincerely hope to one day become such a role model to my own children.

  40. My Mom is a total Legend, because she has incredible style and grace. She always sets an example to many and has indeed set an example to me for many years. She takes good care of herself…her skin…the way she dressed and wants just the best for her kids and grandchildren. And for that reason, she always spoils everyone around her, but never herself and winning something for her, would be a complete blessing. Thank you for the opportunity to enter. Marlene Olivier

  41. My MOM is a LEGEND because she’s a loving caring person a true leader of our 4 children teach us to be a better person never give up on our dreams,keeping each of us happy never complain, a believer and the best part no one can cook or bake like she do a hard working 24/7 MOM deserve a medallion

    1. Hi Anne! Congrats on winning a L’Oreal Age Perfect hamper for your mom! I’ll be sending you an e-mail shortly to get your details. I hope she enjoys the spoil! Leigh x

  42. My mom past away awhile back..she was my rock; my everything! My mom is a legend because she taught me to be a great person that no one can take away from me..love you mom!

  43. Moms a legend
    Because she’s my mom that lives in me and with me at all times her sage advice guiding me through life and she had beautiful skin

  44. My mom is a legend on so many levels,She taught me to love,respect and share what I have, Her dress sense was always clean and smart, She always smelt so nice, I am now in my fifties and have children and grandchildren of my own. Would REALLY, REALLY LOVE to win the face creams.

  45. My mum is fantastic because despite her age she has always been an open minded mother. She has never caved to what societal expectations and has always allowed my siblings and I to explore and grow as individuals. She has been our safety net and our support system throughout our lives and even now when she should relax she still goes all out for her children. She is 1 in a billion.

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