Philips sonicare HealthyWhite toothbrush review

So I got given a very fancy toothbrush the other day, Philips’ new sonicare HealthyWhite (R1 150), the sonic toothbrush.

It's quite big in my little paw, but you quickly get used to it.
It’s quite big in my little paw, but you quickly get used to it.

Unlike many other electric toothbrushes, this dude doesn’t have brush heads that whirl around. Instead, he uses patented sonic technology to emit a sonic pulse that pretty much vibes all the nasties off your teeth while driving fluid between them for one helluva serious clean. In fact, it can dish out up to 30 000 brush strokes per minutes as opposed to a normal electric toothbrush’s 7 500. And the best bit? It also promises to whiten up your teeth by up to 2 shades in just two weeks thanks to its Clean and White brushing mode.

To explain, the sonicare has two modes; Clean and Clean and White. (Why anyone would use just Clean is beyond me, to be perfectly honest.) When used in Clean mode, the blush pulses for two solid minutes (or until you turn it off) while making a little noise every 30 seconds to alert you to change to a different quadrant of your mouth. If you opt for the Clean and White mode (like a clever girl), you get those same 2 minutes plus an extra 30 seconds of a slightly different type of vibration that’s supposed to aid stain removal.

The sonicare brush head is a little smaller than that of a 'regular' toothbrush.
The sonicare brush head is a little smaller than that of a ‘regular’ toothbrush.

The first time I used the brush it felt a little odd and tickled like hell. Also, I kept on wanting to move it around ‘cos of all the years I spent in the dark, brushing with a manual plastic toothbrush like a peasant. Still, you get used to it super fast and now I’m completely and utterly hooked. Seriously girls, if you read all the rave reviews online you’ll see that people are referring to the sonicare as the Ferrari of toothbrushes and they’re not wrong. My teeth now feel crazy clean and yes, they do look a little whiter. I usually use Crest White Strips to bleach my teeth and haven’t felt the need to reach for one since using the sonicare. Still, I think this is a good option for those wanting to maintain their already white teeth than anyone buying it with the sole intent of whitening. If that’s your aim your first stop should be to choose a peroxide-based treatment and then hook up with the sonicare to keep your pearly glow.

Anyway, when I first skimmed the press release and saw it cost R1 150, my first thought was ‘God, this is going to be a bit of an ish. Who in their right mind is going to want to spend over a grand on a toothbrush?’ Now, however, that I’ve got to experience it, I’d merrily cough up the cash. This toothbrush is definitely next level shizz. I can also justify it with the fact that I’m looking after my teeth which have to last a lifetime and might end up paying less at the dentist. As it is, I’ve got about four disgustingly pricey tooth-coloured fillings in my back teeth and have had a root canal. I blame this on the fact that I pretty much slid out my mother’s womb with a Coke in one hand and a Zoo biscuit in the other. Sugar is a bit of a problem for me.

But ja. Other cool stuff about the sonicare? I’ve been using it regularly for almost two weeks and haven’t had to charge it once.

See? I haven't had to use this guy yet.
See? I haven’t had to use this guy yet.

It also comes with little ring things that you can put around your brush head so, if you buy several of them (brush heads that is), your whole family can use the sonicare.

If I had to choose I'd be quite torn between mint and baby blue. Rich people's problems...
If I had to choose I’d be quite torn between mint and baby blue. Rich people’s problems…

The only kak thing about it? I sometimes wish I could skip straight on through to the whitening mode. You know, just do one minute of brushing before whitening up as opposed to two. ‘Cos I mean what’s the risk of gum disease in the face of super sparkly teeth in no time flat, right?

Anyway, if you’re looking to use the best toothbrush on the block, this is it. You’ll find it at Dis-Chem, selected dentists and pharmacies.

Love, love


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4 thoughts on “Philips sonicare HealthyWhite toothbrush review

  1. What an awesome toothbrush, I just use the Oral B electric toothbrush, going to get one of these, always get such useful tips from your blog 🙂

  2. No way! Oral-B is definitely better than Sonicare. Clinical trials and Cochrane Collaboration proved This. No race!!!

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