Would you wear a fast food-inspired cosmetic?

Last week you might’ve spotted me on Expresso chatting as part of the Fash Pack about fast-food inspired cosmetics, namely Burger King’s recent Whopper-scented cologne and KFC’s recently launch fried chicken-scented sunscreen. (God, how I only wish I was joking…) If not, I’ve got the clip for you over here.

In the beginning bit it looks like I’m tossing my head to get hair out of my eyes but I’m actually trying to swallow gum without choking and dying on live TV. My moves are pretty smooth, yo. Also, did you also think Lee-Anne screamed ‘Naomi’s a COLOURED’ as opposed to CULLEN? God, I need more coffee in the morning.

To learn more about KFC’s horrifying sounding Extra Crispy sunscreen, you can get clicky clicky over here. Please note that this is only available in the states and perhaps that’s a good thing.

Love, love


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