Looking for a vegan-friendly professional hair care line? NAK Aromas has launched in South Africa

A while ago I was sent a new sham and con duo from a professional hair care brand I hadn’t heard of before called NAK. It hails all the way from Australia and is now, a selection of their items – mostly from their Aromas line – is being sold at selected salons as well as online via retailbox.

The Aromas line is specially designed for colour treated hair and infused with botanical essences like lavender, patchouli and geranium that make everything smell delicious. Aside from being vegan-friendly and cruelty-free, it’s also free of sulphates and parabens. I was give the violet-toned, brassiness busting Aromas Blonde duo to try and have enjoyed using both of them.

Hey blondie!
Hey blondie!

I like that they smell great while you’re using them but the scent doesn’t linger or overpower when you’re done. Also, while they’re both infused with hydrating argan oil, they leave my baby fine hair feeling swishy and clean – not weighed down in the least.

Purple power to the max.
Purple power to the max.

Unfortunately, as both the sham (R320) and con (R320) are violet-coloured, I can’t use them every day as they’ll end up giving my hair an ashy, cooler colour and I really like the warmer, gold shade it already is, so I can’t talk address potential ‘long game’ issues like build-up, but if you’re specifically looking for a duo to tone then this is a nice pick.

Love, love


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