I’ve been featured on ‘Becoming You’, dishing on which blogs I like to read best

I’ve you’ve had the pleasure of meeting Kathryn from the lifestyle blog ‘Becoming You’ you’ll know I’m right when I describe her as ‘lovely’ because that’s exactly what she is. Her blog, which is quite jealousy inducing as it’s so mooi and slick-looking, covers lifestyle, fashion, beauty, family and more. The ‘more’ bit includes a quick interview with yours truly on which blogs I like to read.

Kath pointed out that there aren’t any beauty blogs on my list and there are two reasons for that. The first is that I don’t spend too much time looking at what other beauty bloggers are doing as I don’t like to be influenced by anyone else’s opinion before I write a review. The second is that the authors are my friends (we all live and die at the launches together) and saying I prefer one’s blog over another, for whatever reason, could end up being more trouble than it’s worth. I don’t need a gel mani in my eye balls thanks!

This is Kathryn. If you spot her around town be nice 'cos she's totally kiff.
This is Kathryn. If you spot her around town be nice ‘cos she’s totally kiff.

This is actually the second time Kath has interviewed me. You can check out my first one over here. I’ve just given it a quick re-read and am sad to announce that I’ve yet to find the perfect pair of grey suede ankle boots by my love of Essie’s Exotic Liras is still as strong as ever as I’m wearing it on my toes right now. Reading the list of things I love was actually pretty good for me as this week’s been a bit poohtastical (just one highlight includes reversing my car into a pole) so I think I’m going to pack in a few more of my ‘happiness inducers’ to balance out the status quo starting with Sawadee’s Monogolian beef, a lime milk shake and a good book. If you’ve read anything fantastic lately (I’m a psychological thriller kind of girl) please let me know in the comments section. I’d love to hear about it.

Love, love


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