Review: Nioxin Diaboost hair thickening extrafusion

Nioxin’s new hair serum (R695, selected salons) is a daily leave-in treatment that promises to increase the diameter of each existing hair strand. So, to avoid any confusion, it’s not going to stimulate more hair to grow, it simply plumps up what you’ve got for a fuller, more luscious-looking head of hair. It makes use of a ‘HTX complex’ of caffeine, panthenol and niacinimide that, according to Nioxin, can help hydrate and plump your locks.

Nioxin Diaboost thickening xtrafusion treatment

Application-wise, you’re to slap it on your hair at the roots, massage it in and then style as per usual. It can be used on wet or dry hair, but I made a point of using it on damp, fresh from the shower hair so that I could use my blow drier to style it. In your palms, i feels like non-sticky glycerine and has a fresh, minty smell that isn’t really detectable when it dries.

The results? I love it!

I liked that my hair definitely did feel thicker – as though it had more body and bounce – and sat a bit away from my scalp without feeling fluffy or sticky. The latter was one of my concerns; that it would feel ‘tacky’ afterwards or, worse yet, cause my roots to look oily. But I needn’t have worried; the awesomeness of Diaboost is that it literally feels like nothing. Your hair gets a volume boost but there’s no ‘I have a product in it’ feeling; the kind I sometimes get from using a mousse or root lifter. It doesn’t have any ‘hold’, if that makes sense. This also makes blow drying easier. You don’t have to worry that you’re possibly drying it in a direction that could look rubbish if you’re in a hurry.

Total sidebar here: Did anyone else randomly catch Tangled on Dstv and then fall madly in love with it? I literally bawled my eyes out when she finally found her folks.

The only negative here is that I’m not sure how long the bottle would last me and, at just under R700, it’s only going to suit someone who isn’t cruising Groupon for Botox. Still, I do love this product and am using it sparingly, on days when I want to look and feel extra mooi. (So it’s safe to assume that when I do run into any ex-boyfriends, I probably won’t be using it. I’ll also probably be wearing an old tracksuit and have a forehead pimple…)

Anyway, if you’ve spotted this is magazines and felt a bit torn, rest assured it’s worth the cash if you’ve got it. To find your nearest Nioxin stockist, call 0860 104 109.

Love, love


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