Competition time: Who wants to win a tea-tastical Cadbury Glow chocolate hamper for their mom?

Growing up, I was very lucky to have a mom who was rather glamorous and helped inspire my love of beauty and beautiful things. The kind of woman who doesn’t leave the house without her lipstick on, my mom taught me that taking good care of my skin from the earliest age would be one of the better gifts I could give myself in the future. Today, I still sometimes think back to being 12 and how kids at school camp would think it ‘weird’ and ‘fussy’ that I’d religiously apply a moisturiser with an SPF in it every morning as well as how now, as a sun damage-free adult, how glad I am that I did it.

Bless! Turns out my mom doesn't have a single Facebook snap that isn't blurry.
Not bad for 64, ne? Also, bless! Turns out my mom doesn’t have a single Facebook snap that isn’t blurry as hell.

Something else my mom taught me is to believe in myself – something she did simply by believing in me. I remember quite clearly the night I lay in front of the TV in my dinosaur nightie watching the Miss South Africa pageant and being utterly transfixed by the sheer sequin-addled fabulosity of it. To hell with being a vet, this was going to be my job when I grew up and thus I made A Very Serious Statement delivered with the utmost gravitas: ‘Mom, I’ve finally decided. When I grow up, I’m going to be Miss South Africa’. This from a gangly, ultra pale, Coke bottle glasses-rocking seven-year old with a seriously crazy set of teeth that would later require some serious orthodontic work. Still, my mom looked at me, thought for a moment and then, in a just as serious tone, said something that would stick with forever: ‘Yes. I think you’d be quite good at it.’

Anyhoo… Mom’s approval regardless… I’d grow up with no ambition to be a beauty queen (a good thing considering I’m too short, am way too committed to lasagna and now find the concept a li’l archaic) but I’ve never forgotten that my mom didn’t doubt for a second that it was one of the many things she thought I could do and do well.

Win! Win! Win!

I’m sure most of you are pretty grateful for your mom too and if that’s the case why not spoil the woman with a luxurious li’l Cadbury hamper? I’ve been given two to give away and not only do they include Cadbury Glow – a gorgeous golden box full of individually wrapped pralines – but two beautifully packaged tea cup and saucer sets. Each hamper is valued at R500 each.

Pretty, pretty!
Pretty, pretty!

To enter, simply drop me a comment below telling me what you’re most grateful to have learned from your mom.

Another way to win? Hit me up with the following tweet: ‘Hey @lipglossgirl! I’d love to win that Cadbury Glow Mother’s Day hamper #LookAtHerGlow’ and be sure to include the link to this post.

This competition closes at 5pm on 20 May 2016 and two winners will be drawn (one from twitter and one from the comments section) via a random number generator.


Good luck girls!

Love, love


This competition is now closed. Congratulations to Nicola Davidson and Invisible_CT on winning a tea-tastical Cadbury hamper for their mamas! 

73 thoughts on “Competition time: Who wants to win a tea-tastical Cadbury Glow chocolate hamper for their mom?

  1. My mum is a very patient, soft hearted and caring person who is the best cook ever. Perfect combination hey I have definitely learned this positive traits from her but could never amount to the wonderful person she could ever be.

  2. My mom taught me how to read; my dad taught me how to laugh. No other gifts have ever been as infinitely precious.

    Although if I win this I’d have to eat all the chocolates myself as my parents live overseas, but I’m sure it’s what my mom would want. She’s giving like that.

    1. Congrats! The second winner of my Cadbury’s hamper comp has gone AWOL and my random number generator says you’re next in line to score a hamper of chocolately goodness. Please drop me a mail on so I can grab your contact details for the PR x x

  3. I have learned to be strong and independent from my Mum. She has triumphed over many struggles in her life, and I consider her my Superwoman! If I amount to half the woman that she is, I would have achieved much.

  4. My taught me to never give up, no matter how hard things may be. She also taught me to believe in what I want and to trust that I will achieve it.

  5. My Mom has taught me to “Live in the moment.” Throughout my life, my mom has always shown me how to embrace the present moment. She never seems to dwell on the past or stress overly about the future. She is one of the few people I know who really knows how to live in the now.

    1. I’ve had many great moments with my mom but the best moments are just when I am in her loving presence. She has put in so much time into not just raising her 3 kids single-handedly (NOW HOW IS THAT FOR GIRL POWER!!) but also for others who are not her children but cares for dearly. She deserves every kind of happiness and if a hamper of Cadbury Glows would make her happy and Glow even more, I’m all for it!

  6. My mom taught me a world of things – how to stand strong in the face of endless struggles, that it’s better to be alone than unhappy with someone, that you don’t need what you can’t afford, and, most importantly, the value of unconditional love.

  7. My mom has taught me that no matter how bad things are, there is always something to be grateful for…. never give up.

  8. My mum’s the face of reason behind my sometimes insane days. The days when I want to chuck the kids out with the rubbish (don’t worry..I’m kidding..its a want but won’t thing; ). She’s taught me to breathe, have a cup of tea and then face the storm.
    She’s the reason I can’t say no to that cupcake, thank you mum for always making sure that our home is filled with the yummiest treats and gastronomical feasts. She’s taught me about balance. The ying and the yang. That I can have my cake and smoothie.

  9. The best thing my mom has taught me is how to be a mom myself – you don’t realise how much your mom does for you and teaches you until you have your own child. I am grateful for a mom who has been a good example on being a mom so that I can be the best mom for my daughter

  10. My mom taught me the same thing she learnt from her mom: How to never flop a cake (ever!) and how to be a total badass in the face of adversity. Take no nonsense, work hard, get “ish” done, be brave, be yourself, have faith and, most importantly, trust your instinct when mixing a cake batter and when you make big decisions 🙂

  11. My mom is my everything. She is never too busy to help me with anything and is always ready to listen to my never ending problems. The best thing I’m grateful for is her friendship. I have the best times with her even if we are not doing anything.
    My mom is the coolest person in the world.

  12. My mum has taught me so many valuable lessons and was so many things to me – from a finance guru (I remember says like ‘never a lender, nor a borrower be’ and ‘take care of the pennies and the pounds will take care of themselves) to a life coach (I owe my positive outlook to most things to her), she was amazing.

  13. My mum always tells me to be strong and forgive those who have hurt me because hanging onto the past keeps me from moving forward 🙂

  14. My mom taught me that nothings in life is easy. And if you want to achieve anything, you need to work for it. At 16 this made no sense but as an adult these words couldnt be more true. Either it be in personal or professional situation, nothing can be achieved without effort and determination and I”m so grateful to my mom for giving me the tools that got me to where I am today! Thank you mommy! 🙂

  15. Hi Lipgloss Girl 🙂
    I’m ever so grateful to my mom for teaching me to always GIVE to others without expecting anything back. I feel that was such an important lesson she taught us and we surely do live by moms teachings. (ps. we always bond over a cup of tea and i know she loves little teapot sets) .

  16. My mom taught me to be kind to the image I see in the mirror, and Im so grateful for that 🙂

  17. My mother taught me to be confident in your own unique beauty. Her motto in life is: if you got it, flaunt it! You are only young once, and your sparkling personality will still be there when you are old and wrinkled, but you only have your ‘young’ body for a few years. And the older I get, the more I GET it. Enjoy being young, show of your lean legs, toned tummy, flawless skin, long lashes, (ability to drink wine the whole weekend without a headache or looking like a raccoon) and enjoy life to the fullest.

  18. I’m most grateful that my mom taught me how to cook cause now I have my own family and I need to make yummy meals just like she used to make for my dad and I

  19. I never realized what my mom went through to bring me into this world and keep me happy until in had a child of my own. I Now realize what a courageous and strong woman she was and continues to be. realizing that has taught me to also face life in that matter and always take everything with a smile like my mom. My mom may not be the richest or most educated or talented but she is a beautiful soul! and I can only hope to one day be half as great a woman as she is. THANK YOU Mom for everything

  20. Best and most treasured words of wisdom from my mom.. Always make sure you stay independent no matter how safe and secure you’s the best thing you can do for yourself

  21. My mom taught me to never, NEVER wear socks or panties with holes in them. If you land in an accident and the paramedics see your old, torn, gross underwear, they might think you will also not be able to afford a medical aid and then not take you to a proper hospital, hahahaha

  22. I’m grateful for the valuable life lessons my mom instilled me, lessons on kindness, love, compassion, she armoured me to be the best version of myself…tweeted..# awesome comp..:-)

  23. My Mom has taught me to always look to God and the importance of prayer. My husband and I are instilling the same values in our little princess. Oh gosh… the love of preparing good food was also passed down… that I think my husband appreciates more than me!

  24. My mum taught me to always believe in myself and to never give up and that beauty comes from within.

  25. My mom introduced me to travelling and for that I will be eternally grateful. She’s never lost her love for exploring new places, and her curiosity and passion for it inspires me.

  26. My mom taught me to work hard and never give up. I think I’ve come a long way in life because of her example

  27. As we were growing up mum played a very important role in helping us, not merely with our outer life, but our inner lives as well. Leading by example mum, always tries to imbibe in us values of love, compassion, forgiveness and forbearance. She never lost her cool, never got angry at us, was always there as a confidant and friend, eager to listen to our stories that were not always interesting. My mum always reminds me that the happiest people don’t have the best of everything, they just make the best of everything. From her, I learned everything that I needed to survive in this challenging world. Mum taught me the real meaning of love (outside of emotions and beyond words) forgiveness, patience and grace.

  28. My mom has taught me how to be kind and patient and how to appreciate others for the special gifts they have to offer you no matter the circumstances we are faced with one daily basis.

  29. My Mum taught me to believe in myself and in others, no matter how people treat you or each other, learn to see the good in him. She taught me that love will always conquer all, no matter what, life will be ok no matter how dark it gets sometimes!

  30. I have learned so much from my mom but if there is one piece of advise that I can share it would be that no matter how bad your day seem or was always be thankful that you can start all over tomorrow again. Life is full of ups and downs but the good thing is that we are able to change the outcome of every situation. Love my mom and her amazing motherly strength.

  31. I’m grateful she taught me how to be self sufficient, even as far as showing me how to rewire a plug, use tools and not to rely on anyone but myself. Independence is hot! Also I’m grateful she taught me how to pluck my eyebrows. them caterpillars were scary in my early teens 🙂

  32. My mom teach me to listen to people when they talk to me, to respect adults and also to be kind.

  33. I learnt so much from make up tips to make up choices to life lessons about never giving up on your dreams. I have also learnt about commitment to your duties.Would love to win this.

  34. Your Mum is stunning!
    My mother taught me everything but most importantly she taught me to value and appreciate life and to see the best in everybody.

  35. My mum taught me to forgive. So many times I have seen her wronged, so many times my anger made me hate people, but my mum lovingly forgave people and kept loving them. Over the years, I saw her rise above her situation in love and grace while the ugliness of others simply weighed them down .. so now, I forgive more easily, and I feel myself so much free!

  36. My mom has taught me what true strength is 🙂 She is the most amazing person (we all think that about our mom’s right) but she truly is the most amazing person I know. She has taught me what it is to be a wife and to love unconditionally but most importantly she has taught me what it means to be a woman 🙂 She’s my rock and my role model

  37. My mum taught me to always stay humble no matter how educated or rich you are! Treat others the way you would expect to be treated she would say.Aaah what a remarkable woman she is.

  38. The 1 thing my mama taught me is to never change who i am to impress ppl or to come down to their level.she taught me that not everyone that smiles at me is my friend and although i have a big soft heart sometimes i have to not taking everything personal and let go of negative situations and people.👭MOM KNOWS BEST.

  39. My mum always knows best, and her advice has never been wrong. She is always there teaching me to persevere even through life’s storms, and her famous words are always: “Don’t be dismayed, disappointments & difficulties are only God’s way of purifying you so that he can turn you from a rock into a sparkly, shining diamond” Those beautiful words are what get me up when I am down and became my inspiration to always be positive & look beyond the trouble’s of life.

  40. My mom is a wise old duck and I’ve always compared her to a chappies wrapper, always filled with knowledge and interesting facts. I will always begrateful for the many lessons in life, particularly: to always look after yourself. She made us start with skin care regimes from a very early age and in our 30’s now, my sisters and I are really starting to see and feel the benefits!

  41. What I’ve learned from my mother? Since my sisters and I were small we were always taught that if we had nothing nice to say, that we shouldn’t say anything at all. I’ve carried this through to adulthood and it couldn’t more true. I’ll never forget it!

  42. My mom Vera is like no other,
    She’s also an amazing grandmother.
    She puts everyone else before herself,
    Like caring for those who are of ill health
    Or providing the homeless with a meal to eat,
    Never asking anything in return for the deed.
    Thank you mom for the great sacrifice,
    And all the genuine heartfelt advice.
    Many childhood memories I can share,
    What made them special is that you were there.
    I love you lots and just want to say,
    I hope Cadburys will spoil you Today!

  43. Being the Woman she still is today is amazing taught me for one to Honour God at all times learned prayer in an earlier age as 1 her words “My child if you know and honour God you have everything” at first i couldnt understand bt as times go on i experienced it God is love and if you have love you conquer everything cause you learn not to judge nor hate so ya all in all i can say from my Mom i learned so many bt whats important is to Know God and love everyone you know

  44. My mom taught me that love must be unconditional. She also taught me to share. And I’d love to share these yummy choccies with her!

  45. My mum was the one who taught me the most important things in life . she taught me walk – talk and to love all. she taught me that dreams can come true if i have the courage to pursue them.

  46. My Mom is my ROCK!! She is an amazingly strong woman both mentally and emotionally and I am in awe of her strength of courage, resilience and perseverance. Having lost the love of her life, who was her soul mate and my father, to cancer when I was a toddler was a really devastating blow to her. She had to put aside her grief and concentrate on having to deal with the reality of being a single parent. She has made such tremendous sacrifices over the years and has always made me her No.1 priority. She is the most amazing woman, friend, sister, aunt, but more importantly MY MOM. Her unconditional love, unwavering support, absolute belief and trust in me has shaped me into the woman I am today, and I am so blessed and honored to have her in my life. She always puts others first without a thought for herself, she is a generous, loving, sympathetic and kind-hearted woman. I sincerely hope to one day become such a role model to my own children. Mom has taught me to always stay positive about life and to follow my dreams, to be an independent and strong woman, to have empathy for others, to live a life with integrity and to never compromise my values and morals. It would be so wonderful to win this amazing prize for her to show my appreciation for everything she so selflessly gives of herself not only to me, but to others as well. Mom said this to me one day and I use it as my life’s Motto: “Do not walk along the narrow path of life, you need to open your mind and your heart to the endless possibilities that the world has to offer you, you need to find your passion in life and let it fuel you and never ever settle for less than you deserve.”

  47. I am grateful to have learnt through my Mom’s challenges in life that even though things can get really tough, I need to always keep a positive attitude and just put my big girl panties on and just get on with life. I learnt that my past and upbringing does not define me as a woman or person, that I need to be strong and independent, to always put my children’s welfare first above all else, to never take any form of abuse whether verbal or physical, to live a life that I can be proud of.

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