Review: Essie’s Fall 2015 ‘Leggy Legend’ collection

Essie’s new fall collection, Leggy Legend, is inspired by a ‘rock era’. They don’t specify which one, but I’m betting it was the 70s as the metallic shades make me think of glam rock and one of the shades called Bell-Bottom Blues.

Top left going clockwise: Frock n Roll, Bell-Bottom Blues, In the Lobby, Leggy Legend, Color Binge and I'm with the Band.
Top left going clockwise: Frock n Roll, Bell-Bottom Blues, In the Lobby, Leggy Legend, Color Binge and I’m with the Band.

The first colour I slapped on was Colour Binge (R125), a cheerful coral creme with a high shine finish, as the weather was still summery and warm when it arrived and it soon become a favourite. In fact, it reminds me a lot of another recent Essie favourite – Sunset Sneaks. Just two coats and you’re good to go! It looked great with or without a (fake) tan and drew a lot of compliments.

Essie Color Binge
Essie Color Binge

I next tried Bell-Bottom Blues (R125), an indigo blue with lots of shimmer that’s really a lot darker and less ‘peacock-y’ than the piccie up top. I was very impressed with the formula. It’s fabulously opaque so it’s pretty much a one coater but you’ll want to apply two to get the full BABOOM in regards to it’s depth of colour. While it’s hardly a dupe for Chanel’s Blue Satin (‘memba that?!) it does make me think of it, but I muuuch prefer it to Mevrou Coco’s hue. Wearing it (along with a maroon skater dress and celtic cross combo) made me feel like I was livin’ it up in the 90s again which is great as we all know that decades tres en vogue right now. Can we get a li’l Alanis Morisette up in here, please?

Essie Bell-Bottom Blues
Essie Bell-Bottom Blues

Speaking of 90s, the brick red hue, I’m with the Band did nothing for me. It was just so… bricky! I kind of felt like I was wearing brown with the teensiest dash of rooi as opposed to the other way round. Perhaps it’s because I’m a cool-toned person and save all my lovin’ for more flattering blue-toned reds? I’m not sure. But either way it gave me yet more 90s flash backs to a time when Cindy Crawford and Revlon really wanted you to wear every shade of chocolate, from your lips to your finger tips. I didn’t try the eponymous Leggy Legend either as alloyed bronze is a colour I just can’t pull off. I will, however, be trying In the Lobby, the vampy black cherry shade, at some point and will be sure to update the post.

Moving on, let’s talk about Frock & Roll (R125)! A grey-aubergine with super teensy shimmer flecks, it makes me think of YSL’s Black Opium Nuit Blanche bottle and I’m loving it! Again, it’s a brilliant one coater, but you really gotta rock two for maximum impact. Often, very dark colours are super hard to paint with as they’re so unforgiving but this shade’s a dream.

Essie Frock n Roll
Essie Frock n Roll

I’m now trying to think of which of the three I love – Color Binge, Bell-Bottom Blues and Frock & Roll – would be my favourite. Like the one shade I’d pick over all, but I have to say I love them all equally. Each one’s found a permanent home in my big ass Train Case O’ Nail Shizzle.

Have you tried anything from the new collection? And if not, which colour’s totally talking to you?

Love, love


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