Reviews: NYX eye shadow and Butter Gloss, GOSH kabuki brush and GR8 SKN face friendly sunscreen

Let’s talk about NYX. You’ve seen it in Clicks right? They’re a great drug store pick when it comes to niche-market beauty goodies – things like eye shadow primer and colour correcting concealers, but where they really shine is the eye shadow department. Many of their shades are shameless dupes for MAC colours and their quality, pigmentation and staying power is great. Also, at R99,95 a pop they’re pretty much half the price.

This shade's called
This shade’s called Spontaneous. It’s a nice taupey ‘wash and go’.

I was sent a few of their goodies to play with (thanks Celeste!) and most liked the shadow but, to be honest, I didn’t need that little pot to swing me over to NYX’s loveliness – I’ve used a few of their bronzier hues in the past and have always been happy with them. If you’ve yet to try them, make a plan.

Another of NYX’s best sellers with a cult following is their Butter Gloss (R124,95).

This is BLAH.
This is Strawberry Parfait, a mooi ‘Barbie’ pink.

I’m not a big fan as they’ve got a cocoa butter scent (I hate that particular smell!) and prefer my gloss to be very sticky but the fact that Butter Gloss is very silky-feeling and without a drop of ‘tack’ is exactly what other people love about it. When the brand first arrived in SA, many where bleak to realise that Butter Gloss wasn’t part of their offering but now it is so if you’ve been craving a sweet-scented wash of non-sticky colour this dude could be your baby.

BLAH on the left and BLAH on the right.
Strawberry Parfair on the left and Spontaneous on the right, but you knew that didn’t you?

Moving on, GOSH sent me a few of their new make-up brushes and the overall quality VS price point is fabulous! Each brush features cruelty-free synthetic bristles and boasts a birchwood handle. Of everything I tried I most liked the kabuki brush (R240) which is super soft but fabulously dense – everything a good kabuki should be. It’s now living a happy life in my hand bag where it does a brilliant job of helping me swirl blotting powder on my face. In fact, if I lost it, I’d happily buy another one.

Hello there, new friend!
Hello there, new friend!

Last, but not least, I ran a horrifying 9km trail run last week (80% of it was up a hill in the blistering sun) and used it as a day to test drive a new sunscreen I was given – GR8 SKN face friendly sunscreen with an SPF of 30 (R350, available online here).

It's made using zinc oxide and titanium dioxide so it's 'chemical-free' and contains soothing allantoin and aloe leaf juice.
It’s made using zinc oxide and titanium dioxide so it’s ‘chemical-free’ and contains soothing allantoin and aloe leaf juice.

I slapped it on my face and body and liked that it felt like a light moisturiser, absorbed fast and didn’t leave a white-looking caste on my skin once it was rubbed in. It took me an hour and 35 minutes to complete the race (I had to power walk/crawl during the worst of the uphill) and sweated up a storm but, as the suncreen’s nice and light, it didn’t rise up out of my skin, convert into a soupy mess and stream down my face.

My merry shade of lobster is due to this being snapped minutes after I crossed the finish line. I'm not sunburned, I promise.
My merry shade of lobster is due to this being snapped minutes after I crossed the finish line. I’m not sunburned, I promise. Also, don’t we just love the sexy vein pulsating on my forehead?

A big dankie to my running buddies Gaylord and Leah for forcing me out into the cold and straight onto the dirt on mornings when I’d much rather have rather slept in. (So that’s basically every morning of my life.)

Love, love


6 thoughts on “Reviews: NYX eye shadow and Butter Gloss, GOSH kabuki brush and GR8 SKN face friendly sunscreen

  1. Hi Leigh
    I need a new sunscreen right now. My current one cost a whack and it does rise up and leave me ‘soupy’. Is this the best one you’d recommend or are there other light ones that are nicer?

    1. Hi Janet! GR8 SKN is lovely but my absolute favourite is Heliocare gel SPF 50 (R320 at Still, I go through sunscreen like water due to running so on months when I’m feeling the pinch I buy Eucerin’s SPF 50 for oily skin from Dis-Chem where it’s less than R200. They have a new Sun Gel Creme that’s slightly mattifying which is great if you’re oily-combo like me but if your skin’s a bit more combo-normal it could be drying so I’d suggest you try their mattifying Sun Fluid SPF 50. The latter, ironically, is less mattifying but still nice and sheer.

      1. thanks Leigh that is incredibly helpful. I also run and have an oily-combo skin so i;ll go for the Heliocare gel. Thank goodness I found you…….its like having my own personal guru. x

  2. I love most of the Nyx products but find that the stock levels in Clicks are terrible- I have been looking for their little concealer pot and it has been out of stock in Waterfront, Canal Walk and Gardens Centre stores for the last 3-4 months… lovely products but a bit of a mission to find sadly!

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