Bashing the Biebs and chatting (terrifying) bee sting beauty on Expresso

Did you catch me on Expresso’s Fash Pack the other day? We were chatting about Justin Bieber’s horrifying new hair and, even more horrifying, Gywneth Paltrow’s new bee sting facial.

There was a bit of a glitch there in that the images didn’t pop up (it’s live TV, it happens) but I was supposed to chat further about two other celebrity hair switch ups that are getting it right, the first being Miranda Kerr’s. The model’s swapped out her super long Victoria’s Secret tresses for a mooi lob that I just love.

Fresh, ne?
Fresh, ne?

Another new look belongs to Modern Family’s Sarah Hyland. She recently got long, dark extensions to – wait for it – play Baby’s older sister in a TV remake of Dirty Dancing!

Say hello to Lisa Houseman
Say hello to Lisa Houseman

I recently got a bit of flack from every girl in the world for admitting that I’d only watched the movie about a month back and kind of hated it. Okay, well I didn’t haaaate it, but I couldn’t understand why poor Baby thought ponying up for the mean girl’s abortion in a bid to get the mooi boy to like her was a great way to make new friends. Not sure how they’re going to broach that in the new movie. Also, I kept waiting for the makeover scene where they’d lop off her unflattering curly mop and give her clothes that didn’t look like the kind of shizz I’d sleep in on a plane but it never arrived! I remember sitting there going ‘Really?! That’s how she ends the movie?!’ In saying that though, I do understand why everyone loves the big dance scene finale. It’s pretty awesome.

...the time of my liiiiiife....
…the time of my liiiiiife….

Anyway, I’ll be joining the Fash Pack once more this coming Friday so if you’re an early riser keep an eye out.

Love, love


3 thoughts on “Bashing the Biebs and chatting (terrifying) bee sting beauty on Expresso

  1. I’m a total Dirty Dancing fangirl, and saying that…. I probably also wouldn’t find the movie so appealing in the current world we leave in (Yay for feminism!). But I also love disney movies, especially little mermaid, where the girl change herself just to be with a boy, just because I watched it when I was less cynical. The fangirls of Dirty dancing probably watched it closer to when it came out. And then it was totally romantic, and we all believed in love at first sight and that a bad boy will change his ways for you and Johnny was the hottest thing on earth haha. I actually cried when Patrick Swayze died, first celeb cry ever *blush*. So don’t feel bad not liking the movie now, you just 20 years too late to jump on the band wagon – and I’m saying that in the nicest way possible 🙂

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