Review: Elizabeth Arden Grand Entrance mascara

Like your lashes dramatic yet defined? That’s the best way I can describe Arden’s new Grand Entrance mascara (R275). It’s all about boosting volume, curl and length and delivers the most on the latter.

Elizabeth Arden Grand Entrance mascara
Elizabeth Arden Grand Entrance mascara

Arden suggests you first hold the brush so that it’s curve creates a ‘U’ to load your lashes with the mascara and then flip it (so that it’s an upside down ‘U’) to lift.

Between you and me, I just slap it on willy nilly (OMG, did I just say willy nilly?) and still get a good result.
I’ve tried Arden’s method and it didn’t really ‘lift’ my lashes so I now just slap it on willy nilly (OMG, did I just say willy nilly?) and get the same result.

The rubber bristle brush’s tiny li’l teeth do a nice job of separating each lash so things don’t ever get clumpy. The best way to describe the look would be fluttery and defined.

Mooi, ne?
Mooi, ne?

As far as the actual formula’s concerned, it’s enriched with vitamins and natural conditioners like olive and rice bran esters and, as it’s jet black, it makes a nice impact.

Grand Entrance is definitely one of the nicer mascaras I’ve tried this month (I try a lot more than I feature, just so you know) but in saying that I still consider Arden’s Beautiful Color Lash Enhancing mascara the best they’ve ever made as it’s a bit more volumising and I prefer that over length. Still, if you’re after jet black, longer-looking lashes, Grand Entrance is going to impress.

Love, love


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