A li’l somethin’ somethin’ from Lingerie Letters arrived today

You know you’re life’s possibly taken a bit of a low road when you find your panties in the post box. Chances are you aren’t acting like the fine young lady your mama and daddy raised you up to be. It’s that or you’ve been totally spoiled by Lingerie Letters which is totes the case for me. Sjoe.

The envelope read 'sealed with a little ooh la la la...'
The envelope read ‘sealed with a little ooh la la la…’

This month’s lady pants are all about strawberries and cream hence the pink cotton and lace. Marie Antoinette would be proud, right? While they’re not the kind of thing I’d pick out for myself this is possibly a good thing. A nice way to get me out of my black hipster thong rut.

Anyway, if you want to get your panties in the post – or send them to someone else, pop on over to Lingerie Letters’ website. From as little as R95, you can have a different pair of panties sent to your post box in discreet packaging. (The postman’s not going to know you’re the type who’d possibly like him to ring twice. Provided he’s a hottie. And drives a car as opposed to a rickety red van like that Pat dude.)

Important deets to know: you can choose between a one, three and six month subscription; choose your favourite style (thongs, briefs or either) and select your size which ranges from XS to XXL.

Thanks Lingerie Letters, this was a fun surprise.

Love, love


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Editor of South African beauty blog Lipgloss is my Life.

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