I went on a TV show called Die Kliek and they misrepresented me in a way that made me look kak and now I kind of hate them for it

You may or may not know this, but I recently appeared on an Afrikaans dating TV game show* called Die Kliek on DSTV’s Via channel. It’s something I haven’t promoted much for two reasons. The first is that it was filmed during a week where I felt like a gross, puffy whale due to an intense course of hormones to blitz a medical issue that’s since resolved. The second is that it turned out to be about as fun and interesting as watching paint dry.

Still, there was one particular snippet that got me going – the bit where they completely assassinated my character in all of 2,5 seconds.

Upon being asked what I was like on a date I responded with something along the lines of ‘oh, I’m horrible, I kind of just sit there and do nothing ‘cos I’m just too pretty to try’. I immediately followed this up with a burst of laughter and stuck out my tongue because OBVIOUSLY I was joking. We did a lot of that in the interview room. They’d ask things like ‘what do you look for in a boy?’ and I’d say obnoxious stuff like ‘He has to be rich and hot and have a massive knob!’ Things dear old conservative Die Kliek would never put on TV, which is perfectly fine as we were kidding around.

Or so I thought.

When the show aired, the producers thought nothing of running my ‘too pretty to make an effort’ line but lopped off the bit where I make it one hundred and ten percent clear I’m totally joking. They thought nothing of purposefully making me look like a total doos in a way that spices up their show at the expense of my character.

Now, I just look like a horrid, stuck up bitch (I know, because viewers are referencing that comment and saying as much on the channel’s Facebook page) when every person in that room as well as the person who edited that footage knows the true context.

Maybe someone that side is reading this and making some justification along the lines of ‘oh well, she said it, she’s got to own it’ but I’m sorry, that’s just bull shit. I take ownership for every single thing that came out of my mouth on that show but you can’t serve up a warped version of a statement out of context that makes me look like kak and expect me to swallow it.

My parents are very much ‘don’t play to the haters’ and ‘rise above it and move on’ type of people and will probably wince when they read this post. They feel that to acknowledge something gives it more power and, while I understand that concept well, there’s an anger and sense of betrayal that’s been simmering inside of me and it’s finally bubbled up to the point where I realised I actually can’t bite my tongue any more. How Die Kliek’s editor chose to present that particular moment was, to put it simply, a dick move.

After my time was up on that bloody couch, one of the show’s producers wished me well and gave me a compliment in saying that she appreciated that I was ‘true to myself’ from the beginning. Such an irony considering that the show – by chopping off a vitally important context-changing aspect of my statement – couldn’t present me as such.

I’m aware I’m ‘lucky’ that not many people watch the show and that anyone who’s important to me knows I got thrown under a bus it still doesn’t make what they did okay. I’ve tried to suck it up and shake it off but, actually, it’s just not cool and I’m mad as hell. I know all about being a ‘bigger person’ when it comes to things like this but I also can’t allow myself to be a punching bag that doesn’t stand up for herself. So, this is me not letting this one slide. To hell with you, Die Kliek editor. I might be ‘too pretty to make an effort’, but you’re an irresponsible, thoughtless human who’s caused me embarrassment, anxiety and hurt.

‘Love, love’,


*I know, I know. Random, right? But a friend of mine who works on the show approached me to do it (hi Kristin! And no, I don’t blame you for this) and it was a paid gig that looked like it might’ve been fun.

Update: Since this post went live I’ve seen that Via has removed a post on it’s Facebook page that featured a picture of me and my ‘date’ and asked people what they thought of us. This particular post really stung as it included a host of people throwing rocks at me for being a vain, high maintenance, issue-riddled cow who then felt entitled to attack my appearance. Apparently I’m ‘no oil painting’. While I’m glad this reached someone who realised stemming something so mean and ugly was probably a good idea I’m not going to hold my breath for a re-edit, an apology or flowers.

43 thoughts on “I went on a TV show called Die Kliek and they misrepresented me in a way that made me look kak and now I kind of hate them for it

  1. Just nodded off watching the YouTube promo, seriously doubt anyone will survive it to your comment. Jussis I need coffee…

  2. I recently read an an article written by a reality show producer and was shocked at how they manipulate the scenarios to create a stir for views – seems like this is exactly what happened with you. Good on you for calling them out. Those who know you will know that things like that are said with a pinch of salt, actually people dont even need to know you personally (can just follow you online) and will see that you are funny and say things that others wouldn’t say and your followers love that about you. P.S I still say you looked beautiful on the show!

  3. So wrong in every way. Die Kliek should bloody apologies, publicly, and re-edit and post a snippet which is contextualised. I don’t know how people can behave that way and have peace-of-mind about it after? What do they think? Totally rude and greedy. I would be furious, mad-angry. Morons.

      1. Went on die kliek and I’m still waiting for my money after 2mth … they can make your name kak but they can’t pay you

  4. Completely understand- I did season 2 of come dine with me and the editors also took a line completely out of context when they got me to repeat the “general knowledge is becoming redundant google it” something I never came up with, they did, I repeated it (3 glasses of wine down by this stage) and also laughed after explaining that it was only the case with silly details like which town gazpacho originated etc. Anyhow, I’m an attorney and obviously a line like this did not bode well for my career, (twitter exploded with “OMG if she can be a lawyer, anyone can”) luckily in practice my competence has never been questioned as a consequence but this was completely irresponsible of the editor and director. Oh and my season is still showing 3 and a half years later, I still meet people “Oh my gawd! You are that girl from come dine with me!” My answer always, yes 25 year old me was on the show, 29 year old me, not so much πŸ™‚

    1. Shame man! I just want to reach through my screen and give you a big hug ‘cos I know just how hideous it is to watch that and just cringe, cringe, cringe and then have to explain yourself over and over again to the people who ask you about it. What was done to you and me both was completely unfair, unethical and – worse yet – totally heartless. I’m just hoping my show doesn’t get more air time in the future and the odds could be good as I can’t imagine too many people find it entertaining.

  5. I’ve heard firsthand from friends of David – Survivor SA (the one with Mark Fish and Corne Krige). They did the same thing to him!

    1. I can totally believe it. It’s so damaging and unethical. I hope the person responsible gets a real wallop from karma that they’ll totally deserve.

  6. Full agree – a complete dick move on their part. This is exactly why I’ve learnt to take what happens on these types of shows with a pinch of salt. They don’t care about the contestants, they only care about ratings and sponsorship. The show’s damn boring and they obviously need cheap tactics like these just to add some “spice”. Instead they should be looking at the overall format and acknowledging that discussing 3 sad little social media posts for 30min does not make for great TV. Good on you for saying something though. I wouldn’t have been able to just let it slide either. xxx

  7. I got some advice once, actually came from a factory seamstress when asked how she comes to work each day and does such a harsh job working for a douchbag… it is almost my creed now… “Put a smile on your dial and say fuck you in your heart!”

  8. Everyone knows this happens on these so-called “Reality” shows – Just ask the “Come Dine With me” victims/contestants! Creative editing to up the views…No one that knows you will take it seriously – I’ve never even met you, but just by reading your blog regularly (like for a year or so), I know you don’t take yourself seriaaasly at all!

    1. Thanks Chanelle! Hoping anyone who knows me or has even just gotten to know a smidge of my personality via my blog will realise those assholes totally misrepresented me.

  9. So, I actually watched some of that episode – I caught the bit where you were actually on your date – and, although you and I don’t even know each other personally, I immediately caught your sense of humour on screen. Maybe it’s because I work in TV, I know not to take everything at face value when it’s presented on screen, however, I took a liking to you within a few seconds because my first thought was “Oh look, there’s Leigh being hilarious!”
    But, if you want to take action, the person who is responsible for giving that edit the green light is the producer. Naturally with a reality show they are going to edit towards sensation and drama, however, it doesn’t give them the right to crucially miss a second where your sense of humour was seen in context and it would’ve been an accurate portrayal of who you are. Vat hom Fluffie! And I still like you πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you so much for this Erin! My dad has said I have to remember that there ARE ’emotionally intelligent’ people out there who’d (hopefully) get that I was joking and clearly you’re it ;-P Still, it was a really shitty, damaging edit pointedly made on their part and that’s made me so angry. If it was a show that everyone was talking about I’d probably take it further but thankfully their audience isn’t a very big one. As for that producer, as much as I’d looove to drive past their house with a brick I’m going to let karma do all the work for me πŸ˜‰

  10. What a horrible thing to happen! Sorry Leigh!! Take comfort in the fact that more people read your blog than watch their show! The people who do not realise that kind of kak happens on “reality” tv are the same ones who throw their tea at soapie villains when they see the actress in the mall! Good for you for saying something and remember if they Google you, your blog will probably come up before the show’s lol! So hopefully they see this post and realise that you are not a shallow cow but a lovely chick!

    1. Thanks Nina! Ja, I’m trying to tell myself that the people who threw rocks at me on FB are all just crazy cat ladies with nothing better to do and focus on the compliments I’ve gotten but it’s hard. I’m still glad that this post now exists to serve in my defence and keep trying to remember that anyone who knows me well will know I got a shitty shake and, that really, those people are the only ones I should ever worry about. Thanks again for your kind words x

  11. Hey Leigh, I watched one episode and ONLY cos your mom told us that you were going to be on it. As far as I am concerned you were one of the only REAL woman on that show. All I saw of the others is giggly little girls and as for the presenter well… I have NO words. You are a incredible woman who has achieved so much and I am very proud to be a friend of yours. Love you Leigh-La

  12. Dis oraait bokka, those of us who matter know the truth. They can all go to hell. I’ve tried watching this channel a few times and decided that I would rather spend my precious free time watching something more intelligent. They are trying to imitate the Americans by bringing trash tv to us in our own language.
    Keep fighting them. Ons staan vas agter jou:) xx

  13. Leigh, want to be shocked and surprised at them but yoh… sensationalising everything is what these shows do. Sorry that you had to experience this, especially where people are so quick to jump on the “Who does she think she is?” bandwagon.

    You are actually very brave to post about this.

  14. Try not to let this get to you. I love reading your blog because you have such a fantastic sense of humour and always make me smile.

  15. This makes my blood boil for you! I only know too well how things get misconstrued “all for entertainment and the viewers” … So shit. I’m sorry! I haven’t read the other comments so I’m sure I will be repeating what everyone else has said… I’m also pretty sure that you don’t need anyone telling you to Taylor Swift it and “shake it off.”

    What happened is SHIT and nothing anyone says will make it better. What would be outstanding is for the show (which I’ve never heard of) to make a statement and apologise.

    1. Thanks hun, I appreciate your rage by proxy. I don’t think the show will ever apologise nor do I think they even care but ag wat. I’ve taken your advice and am pulling a Swifty on this one. So onwards and upwards it is! ;-P

  16. Hi Leigh,
    Ek lees nou eers jou blog oor die voorval met die Kliek.
    moet sΓͺ ek het nou glad nie jou comment (waaroor jy praat) gehoor maar het jou n keer of wat op die show gesien en het gedink jy is baie eerlik in wie jy is.

    Eerlik waar dink ek nie jy moet die halwe waarheid (dankie editing πŸ˜‰) jou laat onderkry nie.
    almal wat die show kyk weet dis veronderstel om tong in die kies en meer komies as ernstig te wees.

    Hoop jy vind gou liefde


  17. It’s on Showmax now, don’t give it another thought! By the way, did you see the guy again and are you still single?

    1. Arrrgh! It’s like the horror that doesn’t let up ;-P The only way you could leave the show was via a date so I ended up picking that dude ‘cos he was very sweet and seemed like one of the better options but, truthfully, he wasn’t my type at all. Lovely. But just not for me. I’ve dated a few peeps since then but nothing serious and I’m currently still single. If you have a cute brother or guy bestie for me please let me know ;-P

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