Review: Garnier Extra Gentle Micellar cleansing wipes

If you’re big into Garnier’s lovely pocket-friendly micellar cleanser you might be thrilled to hear the brand’s now created Extra Gentle Micellar cleansing wipes (R59,95 for a pakkie of 25).

At first glance, I was like ‘nice idea, but a pity about the price’. Who’s going to want to pay R2,40 per wipe? Not me. I’m quite happy using cheap as chips Johnson’s baby wipes on my face. (A value pack from Dis-Chem works out to 35 cents a swipe. Also, can you tell I’m saving for a house?)

I then tried Garnier’s wipes and was all ‘oooh, but that is rather lovely’. Each wipe does feel a zillion times softer than any others I’ve tried – like a big ole fluffy pillow. Also, they’re not dripping wet but super moist and really do whip off everything in a flash. (God, it sounds like I’m writing for Mills & Boon here!) But seriously. From long-lasting foundation to waterproof eyeliner, Garnier’s wipes take it off like a boss and leaves your skin feeling fabulously clean and plump. Now, when I reach for a Johnson’s wipe it just feels like crap by comparison.

Garnier Extra Gentle Micellar cleansing wipes
Garnier Extra Gentle Micellar cleansing wipes

So, in short, I’ve been totally ruined. I freakin’ love Garnier’s new wipes. I love, love, love them. I just hate that they’re more expensive than what I’m used to and that I don’t seem to care. I threw a new pouch of them into my trolley going ‘No Leigh, don’t you realise it’s January and between your amazing gynae and bone-crushingly expensive podiatrist your bills are through the blerrie roof? What are you doing?’

But ag wat. I could be dead tomorrow and I’m buying happiness. Also, a quick google has revealed that Makro has a special on all Garnier wipes – they’re now R32 a pack up until the 3rd of Feb. I don’t know about you but I’m definitely going to be stocking up.

Love, love


2 thoughts on “Review: Garnier Extra Gentle Micellar cleansing wipes

  1. Garnier does have a quality brand but to pay R2.40 a wipe is expensive. I use the Clicks brand and removes all my make up just as good.

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