Christina Augilera Secret Potion EDP review

The other day the sweet peeps at African Sales Co sent me a bottle of Christina Aguilera’s newest perfume, Secret Potion, and went all out in regards to the press release. Just take a look at all the shizz it came with:

A boa, a sparkly evening bag, lip gloss, Scholl gel pads for heels, earrings, false eyelashes and a teensy pot o' glitter. Sjoe!

Naturally, I was thrilled ‘cos a) I’m a slet for free swag and b) I’ve always felt a bit of an affinity with Mevrou Aguilera. Poor girl’s been stepping on my style toes for years now. (Xtina – if you’re reading this, PLEASE invest in a stylist… as much as I love you the whole ‘copying my look’ thing is getting a little old…) Let me illustrate my point…

Here we have Miss A at some random red carpet event:

And here’s moi at the launch of the Petticoat Parlour last year:

A little too close for comfort, right?
Oooh and it doesn’t stop there girls…

Looking good in white…

…or should I say a crazy stalkery single WHITE female?!
 And as for that whole Moulin Rouge moment…

…girl sooo got that from me:

Dad, I SWEAR I'm not big taking dwelms, that's just a bad pic...

Anyhoo, as ASCO had sent me all sorts of glam Christina-style accessories I thought I’d play her at her own game by dressing up just like her to emulate her Secret Potion ad. (Clearly, I have waaay too much time on my hands… viva le retrenchment…)

Thus, I give thee Christina Aguilera Secret Potion…

…and Secret Potion Take 2:

In a bid to outdo her, I made use of the feather boa, lipgloss, earrings, falsies and handsak I got from ASCO… Bitch didn’t stand a chance…

Clearly my ad is like sooo much hotter. I owe all this to my shit hot stylist i.e. my make-up artist friend Tam who curled my air and snapped the pic. (She also applied the falsies, but I’m loath to credit her for that after she glued my right eye shut. If you look carefully, you’ll see its kinda drooping a la Paris Hilton…)

Anyway, let’s get down to talking about the fragrance itself shall we?

Secret Potion is a sweet floriental that celebrates the confidence women feel when they feel beautiful in their own skin. Christina reckons just one spritz will help bring out your ‘secret sexy side’ and act as the finishing touch to any glamorous night time look. The scent opens with fruity top notes like passionfruit and mandarin. It’s heart, however, is all flowers (think jasmin orange flower and white lotus) that rests on a woody, musky amber and tonka bean-infused base.

It also comes with a cutesy little locket that you add to a chain and wear around your neck:

Soet man...

Personally, I find it a bit too sweet for my taste (and that’s despite the fact that I’ve started to appreciate Thierry Mugler’s Angel…) Still, if you like attention-getting juicy fruity florals, it’ll be right up your street. Something about it reminds me a lot of Cacharel’s Amor Amor, but with better staying power; you’ll be able to smell it on your skin even after you shower or bath!

Want to give it a sniff? Look out for Christina Aguilera Secret Potion at selected perfume counters as of the 20th of February. A 15ml bottle will set you back just R170 while the biggest bottle, 100mls, is R475. 

Love, love


X x x

15 thoughts on “Christina Augilera Secret Potion EDP review

  1. LOL!!! @ the hand holding the perfume bottle in your ad, hah hah classic.

    Glad to see you didn’t SWF her too much and gain weight and only wear leggings 😉

    1. Hehehehe. That bitch was SWFing ME! Notice how she only puffed up AFTER my Parisian holiday where I packed on 3kgs? She was totally trying to out-chub me…

  2. LEIGH! I am addicted to your website! I’ve got my whole office reading you, even the boys. So funny!!! I really like Amor Amor so I’m going to try this, just wont have the guts to tell people I’m wearing a celebrity perfume. Keep on writing, you’re the best part of my morning. Kayla xo

    1. Heheheheh. Thanks babe! Tell him he’s not so bad himself, but my heart still belongs to my ‘boyfriend’ AKAK Chris Evans in your Gucci Guilty for Him ad… ;-P X x x

  3. LOL, what an awesome post…giggled right through! Definately want to try this, I actually have small bottles of two of her others (not sure what they are) but they delicious…

  4. Jissus! You are funny!!!!!!!
    I nearly fell off my damn chair for this…Ja, show that Christina. I hope you’ve sent her your pics…who does she think she is?

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