Surprise! My friend’s been hiding a secret blog from me and it’s not a pile of shit!

Maybe I’m just a bad person but, as a writer, there’s nothing I dread more than people, who upon hearing what you do, go ‘OMG! I write too! Please can’t I send you a bunch of my poems/the first draught of my novel/brand new blog?’ (I can tell you right now, anyone who also writes for a living is nodding there head at this point.)

Nine times out of ten it’s usually a serious pile of crap and then I’m left with the major awkies of finding a nice way to say it, often even having to express that yes, I’d happily help you edit something, but then I’d charge you five hundred bucks an hour.

Anyway, with that in mind, I want you to understand my excitement at having a friend show me her fledgeling personal blog the other day, something she’d been hiding away from me for all the reasons above, only to discover that it’s bloody fantastic. So much so that I really do have to share it with you. Thus, I give unto thee, A fantastically honest, wittily written mommy blog whipped up by my wonderful friend Tam who’ll have you snort-laughing out loud.

Tam, Isla and Rupe.
Tam, Rupe and li’l Isla who’s almost cute enough to justify nine months without booze and pills.

So far, one of my favourite post’s has got to be this one.

When I was younger and didn’t know the difference between Thoughts it’s Okay to Say Out Loud and Inside Voice, I used to say I was the kind of woman who should never have kids as they’d drown in a pool while I was drinking margaritas. Or possibly bake to a crisp in a hot car outside a Sorbet nail salon. To an extent, Tam and I used to share the same mindset but since she popped out little Isla I’ve realised she was talking a whole bunch of shit as she’s a fucking incredible parent, despite sometimes telling you otherwise. What hasn’t changed a bit, however, is her hilariously dark sense of humour that I love, love, love.

If you’re in the mood for a good giggle, mommy or not, and appreciate a slightly devil may care approach to raising humans be sure to check out her blog.

Love, love


4 thoughts on “Surprise! My friend’s been hiding a secret blog from me and it’s not a pile of shit!

  1. Thanks for this… I’m in a place now, where nail appointments and the latest beauty trends sounds more appealing than having a kid… Hopefully the suggested blog with open another tunnel for me..

  2. Crazy love this. Had to minimize the page just so I would stop cry-laughing…colleagues think I’ve finally lost it. Her blog is RADICAL!

  3. I read every single post last night and it made. my. night. I nearly cried laughing at the post with the rice cake shoes and accompanying picture. Tam is a brilliant writer and absolutely hilarious. Thank you for linking!

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