Say hello to the next evolution in styling – the all new ghd platinum

If you’re a big ghd fan (i.e. a woman with hair), you’ll know the eclipse used to be the brand’s big kahuna. A styler so fierce, it could flatten pretty much anything. Now, however, it’s being discontinued in favour of a new super styler called the platinum (R2 899) that’s available in key salons as well as for pre-order online as I type before going into all ghd doors come the first week of October.

Hello girls!
Hello girls…


I know you want me!
…I know you want me!

So, what makes the platinum the most lustable styler on the block? Well, the biggest advancement is a ‘wishbone’ hinge that keeps plates perfectly aligned while allowing your hair to freely glide between them with zero worry of ever getting caught in the round hinge of other models.


Like the eclipse, the platinum also makes use of tri-zone technology – three sensors in each plate that ensures the optimum temperature is maintained evenly across each one, making it a real ‘one stroke wonder’. In fact, according to ghd, this can reduce hair breakage by 50-percent and increase your hair’s shine factor by up to 20-percent! (They have studies to back this up that relates to their styler which operates at a constant heat setting of 180 vs another that’s 230.)

There's no more switch to slide up. Pressing that button makes it glow.
You’ll see there’s no more switch to slide up. Pressing that button causes it to glow while the styler emits an expensive-sounding chime to indicate that it’s on. 

While it’s heating up, the button glows off and on. Once it’s fully heated, it chimes once more and the button’s light remains on. To turn it off, press the button again and hold it for a second. You can then put it to bed with a special little kappie that’s not going to melt ‘cos it’s made of silicone.

Thanks mom! What?! No kiss good night?!
Thanks mom! What?! No kiss good night?!

I attended the launch the other day held at a very mooi mansion huis in Camps Bay. (I’ve yet to determine whether the owner is of marriageable age and looking for love with a fun-loving blonde who makes a killer good spanakopita, but I’m working on it mostly by stalking.)

Views for days.
Views for days.


100% natural (and possibly organic) anti-stress medication.
My anti-stress medication.


Styling stations a go!
Styling stations in action.

I had the pleasure of getting my hair ‘did with the platinum. It did a fantastic job of creating shiny-looking waves in a flash.


Do we love?!


Shamefully, I still can’t create curls with a flat iron myself, but learning how is on my bucket list, sandwiched between ‘stop eating pizza in bed, you pathetic human being’ and ‘Kidnap Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and force him to love me’. (Don’t judge!) If you’d also like to learn and are quicker on the uptake than I am, perhaps this ghd tutorial video will sort you out:

I’ve since used it at home and love how it feels so light yet it’s crazy powerful, a lot like my MacBook Air. Much like the eclipse, its body also stays nice and cool as you work and yep, if you’re a loskop like me, always running out the door and leaving it on, you’ll be glad to know it shuts itself off after 30 minutes. This way, if you’re sharing a bank account with anyone, you can totally justify its purchase by referring to it as a literal life saver.

So, if you don’t yet own a ghd or you’re looking to upgrade, know that the platinum, which is perfect for all hair types including hard to style hair, is gently whispering your name while possibly hiding under your bed like a serial killer. (No that last bit’s a lie, I made it up. Please don’t be scared. But if it were true at least you’d die with seriously great hair and that’s basically winning at life.)

Love, love


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