Woolworth’s JT One launches a super cute cosmetics line. Also, don’t forget about their big Beauty Festival

I’ve always liked Woolies’ super cute JT One underwear line and have actually learned quite a bit more about it as I spent much of my Sunday writing a segment about their recent launch into a luxe Australian department store, David Jones, for Top Billing. The JT One empire is also expanding locally to now serve up a small cosmetics line that includes nail polish, lip gloss and basic skin care items.

Hello, hello!
Hello, hello!

The nail polish, available in a eight fashion-forward shades with cute hashtag names like #Totes, certainly isn’t Essie quality but hey, at R29,95, who cares. You can slap on a rock solid top coat and you’re good to go.

The Glossy Boots lip gloss, however, is a regte gem.

Woolworths JT One Glossy Boots lip gloss
Woolworths JT One Glossy Boots lip gloss

I like that the formulation’s ‘thick’ enough to sit tight, but it isn’t super sticky. It’s also got a sweet, yummy scent that I’d describe as caramel apple and is decently pigmented enough to give your lips a nice wash of shiny-looking colour. No ‘hint of a tint’ that comes out looking like every other shade over here. No, sireee.

This shade's called #Cheeky.
This shade’s called #Cheeky.

Here’s an on lip shot below, applied to a nude mouth with no lip stain to act as a base.

It's now T minus 10 minutes until my sister What's Apps me to tell me I'm smiling like a dork in this photo. (Hi Mands!)
It’s now T minus 10 minutes until my sister What’s Apps me to tell me I’m ‘smiling like a dork’ in this photo. (Hi Mands!)

At R39,95 they’re a total steal which explains why they’re currently sold out online (if you’re shopping the Cavendish store like I am).

As for the body shizzle, the packaging is super cute and should go down well with any teenage girl as well as Peter Pan peeps like me who’ll never not appreciate a good ‘purple-unicorn-with-rhinestone-eyes’ MacBook cover. The It’s A Secret fruity 2-in-1 wash & scrub (R59,95) is supposed to smell like iced sugar and fruits but my nose just gets apples. While it’s touted as a scrub the micro beads aren’t in a concentration that’ll actually do anything so view this as a simple, clean-smelling ‘nice price’ shower gel and you won’t be disappointed.

Then there’s The Best Things In Life Are Free Friends flowery body butter, R69,95.

Is it fro-yo or body lotion? That is the question.
It looks like fro-yo, but if you eat it you might DIE. That’s just a heads up for the not so clever.

A glycerine and Shea butter-based medium weight gel-creme textured body cream, it’s got a very delicate fruity-floral scent disappears soon after application and contains microfine pearly-looking shimmer particles. (Don’t worry, fellow over 30s – these are visible in the tub, but almost imperceptible on your skin. You won’t be channeling Miley at a music festival.)

See? It's a glimmer more than a shimmer (thank God!)
See? It’s a glimmer more than a shimmer (thank God!)

I liked that this absorbed fast and while the packaging is super cute just make sure it remains upright because if you get product trapped in the rather deep through of the lid’s rim, it’ll ooze out every time you screw it closed. An OCD-person’s nightmare but nothing a good wipe out with cotton pads couldn’t resolve.

Like I said, don't eat this. You will DIE.
Just a little granola and a squeeze of honey and you’re good to go… if you want to DIE*.

Potentially murderous body products for the not so bright aside, you do know Woolies’ Beauty Festival’s still on, right? You can shop it over here. It runs until 4 October so there’s still time left to abuse their online exclusive gift with purchases and ‘buy two, get 20% off’ special if you’re a Woolies card holder.

Love, love


*Do you think Woolies will get my sense of humour?

3 thoughts on “Woolworth’s JT One launches a super cute cosmetics line. Also, don’t forget about their big Beauty Festival

  1. Hi Lip-gloss,

    But if you eat it you might die! ROFLOL best caption ever! Loved that!

    Also loved your review, at first I was confused, JT one is an underwear line I said to myself, what’s going on, then I read the full post! I am so excited, you’re right they’re always had nice things and it looks like there niceness is expanding! Whoopah!

    Love the price tags too!

    The lip-gloss, is it super sticky? I am dying to find a good lip-gloss that isn’t super sticky, ie doesn’t leave stains on glasses and color with kisses? Or should I just stick with my matte lipsticks?

    Also, loving your hair in the lip shot image! The color looks great! ( It’s not a silly smile Mandz!) 🙂

    Great post, going to raid your blog now 🙂 He he he he he


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