Levi’s have a fab new women’s denim collection

Levi’s have just launched an all new women’s denim collection made up of their original 700 series and newer curvy-fit 800 series and singer/song writer Alicia Keys is the face.

I loved those grey 711 Skinny jeans second from the right.

To celebrate the launch, the brand invited media to try the styles on before touching up our make-up and hair for an impromptu photo shoot.

Big primpin'.
Big primpin’.


A little touch up
A little liner.


Lights... camera...
Lights… camera…


Shoot time
Twitter – check! Instagram – check! Faceboo – oh, wait, I’m not 47…

I tried on a pair of 711 Skinny jeans but felt it was a bit too high waisted for me (even though it’s billed as mid rise) so thought I’d give the 811 Curvy Skinnies a bash to see if it say any lower. As it turns out, it didn’t, but I was so impressed with the way it ‘felt’ that I was totally sold.

Oh yeah
They’re only bunching at my knees ‘cos they’re ever so slightly too long for me. A very easy fix.

I honestly had no I idea my body type would be better suited to a curvy cut. Secretly, I’d always thought curvy was just a polite way of saying ‘big ass’, but surprise, surprise, my hips don’t lie and curvy is my most comfy fit. If your shape happens to curve outwards, even in the slightest, I encourage you to try these babies on. You might be surprised like I was.

Like I said, they do sit higher up on my body than I’m used to but it’s not like I’m running around in crop tops. The majority of my tops sit low enough for me to not have to worry about looking short-waisted.

Happy, happy!
Happy, happy!

One last plus? I love the ‘feel’ of the denim – it’s super stretchy, but nice and thick, so it hugs your butt in a way that flatters. Also, I’ve worn them three times now without washing and they’ve yet to get baggy or lose their shape the way other stretchy skinnies can.

To see what each new style looks like, check out the piece I created for All4Women.co.za over here.

Love, love,


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