Pigalle restaurant’s epic winter special continues

Guess where I’ve been eating while flexing the mooi camera muscles of my HTC One M9?

Ah, now that just gives it away, mos.
Ah, now that just gives it away, mos.

Every time I visit Pigalle, I tell myself I’ll step out of my ‘routine’ and won’t order the trinchado (R79) and a garlic roll (R12) but I do. Every single time.

It's because it's the best garlic roll in Cape Town. Maybe the world even.
It’s because it’s the best garlic roll in Cape Town. Maybe the world even.

Same goes for their epic trinchado but it’s time to branch and try new things. Like this boy…

Pear salad
Caramelised pear and almond salad (R64).

I’m not a huge salad person as I’m weird about eating leaves. The only ones I can handle are cos lettuce when it’s drenched in Caesar dressing and spinach on a good day and this was a very good day for the baby spinach in this little gem. It’s smothered in a sweet creamy Dijon mustard dressing that pairs beautifully with the buttery avo, fresh pears and toasted almonds. I was supposed to split it with my leaf lovin’ pescatarian friend Jocelyn and she kakked me out by eating pretty much every leaf in the dish! Can we get a #sorrynotsorry over here, please?

As far as meaty mains go, the winner of late just has to be the beef fillet with mustard mush, wilted spinach and balsamic jus (R190).

Heaven on a plate
Heaven on a plate

…followed closely by the slow-roasted lamb shank served with beef sauce and mashed potatoes (R190).

Pigalle's gravy is everything.
People often throw around the word ‘fall off the bone’, but here is where it’s 100% correct.

More of a sea food peep? Their teriyaki salmon (R180) is a dream come true…

Hello you!
Hello you!

..as is the grilled sole smothered in creamy prawn sauce (R200).

Sole is my favourite line fish so I order it a lot and this is the best I’ve eaten in ages.

As far as desserts go, my heart will always belong to Pigalle’s incredible chocolate fondant, but their creme brulee (R56) is definitely worth a sneaky affair.

Can we get a round of applause for presentation, please?
Can we get a round of applause for presentation, please?

If you’re looking to abuse a killer winter restaurant special, Pigalle’s is where it’s at – 2 courses for R210 (R250 with wine) or 3 for R240 (R290 with wine). Throw a garlic roll in there like we did and you’re golden.


Love, love


P.S. Pigalle’s currently also running a seafood platter special. It’s just R495 for two and includes TWO Natal lobster tails. Yes, please!

2 thoughts on “Pigalle restaurant’s epic winter special continues

  1. Struth, I’m so hungry right now. I’ve always wanted to go but now I need to. Thanks for the recommendation, I’m super happy they’re still having specials!

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