Hands up! Who wants to win a Placecol gift card? And… puppies!

I don’t know about you but that four-day ‘weekend’ was exactly what the doctor ordered. I spent mine slothing it up at my folks’ place in Port Elizabeth where I got to abuse their Nespresso machine, paint my nails a thousand times with Essie’s new fall collection (more on that later) and spent countless hours Photoshopping the puncture marks from my hands ‘cos we’ve got a new addition to the fam.

Forgive the kak picture quality. This was taken on my mom’s rubbish iPhone. She’s yet to embrace the wonder that is HTC.

A mixed-breed baby barracuda with fur, Mickey’s a li’l rescue dog that arrived with a broken leg but is now up and running. If he had a Facebook profile he’d list his favourite things as chewing everything, peeing on the carpet a hundred times a day and torturing our other rescue dog, Sindile. Technically, there’s zero reason as to why anyone would ever tolerate him… but then you’ve got that face!

Anyway, I’m totally rambling so let me get to the point: What’s more awesome than a random Friday puppy pic? The fact that Placecol have given me four gift cards to give away!

Each card is valued at R500 and you can use it to buy products or indulge in a treatment at any Placecol Skin Care Clinic. There are over 150 of these nationwide and they all offer a host of services that range from manis and massages to laser-enhanced facials and microdermabrasion.

The Placecol Skin Care Clinic is waiting for you...
The Placecol Skin Care Clinic is waiting for you…

If I had to blow my winnings on a product I’d pick the AHA Exfoliating Cream (R229). A blend of fruit acids that gently loosen up the bonds of dead skin, it peels and reveals a more radiant-looking complexion.

It says ‘dry/sensitive’ skin but anyone can benefit from this baby.

So! How are you going to enter? You have two options, the first being to drop me a comment below telling me what you’d blow your Placecol gift card on and why. (To see a full treatment menu, get clicky clicky over here. You can also shop and view Placecol products via Red Square.)

The other way to stand a chance to win? Follow Placecol on twitter and hit me up on twitter with the following: ‘Hi @lipglossgirl! I’d love to win a @PlacecolSA gift card worth R500’ and include the link to this post. (Bonus points if you include a cute puppy pic!)

It’s also important that you like Placecol on Facebook. If you win and it turns out you’re not a fan I’m going to hand your prize to someone else and we can all agree that’s just, like, ultra sucky. More rules? You can only enter via each method once and the comp closes at 5pm on Friday.

Wishing you the best of luck!


36 thoughts on “Hands up! Who wants to win a Placecol gift card? And… puppies!

  1. Pick Me! Energising Treatment – because I am working at 11:14pm and a mani because I have been chewing my nails – yuck!

  2. Hi Leigh

    I would definitely go for the Collagen Reconstruct Treatment, because A. I’ve never been for a facial (i know, treurig and tragice!) and B. I can do with a little less fine lines (I laugh and frown a lot) and C. My goal in life is to have a JLo glow!

    Thanks you 🙂 x

  3. Hi Leigh Cutest puppy!

    I too have never been for a facial (whisper softly #dontjudgeonme). But as my face is suddenly a mess due to some freak 30’s hormonal breakout it appears I am in dire need of the Rescue treatment or Clear Skin treatment. Then again I also feel on the brink of a nervous breakdown (I know melodramatic much, but it’s THAT time of the year) so a full body massage or a hot stone may also be a priority. Also, my hands and feet are a mess….

    Ok so clearly I need to book myself in there for the day!

    Followed all and also tweeted!

  4. The microdermabrasion and soft laser with a back massage. Because the years are showing (Ill be 40 in July) and stress relief from daily stresses:-)

  5. radiance eventone treatment….i absolutely love placecol, and never get a chance to have a facial spoil, this new combo of microdermabrasion with ceya is what i need right now. The confusing summer hitting autumn weather has made my skin feel lifeless and dull and i need a lift which this will surely do:)

  6. I love Placecol! I’d use the voucher to splurge on a Rescue Treatment Facial, to soothe my sensitive and dehydrated skin.
    Or I’d have a look-see at all the lovely products that they sell – the AHA Exfoliating Cream that you mentioned sounds incredible, and something that I could actually use!

  7. Hi Leigh

    Well being a salon owner myself, one would think I get a lot of pampering and indulgence. When in fact it’s the complete opposite as I’m always the one doing the pampering and indulging for my clients. So I would definitely opt for a micro dermabrasion facial (I’ve never had one before, believe it or not!) *hangs head in shame*.

  8. If I win I would so use my card for a BODY TREATMENT WITH CEYA®!! I have lost the weight now, I feel good, and look good, and now I just need to get rid of those orange peels on the back of my thighs…

  9. I love Placeol! Being going to them for years!! I’m already planning my next trip and this is on my current shopping list – eyelash tint, clearing treatment facial with soft laser, the hot stone back and neck massage and then lastly a top up of my Vitamin day cream 🙂

  10. Oooh a rescue treatment for my very dry skin and a pedicure for my hard summer feet LOL liked on facebook and shared on twitter @BakedCPT

  11. I would go for the Active Resurfacing 25% Application. i have a big of pigmentation and this will help.

  12. Clear Skin Treatment Facial…because my skin is suffering after my excessive chocolate binge over Easter. The Clear Skin Facial is a more desirable option than walking around with a brown paper bag over my head 😉 Please, please, please 🙂

  13. Hi! Would love to try the Collagen Reconstruct Treatment, because that combo of dermabrasion and lasers technology sounds super effective!

  14. Hey Leigh

    If I won, I’d go for the Collagen Reconstruct Treatment facial. I’ve never had a facial before (gasp!) and have always just used at-home masks twice a week. I have very dry cheeks that need some serious loving so this facial sounds perfect since it promises to plump up and smooth out the skin.

  15. I love dogs and all animals so much Love the picture I still my ten year old dog Sasha a puppy till this day 🙂

    But to answer your question what would I blow my Placecol Voucher on I would have to say on a Clear Skin Treatment facial for the change of seasons we are having and all my break outs, as well as a Manicure I mean who doesn’t love getting their nails done and being pampered I would love to be one of your lucky four gift card winners.

    Fingerscrossed 🙂


  16. I would go for the Active Resurfacing Peel Treatment because nothing beats glowing, baby-soft skin. Also, this peel sounds gentle enough for my occasionally sensitive skin 🙂

  17. An Active Resurfacing Peel Treatment as I have never had a Peel and I am sure it will do my skin the world of good

  18. I would definitely go for the ‘Clear Skin Treatment’ because g-d knows I need it after this post Easter indulgence sugar breakout my face is punishing me with!

    (ps: been following you on Twitter for like forever and of course like Placecol on Facebook under ‘Kay Bee’)

  19. Collagen Reconstruct Treatment who be so wonderful to give my skin a healthy boost of life and confidence

  20. I would splurge on Waxing (Brow Shape and underarms) as these two areas are the bane of my life and then get a Full Body Massage as I enjoy this pampering and will need it after the next set of Varsity exams coming up to destress.
    tweeted @dubbismurf and following both on FB & Twitter

  21. Though I probably should buy some products I’d probably blow the whole Placecol gift card on a DR. GOBAC® Anti-Ageing Treatment Facial as it would be such a spoil for me.

  22. oops forgot to state that why I would go for a facial. Because I can’t justify one on my tight budget so it will be a total spoil and my skin needs some TLC

  23. Am I just in time?! I’d use my voucher to wax and tint my eyebrows firstly, because they’re so pale and unruly! I’d also tint my eyelashes, because they’re very blonde. I had them tinted once and got loads of compliments! If there was any leftover, I’d treat myself to a clear skin facial, for reasons which are…clear 😉

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